How To Get CSGO Souvenir Drops

Some of the very best item drops you can get when playing CSGO are those souvenir drops. These item drops are usually weapon cases that contain signed weapons and weapons skins. If you are lucky enough to get hold of a rare one, then you could find that it is worth a lot of money.

How To Get CSGO Souvenir Drops

If you want to take advantage of these item drops, then it is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is watch the Major matches on either Twitch or GOTV – and get ready for random drops that could be worth a fortune at the Steam Marketplace!

If you opt to try your luck with the souvenir drop rate at GOTV then it’s very simple. All you need to do is:

  • Open CSGO
  • Find the tab that says ‘watch’
  • Then, if there is a game being played, click on the game to watch it.

If your preference is watching it via Twitch TV then:

  • Create a new Twitch account or sign in to your Twitch account (you will need one of these) Creating a new account doesn’t take long!
  • Connect your Twitch account to your Steam Account if you have not already done this. In order to do this, simply login to Twitch, click onto your Twitch nickname at the top of the page and then clock on the tab that says ‘Settings’. When you have opened this up, click on the ‘Connections’ tab.
  • You will then see ‘Steam’, so just click on the check sign.
  • This will then redirect you to your Steam login page.
  • Log into your steam account and the Twitch check sign will turn green. This will then signify that your Twitch account and the Steam account have been connected successfully.

What is the CSGO Souvenir Drops Rate?

There is no specific souvenir item drop rate. However, you will find that souvenirs generally tend to drop during major CSGO match events that are sponsored by Valve. These include events such as ESL and MLG Columbus 2016. Normally you will find that major events such as these will be announced on Steam, so if you keep an eye on Steam regularly and play CSGO a lot then you shouldn’t miss out.

How Can I Get a Souvenir Case Drop?

It’s not rocket science – all you have to do is be present watching the games. At the end of every round, cases will be dropped randomly to anyone watching. It is worth noting that this could be a slow way to get skins as your chance of actually getting a drop hovers at around 1% – or less. This is all a matter of luck!

There are several myths surrounding drops that it’s worth knowing about. Some people believe that if you post !drop in the Steam chat then this will increase your chances… it doesn’t. The only reason people type this is either because they have seen others trying it and are giving it a go. It doesn’t work.

Another myth is that if you watch the match on Twitch and GOTV at the same time then you will have a better chance. You won’t.

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Finally, don’t bother buying an Operation Coin – if you do, then you still have exactly the same chance of getting a drop as someone who hasn’t bought one.

How to Increase Your Chances of a Souvenir Drop

Forget all those myths and rumours, the only way you have of upping your chances of getting a souvenir drop is by opening and using several different Twitch and CSGO accounts. So, if you happen to have a smurf account then this is one way to make use of it!

Players can create different Twitch accounts and then link them to their smurfs. Then, if they want to watch the match stream with different accounts then players can watch the Twitch stream with one account and GOTV with another account. Or, they could use several different browsers logged in with multiple accounts. This will require you to have access to different web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.

Getting CSGO Drops if You’re Not Home

If you are away from home and still want to be in with a chance of getting a drop, then, conceivably, you can leave your PC on and tuned on Twitch, watching the Major channel. Even if you aren’t there, you will still effectively be watching matches all day and could be in with the chance of getting a drop

However, if you can leave your PC on all day, then there is the option to install the app onto your phone – which will be the same as watching on PC. All you need to do is install the app, sign in with your Twitch username and if you have already connected your Steam account, you’ll be ready to go!

If there is no WiFi access and it will take up too much phone data then it allows you to change the quality of the stream which will take up less data.

Playing CSGO While Watching Live Streams

If you wish to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive while the match streams are live then lowering the quality of the stream – or even pausing the stream is a useful technique to get accustomed to. This will allow you to save bandwidth and FPS on your match.

Weapon Skins Betting

Another way to get hold of more weapons skins aside from waiting each week for souvenir drops is via skins betting – which is always a great way to improve your CSGO skins inventory.  There are a number of excellent CS GO gambling sites that give you the opportunity to gamble your CSGO and VGO skins either for better weapons skins or even for real money. Not only can these offer hours of fun, but these are often a better way to get more valuable skins than heading over to the Steam Market. You can also enjoy promos and offers every week!

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Souvenir Drops FAQs

How do CSGO Drops Work?

CSGO drops are free weapons cases that are randomly dropped into players accounts while they are watching Major matches on either GOTV or For every Steam account, you have linked to your Twitch account you have a 1% chance of getting a drop. You can up your chances by watching with different accounts on different web browsers.  There will be plenty of other players all looking to get drops as well, and there is only a set number that community servers will give away, so persistence is key.

How to Get CSGO Drops?

There are two ways to get souvenir drops. Either by watching GOTV – which you can do by opening up CSGO, clicking on ‘watch’ and clicking on a live major match (one sponsored by Valve ideally). After every match, there will be random drops awarded to viewers. 

How to Get CSGO Drops from Twitch?

You will need to open a Twitch account and link your Steam account. Once this has been done, then you can watch live CSGO matches from your Twitch Account. There will then be random souvenir CSGO drops given to players in the same way as with GOTV. You can either watch on your PC or on Twitch mobile app.

Where Can I Trade Weapons Skins I get from Drops?

The point of getting free weapons skins from drops is to trade them for money or skins. The answer to this is that you can trade skins from the drop at the Steam Marketplace. Simply see how much your souvenir skin is worth, search for the skins you would like to purchase and do the trade!