CSGO Cases: The Best Case Opening Sites and How it Works

For years there has been a swift increase in the number of online CSGO case opening sites out there – but what exactly are CSGO cases? what is case opening, how does it work and which are the best sites?

Well, opening a CSGO case and getting more CSGO skins is hugely popular in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive world. One of the reasons for this is because it’s a high-risk v high-reward activity which could see you opening a case containing a skin with thousands or a skin worth just a few cents – and you have no idea until it is opened. 

As it stands, there are over 20 regular CSGO cases which contain weapon skins and knives. In addition to this, there are 8 souvenir cases which don’t drop knives, but they can drop some very precious skins such as the M4A1-S Knights and the AWP Dragon Lores. However, the most likely scenario is that you get just a standard CSGO weapon skins case – which is what we will be focussing on mainly on this CSGO Captain cases page.

CSGO Weapon Cases

Prime Drops

Prime weapon cases are drops that are only available for players who have been given Prime status on their CS account. Typically, these are weapons cases that have only recently been introduced and consist of Prisma 2, Dreams & Nightmares, Fracture, Clutch Case and Snakebite.

Even more recently, we have seen the addition of the Recoil Case to the pool. It is believed that the Prisma 2 case will be moved over to the Rare Drop pool, although this has yet to be confirmed

You can obtain Prime Status by purchasing Prime Status Upgrade directly from the Steam store. Previously, you could obtain it by reaching level 21 in your profile level. However, this was changed during the ‘Adjustments to Non-Prime’ game update in June 2021.

Rare Cases

A rare case isn’t necessarily a discontinued weapon case. These are also available to Prime CSGO players. These are CSGO cases that were either released several years ago or were exclusively available to operation pass holders previously.

As the name suggests, these cases only drop very rarely – and may only ever be received just once or twice a year… if you’re lucky. Statistics gathered would suggest that you have around a 1% chance of receiving a rare case drop.

These weapon cases are considered rare for all CSGO players:

Discontinued Cases

These, as you may have guessed, are cases that have already been discontinued and no longer are available during case drops.  These can only be found in the Steam Community Market or via trading sites.

Although this isn’t officially confirmed, many people are of the opinion that the eSports cases that were available between 2013 and 2014 have all been discontinued. Their original purpose was simply to raise funds for major cash pools

The cases made available in Operation Shattered Web, Operation Riptide and Operation Broken Fang were all discontinued at the end of their operations and they do not drop at all, even as part of the Rare drop pool. As such, they have been declared ‘discontinued’.

Non-Prime Drops

The Non-Prime drops can no longer be obtained via the random drops scheme after being discontinued in June 2021. 

These were originally only for those players who didn’t yet have a CSGO account with Prime Status. However, after the ‘Adjustments to Non-Prime’ update in June 2021, they discontinued the non-prime drop pool. This means that non-prime players can no longer receive cases, skins or even graffiti via random drops. Not can Prime Status be achieved for free by reaching Level 21 in their profile.

Cases in this pool, such as the Chroma 3, revolver, Gamma 2, Spectrum 2, Horizon and CS20 have now been moved over to the Rare Cases drop pool.

CSGO Operation Cases

The CSGO Operation Cases are, initially, only available for those players who hold an operation pass and can be attained throughout the duration of that operation. However, the weapon cases that were introduced in Operation Bravo and Operation Wildfire were later made available for all players through the drop system.

However, more recent operations, such as Broken Fang, Hydra and Operation Shattered Web discontinued their weapon cases as soon as each of the operations concluded. As such, their rarity has increased – as have their values. 

If you do not hold such an operation pass, then you will only be able to obtain such weapon cases from the Steam Marketplace, on a third-party trading site or via trading with other users.

The Top CSGO Case Opening Sites

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Read how we choose our best CGO case opening sites here

Cases: A Game of Risk v Rewards

There can be lots of positives to say about case opening – and lots of reasons to start trying your luck. However, it is important to know that opening CSGO cases does not guarantee profit – or any financial rewards. In fact, because it is actually a sort of ‘gambling’ you could end up losing money. A good way to try out the concept of opening cases without risking money is to try out a CSGO case opening simulator. They give you the thrill and excitement of opening a case but you don’t actually get what’s inside. This will give you some idea of the different types of skins you might get and the values you will get when you start case opening.

The History of Case Opening

Originally, case opening was introduced back in 2013. It not only featured nine new CSGO skins but also the chance for players to land a very rare and special item. In order to get a case, you simply had to keep playing the game and there would be a random drop twice a week. Those rare and special items they spoke about were knives that people even these days want to get when they open a case.

