Revolution Case

Revolution Case

Browse and buy all CS:GO items which the professional player Revolution Case has in their Steam inventory. In order to present you only the skins, stickers and agents that Revolution Case currently owns, this list is automatically updated. Revolution Case introduced 09 February 2023

All CS:GO Revolution Case Items.

UMP-45 | Wild Child

SG 553 | Cyberforce

SCAR-20 | Fragments

R8 Revolver | Banana Cannon

P2000 | Wicked Sick

MP5-SD | Liquidation

MP9 | Featherweight

Glock-18 | Umbral Rabbit

M4A1-S | Emphorosaur-S

AWP | Doodle Lore

AK-47 | Head Shot

Sport Gloves | Vice

Sport Gloves | Omega

Sport Gloves | Bronze Morph

Sport Gloves | Amphibious

Specialist Gloves | Mogul

Specialist Gloves | Crimson Web

Specialist Gloves | Fade

Moto Gloves | Transport

Moto Gloves | Turtle

Specialist Gloves | Buckshot

Moto Gloves | Polygon

Moto Gloves | POW!

Hydra Gloves | Case Hardened

Hydra Gloves | Emerald

Hydra Gloves | Mangrove

Hydra Gloves | Rattler

Hand Wraps | Overprint

Hand Wraps | Cobalt Skulls

Hand Wraps | Duct Tape

Hand Wraps | Arboreal

Driver Gloves | King Snake

Driver Gloves | Overtake

Driver Gloves | Racing Green

Driver Gloves | Imperial Plaid