CSGO Crosshair Guide 2022

If you are looking for the lowdown on what a CSGO Crosshair is and the best CSGO crosshairs out there for 2022 then look no further. We have exactly what you are looking for right here at CSGO Captain

CSGO Crosshair Guide

How To Choose Your CSGO Crosshair

So, you’re looking for a CSGO Crosshair, right? Well, if you’re new to the game you should be… and if you aren’t new to the game, you should be looking for a better one! Whether you’re a beginner player or whether you are someone who is looking to improve your gameplay, a reliable CSGO crosshair is absolutely essential. Although this isn’t the only factor you need to consider to play your way to CSGO glory (obviously factors such as DPI setting, FPS settings, sensitivity and even your monitor’s refresh rate are also important), this shouldn’t be overlooked, Investing your time into seeking out the vest CS GO crosshair to suit your personal gameplay is worth every single second.

When you start playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, your default CSGO crosshair will be the dynamic, gaudy yellow monster. This is perfectly fine for casual players and those who are just starting out on their competitive CSGO journey. However, if you are looking to improve your game and start your journey up the CSGO ranks, then you will need to invest in a custom CS:GO crosshair. You can even use an all-in-one CSGO crosshair generator to help you perfect it and see how it works in the game!

If you are a player that likes to frag across the CSGO map then you may have a wide crosshair with a central dot. However, if you’re an entry fragger that plays up close, you’d be better with a tight crosshair that has a thicker outline. What is a good crosshair CSGO for one won’t always work for someone else…

So, to help you get started in choosing the best crosshair CSGO for you, here’s everything you need to know about them… how to set one up, which settings you need to pay most attention to – and which ones the pros use.

How to Set Up a CSGO Crosshair

If you want to create a cool new CSGO crosshair that will get you making those headshots in double quick time then before you do anything, you need to know the different components that make up a crosshair – which are as follows…

  • Style: This is the base crosshair that you will be editing. You won’t find too many professional players that use anything other than style number four. This is the classic static crosshair. As such, it will never move or react to any of your firing or movements as a player.
  • The size: Your crosshair can be altered in size to the value that you choose. Generally, the smaller it is, the better – which means that you won’t often find a crosshair any bigger than a size 2.
  • The thickness: When you have chosen the size of your CS:GO crosshair, you will then need to set its thickness – which will determine how wide it will be. This is entirely down to your own personal preference. Some players like one that’s practically invisible with barely any thickness – or you could prefer a chunky monkey that you’ll never lose sight of – no matter how busy the backdrop of the game! 
  • The gap: This is what determines how close together your crosshair lines are. The standard setting is 0 – however, you can set these CSGO crosshair codes to 5 points in each direction… making them either further apart or closer together.
  • The outline: Having an outline on your crosshair will ensure that it doesn’t blend into the different colours on the CSGO game map.
  • The dot: This is the tiny dot that sits at the centre of your CSGO crosshair, which acts as a solid guide for making a headshot. However, many top players don’t use the bit when playing competitive games.
  • The colour and alpha: Players can choose from a selection of different pre-set colours for their CSGO crosshair – or they could also choose to create their own by assigning customised RGB values. Meanwhile, the ‘alpha’ will set the crosshair’s transparency.

There are different ways to make adjustments to your CSGO crosshair. The simplest way is to copy and paste the crosshair settings CSGO into your games command console. This will allow you to make quick changes and edits – and allows you to import other CSGO crosshairs that have caught your attention and you want to check out.

If you simply want to make some tweaks to the CSGO crosshair, then the main menu will allow you to make incremental adjustments, so that you can see exactly how your new crosshair will look against the backdrop of different CSGO maps.

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The Best CSGO Crosshairs

Creating your own perfect crosshair is very time-consuming and it can be different for everyone based on preferences. So, here are those that are used by the very best players in the world… so you can see if any of them work for you.

1: dev1ce CSGO Crosshair

This one was used by Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedzr’ – a former world number one and multiple Major Champion – who still plays at a very high level and is part of the top Danish team, Astralis. His crosshair of choice hits lots of the most popular trends amongst the professional players in terms of shape, colour and style…

  • Style No: 4 
  • Size No: 2
  • Thickness No: 1
  • Gap No: -2
  • Outline
  • No Dot
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Alpha No: 255

2: Zyw0o Crosshair

One of the CSGO elite players, Mathieu ‘Zyw0o’ Herbaut is well respected in the game and plays for the French org Vitality. He plays with a very decent crosshair – which is compact and effective. With this type of CSGO crosshair, it should take just one single click to win a headshot duel. It is made up as follows:

  • Style No: 4
  • Size No: 1.5
  • Thickness No: 1
  • Gap No: 3
  • No outline
  • No dot
  • Colour: Green
  • Alpha No: 200

3: ELiGE CSGO Crosshair

Jonathon ‘ELiGE’ Jablonowski, a North American CSGO star is famous for possessing a perfect aim – for many a year. This may be because he has such a unique crosshair is so unique – and he relies solely on the outline to be his guide:

  • Style No: 4
  • Size No: 1.5
  • Thickness No: 0
  • Gap No: 0
  • Outline 0.5
  • No dot
  • Colour – Custom (R255; G255; B200)
  • Alpha No: 255

4: s1mple Crosshair

Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev is generally seen as one of the best players the CSGO world has ever seen… and surprisingly his chosen crosshair is very different from the first three CSGO crosshairs that we looked at. Not only does he play with a very basic white colour, but he also chooses to use a central dot.

The main difference, however, is the base crosshair that he uses. Unlike most others that use 4, s1mple uses style number 5, which is the more traditional Counter-Strike 1.6 / Counter-Strike Source, which is more reactive to firing movements…

  • Style No: 5
  • Size No: 5
  • Thickness No: 0
  • Gap No: -1
  • No outline
  • Dot
  • Colour: Custom (R255; G255; B255)
  • Alpha No: 255

As you can see, four of the best players in the world use very different CSGO crosshairs, which goes to show that different players have different preferences – even at the highest levels. Hopefully, this guide will help you to make your perfect CSGO crosshair that world best for you and helps you to compete with the best CSGO players you meet.

So, good luck, enjoy creating your very own crosshair, whether you use a CSGO crosshair generator or design your own, play around a little and see which ones have you knocking your opponents’ heads off! 

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