CSGO Overwatch Guide – How to Gain Access to CSGO Overwatch

On this CSGO Overwatch guide, we will give you all the information you need to know on CSGO Overwatch – how it works how to gain access to it and the rewards that you can expect for participation!

CSGO Overwatch XP Reward

One of the reasons that CS:GO is popular is because it asks players to give back to the community. They have a duty towards the game and after a while, you will be expected to contribute to the CSGO community. This ‘community spirit’ or duty that is expected of you has a name – and that name is the ‘Overwatch’. As part of the Overwatch, you will be assigned duties such as finding out who is cheating and acting as a member of the virtual Overwatch jury.

If you are approached with an offer to join Overwatch, and you accept, then they will present you with a video recording of a player that is suspected of cheating. This will be presented to you entirely from their perspective. They will show you what they deem to be the most incriminating parts and then you have to take a vote on whether you think the player has been cheating or not. 

Understandably, this doesn’t appeal to everyone. However, many consider it a privilege to be asked as you are there to help the community, a bit like a CSGO police officer. It also comes with a sense of satisfaction that you can help to catch the cheaters. 

How to Gain Access to CSGO Overwatch

So, how do you become part of the CSGO elite? In order to be considered, you will need to be an active member of the widespread CSGO community – and be a regular when playing the game. Generally, the Overwatch investigators are chosen based on the number of competitive wins they have under their belt. Other factors they take into consideration is the age of your CSGO account, the hours you have played, your skill group and having a low report count. They also take into consideration whether you have participated before, and will often invite you to participate more than once.

So, if you do want to become a special Overwatch investigator, then your best chance is to play more official competitive matches, earn more XP and start climbing up the CSGO ranks! The understanding of this will also really help you with CSGO gambling if you’re into that.

Reviewing a Case

When approached, you will be asked to review case footage of an eight-round segment that has been randomly selected from a player that has been accused of cheating by several other players. He will, thenceforth, be known as ‘The Suspect’ and the other players involved in the game will be kept anonymous. 

When you have reviewed the footage carefully, at the end of the Overwatch session, they will present you with four different charges to choose from. Each of these charges comes with two possible verdicts ‘ ‘Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’ and ‘Insufficient Evidence’. Y9ou then make your verdict. However, if you feel that you don’t have enough time to complete the review, then you will have the option to postpone it and do it later.

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Overwatch Points

What are Overwatch points and how do they work? Well, because of what is involved in being a member of the Overwatch jury it is important that you are accurate when reviewing these cases. As such, when the jury results are in, they are anonymous – you will not know what others have voted. You will gain points based on whether or not your verdict was in agreement with the vast majority of the others. If you vote differently from the rest, then you will lose points as a result. 

So, if you want to gain Overwatch points, you need to be thorough in reviewing the evidence and come up with a well-informed and reasoned decision. 

If you do well and earn lots of points then this will impact your ‘Overwatch Investigator Score’. The higher you score, the more XP rewards you can expect.

CSGO Overwatch Rewards

Apart from the kudos that comes with being one of the chosen ‘Overwatch’ jurors, what are the other benefits of being part of the Overwatch? Well, the main benefit of doing well as part of the Overwatch is the chance to earn XP rewards by giving accurate verdicts to your cases. The more you build up points, the quicker you can receive an XP boost reward that will come into play when you get back to playing the matches.

This may not be for everyone, but if you are an avid CSGO player and consider yourself an integral part of the community, this offers you a real chance to make a difference and to help clean up the game. Yes, there can be rewards, but the biggest reward is helping catch the cheaters and making it a better place for other honest CSGO players.