Broken Fang Agents

Broken Fang Agents

Browse and buy all CS:GO items which the professional player Broken Fang Agents has in their Steam inventory. In order to present you only the skins, stickers and agents that Broken Fang Agents currently owns, this list is automatically updated. Browse and buy all Broken Fang Agents skins for CS:GO. Broken Fang Agents was released on December 3rd, 2020, alongside the "Introducing Operation Broken Fang" update.

All CS:GO Broken Fang Agents Items.

‘Two Times’ McCoy | TACP Cavalry

Street Soldier | Phoenix

Sir Bloody Skullhead Darryl | The Professionals

Sir Bloody Loudmouth Darryl | The Professionals

Sir Bloody Miami Darryl | The Professionals

Sir Bloody Silent Darryl | The Professionals

Safecracker Voltzmann | The Professionals

Sergeant Bombson | SWAT

Sir Bloody Darryl Royale | The Professionals

Rezan the Redshirt | Sabre

Number K | The Professionals

Little Kev | The Professionals

John ‘Van Healen’ Kask | SWAT

Getaway Sally | The Professionals

Dragomir | Sabre Footsoldier

Cmdr. Mae ‘Dead Cold’ Jamison | SWAT

Chem-Haz Specialist | SWAT

Bio-Haz Specialist | SWAT

‘Blueberries’ Buckshot | NSWC SEAL

1st Lieutenant Farlow | SWAT