How to Earn Free CSGO Skins Completely Legit

One of the best things about joining the CSGO community – aside from learning great gaming skills, of course, is getting involved in the gaming economy… buying, selling and trading skins, and you can even earn CSGO skins for free at certain earning sites.

How to Earn Free CSGO Skins Completely Legit
How to Earn Free CSGO Skins Completely Legit

Not all players have lots of money to spend on skins – and some of us just love a freebie anyway. So, let’s look at some of the best ways you can earn free CSGO Skins…

The Best CSGO Free Skins Sites

Firstly, you can join different CSGO earning sites, such as those we recommend right here at CSGO Captain.

Our Top Recommended CSGO Earning Sites:

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By joining one of these CSGO skin-earning sites, you can get completely free skins with no luck needed. Not only are they completely legit, but they’re also easy to use and don’t require you to make any deposit to withdraw. These skin-earning sites will connect you with an agency that requires you to complete certain tasks online, giving you an easy way to earn free skins and free money!

About Earning Sites

Not everyone is familiar with earning sites and offerwall sites, but that’s OK… because we’ll explain exactly what it is and how to get free CSGO skins through one of these websites. Basically, this is an app or website that lets players ‘earn’ rewards by completing small and easy tasks. It could be simply watching a video, taking a paid survey, testing new software or something else entirely.

When you have earned enough money completing your tasks, you can spend that money on whatever you like… a voucher, gift card or, of course, free CSGO skins!

There are some excellent sites out there, including Free Cash (which was formerly called freeskins). Some other top sites that allow you to complete tasks for free skins include Swagbucks. RewardXP, clickloot and Idle-Empire. All of these allow players to earn rewards reasonably quickly.

Our Top CSGO Earnings Site:

Freecash is partnered with numerous offer wall sites and different market research websites to give their users lots of simple tasks to complete. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from signing up at Freecash…

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  • Freecash offers some pretty decent payouts. In fact, some of their unlimited surveys pay out as much as $1.00 exclusively at freecash. Meanwhile, they have other offers which pay out thousands of coins (where $1 is equal to 1,000 coins).
  • The tasks are very easy to complete.
  • They offer leaderboard bonuses so you can compete against others and give you even more incentive to keep earning.
  • It is very quick to redeem your freebies. Usually, you will receive your redemption in just minutes.
  • They offer proper customer service (i.e. you can actually speak to a human rather than a bot) and the support team is helpful and efficient.
  • It’s super quick and easy to open a new account!

GC Skins

GC Skins is another top website that offers CSGO skin trading and purchasing services. Not only can you get free skins, but it also allows users to buy and sell CSGO skins using real money or other in-game items, and offers a wide range of skins from different collections and quality grades.

As soon as you open up the site, you’ll be impressed. GC Skins prides itself on offering competitive prices and fast, secure transactions for its users. They also offer a trade-in service, which allows users to exchange multiple skins for a single skin of higher value.


Another impressive site to earn free CSGO skins is Idle-Empire, although it can take a little longer to start getting those freebies in. However, the aim of the site is to reward its users within 24 hours… and give them all sorts of potential prizes! The site allows you to choose what reward you want based on the value of points you have accrued. However, the delivery time will depend on your reward. Although most are instant, some can take up to 24 hours to reach you.

In terms of the user interface, it looks great… modern, professional and sleek. With a wide range of earning opportunities, even passive income opportunities and the chance to mine cryptocurrency, this is certainly an interesting way to start earning free CSGO skins and more.

Other Ways to Earn Free Skins

As well as our top recommended CSGO earning sites, you can supplement your free skins collections in the following way:

Earning Free CSGO Skins By Playing the Game

One of the easiest, best and most obvious ways of earning CSGO free skins is by playing the actual CSGO game. Essentially, after each game played, there might be the chance to receive a drop. As such, you can get a free case or a free CSGO skin when the game comes to an end. There are all sorts of drops you can receive when you play – and this is part of what makes it so much fun and encourages you to keep playing.

CSGO Free Skins Through an Operation Mission

You can earn free CSGO skins through Operation Missions in the game. Each Operation in CSGO includes a set of missions that players can complete in exchange for rewards, including free CSGO skins. To participate in Operation Missions, you may need to purchase an Operation Pass, which can be bought in-game or from the Steam store.

Once you have an Operation Pass, you can access the Operation Missions menu in the game and select the mission you want to complete. The missions typically involve completing certain objectives or challenges, such as getting a certain number of kills with a particular weapon, winning matches on specific maps, or completing certain objectives in co-op missions.