Introducing the chance to get knives from these cases – as well as offering players the chance to get rare skins attracted lots of players who started spending their money on buying cases along with keys to open the cases. Ever since, there have been many more cases introduced to the game – and many of these are no longer available via in-game drops.

Overview of Different Cases and Contents

The weapon skins you can get in standard CSGO cases come in 5 colours. Gun skins come in red, pink, purple and blue, whilst knives are usually yellow or gold coloured.

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Blue Skins: These are generally referred to as the lowest tier gun skins that you can get from your cases – Mil-Spec. These are also the cheapest.

Purple: These are the restricted guns which are considered more ‘middle of the road’ Again, there are usually lower-priced weapon skins.

Pink: These are the classified weapon skins and they can vary quite significantly in price. They are usually some of the higher-priced case skins. Although they are pretty rare to come across, they are still more common than getting reds or knives. 

Reds and Knives: If you open a case, then these are what you want to see inside. These can be very expensive. Knives, in fact, can be incredibly expensive and can be worth upwards of $5,000. However, the chance of getting red skins or knives in the cases you open is incredibly rare. You will need to open many cases before you even stand a chance of stumbling across one of these cases…

How to Open CSGO Case

Opening cases isn’t difficult, but first, you have to get them. You can land up to two cases every week simply by playing the game on a Valve-secured server. In addition, you could head over to the Steam Market and buy cases from there or else you could try out a third-party reselling site.

When you have secured the cases, you then need to buy the case key to open them. It goes without saying that you need to ensure you buy the correct key for the case you have. So, for example, a Chrome 3 key will only open a Chrome 3 case – it cannot be used to open any other case such as a Chrome 2.

In order to buy these keys, you can head over to the Steam Community Market or try out a 3rd party reselling site. Again, prices vary but they usually sit anywhere between 4 cents and 30 cents.

The Chances of Getting a Red or Knife

When trying out opening cases on a CSGO case simulator, eventually you will get one. However, on average it will take you around $800 to get it – and even then you could get a knife worth just $90 or so. So, don’t think that getting a knife will guarantee a profit! If it is a knife you are after, in most instances it will actually be cheaper for you to go and buy a knife from the Steam Market for face value. Ultimately, getting anything of real value from a case is just down to luck – and you can’t guarantee anything. If you do decide to try opening cases for reds and knives then good luck… let’s hope you get an expensive one on your first few tries.

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The Best CSGO Cases to Open

So, what are the cases you should be looking to open at the top case opening sites? Well, there are hundreds to choose from – but because they are more about the economy than visuals now, you need to consider carefully what you want to go after…

Here are some of the very best CSGO cases that you may want to try and get – and some that the top CSGO players are desperately trying to get hold of.  

Horizon Case

If you like bright colours and neons then you may want to check out the Horizon cases. This can include the eye-catching Neon Rider AK47 skin, which takes us right into the midst of a classic 1980s sci-fi cinematic marvel. The other decals generally offer the same overall theme but with somewhat darker hues. Generally, the Horizon Case contains some of the very best and boldest decals – and there is always a good chance that you are going to unlock a pretty nice skin. Overall, the cases are very well-designed and will offer players a fantastic contrast to some of the more understated decals you find in most of the other CSGO cases.

Some of the best CSGO skins that you will find in a Horizon Case might include:

  • AK-47: Neon Rider
  • AUG: Amber Slipstream
  • AWP: PAW
  • CZ75-Auto: Eco
  • Desert Eagle: Code Red
  • Dual Berettas: Shred
  • G3SG1: High Seas
  • Glock-18: Warhawk
  • M4A1-S: Nightmare
  • MP7: Powercore
  • MP9: Capillary
  • Nova: Toy Soldier
  • P90: Traction
  • R8 Revolver: Survivalist
  • Sawed-Off Devourer
  • Tec-9: Snek-9
  • Other rare items: Special items including Gut Knife Case Hardened

Glove CSGO Cases

Numerous cases will include something extra, like a knife skin. However, the Glove Case could hold a glove skin instead of a knife. As well as the tiny chance you have of opening the case and finding a glove skin, it also offers some very tasteful yet tropical-themed gun decals for some of the game’s most popular weapons.

