Buckshot | NSWC SEAL


Buckshot NSWC SEAL Information

As the “Weapons Sommelier” for the SEAL Team, Buckshot has in-depth field-tested and reviewed nearly every military weapon now on the market. In order to save time, ST6 actively avoids casual conversation about the subject. Buckshot’s expertise of obscure firearms is crucial for edge case benefits in ground-based operations.


The Buckshot | NSWC SEAL was first introduced to CS:GO 3 years ago, on November 18th, 2019. It was released as part of the , alongside the “Operation Shattered Web” update.

Skin Pricing

With a price of $1.22, the Buckshot | NSWC SEAL is a very affordable item. Fortunately, it’s currently widely available and can be purchased on multiple different markets.