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Completing a mission will reward you with stars, which can be used to unlock rewards, including CSGO skins. You can also earn Operation Coins by completing missions, which can be used to level up your Operation Pass and unlock additional rewards.

However, you do need to be aware that the availability of Operation Missions and rewards is limited to the duration of each operation. Once the Operation ends, the rewards are no longer available, and any unused stars or coins will be lost.

Free Skins Through Weekly Drops

You can also earn free CSGO skins through weekly drops that are awarded to players who have played the game for a certain amount of time each week. These drops are awarded randomly to players who have completed at least one match per week, and they can contain free skins, cases, and other in-game items.

To be eligible for weekly drops, you will need to have a CSGO account that is in good standing and, obviously, have a Steam account that hasn’t been limited or restricted. You’ll also need to have the game installed on your computer and play at least one match per week. The more you play, the higher your chances of receiving a drop.

However, don’t rely on these for lots of great free skins. Each of the drops is awarded randomly, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive a skin or other item each week. But the longer you play and the more you play, the higher your chances of receiving drops. Additionally, the value of the skins and other items you receive can vary widely, so it’s important to keep your expectations in check and not rely solely on drops as a way of getting your hands on super valuable skins.

Getting CSGO Free Skins Via Giveaways

Another great way of getting your hands on free CSGO skins is through giveaways. These are offered by various websites, social media accounts, and popular streamers. These have become not just a common way, but an increasingly popular way for content creators and websites to build up their audiences and reward their existing fans for their ongoing support.

If you want to participate in a giveaway, you’ll need to follow the instructions provided by the organiser of the giveaway. This could involve all sorts of things… such as liking, commenting on, or sharing a social media post, subscribing to their YouTube or Twitch channel, or visiting their website and filling out a form. You may also need to meet certain eligibility requirements, such as being a certain age or having a valid Steam account to claim the freebies.

However, as is the case with any special media promotion or giveaway, you need to be cautious as some may be fraudulent or malicious. To avoid falling victim to any scams, make sure to only participate in giveaways that are hosted by reputable sources that you have checked out first… and never give out personal or financial information to any unknown party. Additionally, be wary of giveaways that require you to pay a fee or make a deposit, as these may be signs of a scam. And if you want to get a free CSGO skin, you shouldn’t need to be paying money out right?

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Overall, participating in giveaways can be a fun and potentially rewarding way to get free CSGO skins, but it’s always important to stay informed, be clever and be aware of potential scams.

Getting Free Skins By Playing a Tournament

Finally, it’s also possible to get free CSGO skins through tournaments. However, this is more about skill… and you’ll only get freebies such as skins if you win the tournament or a prize in the tournament. Most CSGO tournaments will offer prizes for the winners,  with lots of skins up for grabs along with free cases, and other in-game items.

If you want to take part in a CSGO tournament, you’ll need to find a tournament that is accepting entries and register to participate. There are all different websites that now host CSGO tournaments. You might also be able to find local tournaments in your area by searching online or even checking with your local gaming community if you’re a member.

But… you need to be skilled to get free skins this way. Winning a tournament is not easy, and you’ll need to practise and develop your skills if you want to have any chance of coming out on top. Moreover, many tournaments have entry fees, so you’ll need to be prepared to invest some money in order to participate. If you’re looking for free skins, look for free tournaments, which do exist!

Overall, getting involved in a CSGO tournament can be a fun and potentially very rewarding way to get hold of free skins and other CSGO in-game items. But you do need to be realistic about your chances of winning and be prepared to invest time to practise your skills if you want to be good enough to win.

Getting CSGO Free Skins: Conclusion

So, as you can see, there are plenty of ways to get free CSGO skins – and what way you do it all depends on you. Obviously, going through our recommended CSGO earning sites is a top way to get your freebies. However, don’t expect to get lots of free skins quickly as it can take time to get your hands on a free skin. However, when you do get one, you can then choose to keep it, sell it or trade it up.

Also, you shouldn’t expect to get rare or expensive skins for free – because that’s unlikely to happen. However, the skins you do get can be used to get you started… or you could collect lots of cheap free skins and gamble them on a decent CSGO betting site to try and get a better one.

So, check out our top earning sites, look for giveaways, play games and tournaments and get as many free CSGO skins as you can. Then, head over to our top recommended CSGO gambling sites and play for something even bigger and better. You never know, your luck just might be in!

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