These are some of the different skins that could be hiding in CSGO Gloves Cases:

  • AR: Black Sand
  • CZ75-Auto: Polymer
  • Dual Berettas: Royal Consorts
  • FAMAS: Mecha industries
  • G3SG1: Stinger
  • Glock-18: Ironwork
  • M4A1-S: Flashback
  • M4A4: Buzz Kill
  • MAG-7: Sonar
  • MP7: Cirrus Galil
  • MP9: Sand Scale
  • Nova: Gila
  • P2000: Turf
  • P90: Shallow Grave
  • Sawed-Off: Wasteland Princess
  • SSG 08: Dragonfire
  • USP-S: Cyrex
  • Other Items: Very rare gloves

Chroma 3 Cases

If you go for one of these cases, then you can’t really lose. Every single skin in these cases will always be a very welcome addition to your Steam inventory. Each skin has been designed insanely well and each one looks incredible. If you are a player that wants to open a case with almost certain odds of getting a gorgeous skin (even if it isn’t the most valuable), then this is certainly one to put on your list.

Here are some of the skins you might find in Chroma 3 CSGO cases:

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  • AUG: Fleet Flock
  • CZ75-Auto: Red Astor
  • Dual Berettas: Ventilators
  • G3SG1: Orange Crash
  • Galil AR: Firefight
  • M249: Spectre
  • M4A1-S: Chantico’s Fire
  • MP9: Bioleak
  • P2000: Oceanic
  • P250: Asiimov
  • PP-Bizon: Judgement of Anubis
  • Sawed Off; Fubar
  • SG 553: Atlas
  • SSG 08: Ghost Crusader
  • Tec-9: Re-Entry
  • UMP-45: Primal Sabre
  • XM1014: Black Tie
  • Other Items: Rare special items such as Falchion Knife: Rust Coat


How Do CS GO Cases Work?

CSGO cases are items that players can receive either through random in-game drops or can be given as rewards for missions. The cases are locked and you need a key to open them, which can be purchased from the in-game shop, the Steam Market or through trades with other players.

What is the Rarest CSGO Case?

The CSGO case that is the most expensive is Operation Bravo, which costs around $26. This case offers players the chance to get an AK47 Fire Serpent Stattrak – Factory New, worth around $2,500. Even battle-scarred, the skin is worth an impressive $250

How Much Do CS GO Cases Cost?

CSGO cases have increased in value – and they tend to average around $16.

What is the Best CSGO Case Opening Site?

There are some excellent sites that offer case opening. Check out our list of the best sites here.

Are CSGO Cases Random and Fair?

Yes, if you use a safe and legitimate case opening site such as those we recommend, then all the CSGO cases you open will be random and provably fair.

Which is the Cheapest CSGO Skin I Can Get from a Case?

If you are looking for a Stattrak skin, then the cheapest one you can find is the Minimal Wear Grinder which is less than $5 in the Steam Market. If you aren’t worried about tracking your stats, then a great value cheap skin is the Vanilla Grinder Factory New, which you can get for under $2. This is considered one of the top cheap pistol skins in CSGO.

What is the Rarest Knife Skin I Can Get from a CSGO Case?

If you want a rare and valuable skin from a case, then you will want to look out for the Karambit Case Hardened skin. Don’t hold your breath though… it’s worth around $1.5 million and is the most valuable skin you can get in the whole game

What is the Most Popular CSGO Cases Skin?

One of the most popular skins in the game that you can get from CSGO cases is the Factory New Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore, worth around $70,000.

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What is the Cheapest Key for CSGO Cases?

The cheapest key you can get is the Prisma 2 case key that you can get for around $0.07. This opens the Prisma 2 case which can hold valuable skins such as the Player Two M4A1-S and the Bullet Queen Glock which can be worth as much as $100 in Factory New condition or more if Stattrak.

What is the Cheapest Knife Skin?

The cheapest knife skin you can currently get in one of the CSGO cases is the Navaja knife skin. Although it doesn’t look as fancy as other more expensive knife skins, it’s still a lot better looking than the default knife skin you get in the game.

Is Opening CSGO Cases Worth It?

On balance, It depends on whether you like the thrill of the chase really. If you want to open cases purely because you want to get an expensive skin for less money then no – because the chances are you won’t. However, if you do it for fun – like the lottery maybe, then why not?

Is Hellcase Trustworthy?

Yes, Hellcase is a trusted CSGO case opening site that has been around since 2016. It is fully licensed and registered and attracts over 1 million views every month.

What CSGO Cases Should I Open?

As mentioned above, some of the best include the Horizon Case, Glove Case and Chroma 3 Case. Other cases and skins worth looking out for include:

  • Danger Zone Case
  • Black Sand Sawed Off
  • Glock-18 Oxide Blaze
  • M4A4 Magnesium
  • MP9 Modest Threat
  • Nova Wood Fired
  • SG 553 Danger Close

Can I Get CSGO Cases for Free?

Yes, you can and the easiest and best way to do so is by playing the game yourself. After each game you play, you will be in with the chance of receiving a random ‘drop’. You can then purchase the key for a small sum and open the free CSGO case.