Best Rust Gambling Sites

The Best Rust Gambling Sites 2022

If you want to find the very best Rust gambling sites in 2023, then there are certain things you need to consider. Firstly, you need to know exactly how Rust gambling works – and secondly, you need to know that you have to make sure you play at the best Rust gambling site to suit your needs.

The site needs to offer a whole variety of rust gambling options and rust betting games, there needs to be lots of rust gambling promotions such as free case offers and free coins – and all different offers that give you lots more value for money every single time you play, no matter how small or big you bet.

Top Rust Gambling Websites 2024

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About Rust Gambling

Rust gambling is a type of esports gambling which allows players to gamble their Rust skins (which are effectively computerised camouflage skins) for weapons instead of – or as well as gambling with real money.

Your wins will also be in the form of Rust skins, which you can withdraw directly into your online Steam account inventory. With game economy becoming ever more important in Rust, this is an excellent way for a player to get hold of more valuable and expensive skins without having to pay the same price that they would if they purchase it at the Steam market.

What is Rust?

Rust was created by Facepunch Studio back in 2018 and is a popular eSports survival game. Originally, it was designed to be a rival to the existing DayZ game of that same genre. As a player, you are required to work your way through the wilds, fighting for your life as you go. You will find different items as you go on to help you on your way. As you travel through the map, you need to focus on satiating your hunger and thirst… and looking after your health so that you are able to fight off wild animals such as wolves, bears and other scary creatures.

Rust Skins

As we stated above, a Rust skin is a cosmetic asset that you can win, buy (or even get for free) which is used to decorate their guns, knives and other items and weapons. When starting out in the game, you will need to purchase a number of items, including weapons. When you first get them, the weapons and items will be very plain looking and unexciting. However, players that don’t like their original look now have options to upgrade. They can purchase and win rust skins to make them look much more aesthetically pleasing.

There are specialised Rust sites that accept designs that have been submitted by artists from time to time. Rust players are then able to purchase these special skins from the site. Players also have the option of buying skins from third-party sites like Steam. In addition, players can also choose to trade their skins with other Rust players, buy them from outside traders or gamble for better skins on Rust gambling sites. However, whatever way they get them, the skin will make the weapon look better – but it won’t improve its performance!

Rust Skin Gambling: A Better Way To Get New Skins

A popular way of getting new and better skins is by Rust skin gambling. This idea first came about when those in the industry started to realise how valuable and tradeable these skins could be. These skins aren’t only tradeable between platforms, but they can even be used as actual currency on some online Rust platforms.

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It first started to grow in popularity back in 2020 – and ever since then, it has continued to expand. There are now numerous Rust skin gambling sites. These are even starting to compete with some of the most famous skin betting sites, including CS: GO skin gambling sites, Dota 2 skin gambling sites and others. As such,Rust skins are available to players all across the globe and are often used for instant transfers and payments.

Officially, Rust skins betting was available as soon as the game was launched – and it is now hugely popular. A rust gambling site allows players to simply deposit their skins onto their preferred Rust skin betting site and bet its value on their favourite Rust games. These can be used to play on popular games such as roulette, coinflip, crash and jackpot games, Simply deposit the skins, transfer the value into site currency and use it to play their top games.

As soon as you want to withdraw your winnings, it’s simple. You can simply cash out the value into your account or head to the Rust betting site’s market and buy a skin with the value of your winnings and withdraw it straight into your directory.

How To Choose the Best Rust Gambling Site

So, now you know a bit about Rust gambling, you will also know that because of its popularity, there are lots of Rust gambling sites around. Although this is a good thing, it does mean that you need to be careful when you pick your preferred site, so you don’t  pick a scam or fraudulent site. So, there are a few things you need to consider when seeking out your preferred Rust gambling site to ensure that your experience isn’t just fun, but also safe and fair.

Selection of Games

Obviously, when you pick your preferred Rust betting site, you will want to see what the selection of Rust games is like. The very best Rust gambling sites offer a whole variety of different Rust games so that you can play on your favourite games and avoid the ones that don’t take your fancy. The more games that are in one site, the better – as it means you won’t have to sign up to lots of different sites to play the games you like the most as they will all be in the one place.

Promotions, Rust Offers and Bonuses

Everyone loves getting something for nothing – and as much value as possible. And, we all like to be appreciated. That’s why, as well as checking out their game catalogue, the very best Rust betting sites will offer a variety of bonuses and promotions. As well as welcome bonuses for players that are registering, we expect Rust websites to offer goodies such as free coins, free cases and free boxes etc for existing players – as well as raffles and cashback offers. If the gambling site happens to also offer slot games or sports betting, a few free spins or free bets houses wouldn’t go amiss either!

Excellent Customer Support

Every betting site – not just Rust gambling sites, should offer excellent customer service, including a variety of ways to contact them – preferably with Live Chat so that help is at hand whenever needed. In a perfect world, there will also be other forms of contact including phone number, email and possibly even social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, so you always have a way to get in touch.

Types of Rust Gambling Games

As we touched on above, there are a variety of different Rust casino games and betting games that will be available at the best Rust sites. These games allow you to bet your older skins for new and more valuable skins. These are the most popular Rust games available:

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Rust Roulette

First, there is Rust Roulette. This Rust game is played in a similar way to the standard traditional roulette game, but without the different betting options. Your option is simply to bet on the colour of the outcome – as such, it is almost a 50-50 bet (apart from that one green segment, which would be 0 in the standard roulette game). You just need to guess the right colour to win. If you don’t, you lose. Its simplicity makes it one of the most popular games in the Rust gambling world as well as the traditional casino world!

Rust Coinflip

Another 50-50 game is Rust Coinflip, which is also very popular. You aren’t betting against the house with this one, instead you are betting against another player in a ‘winner takes all’ game. You deposit your stake at the beginning and you will be matched against a player with a similar value stake. Then it’s simply the matter of a coin toss. Whichever player bets on the correct side of the coin will keep their own stake and win their opposition’s stake. The loser will walk away with nothing. The Rust gambling site will keep 5% of the win.

Rust Crash

Another popular Rust betting game is Rust Crash – which will be familiar to CSGO gambling fans. When you open up the game, you will need to deposit and stake your Rust skin before the round begins. The round will then start and the multiplier will move up the graph. It could potentially reach as high as 50x, depending on which Crash game mode you play. However, it can also crash at any given time with no warning. Your aim is to cash out your bet before the graph crashes. If it crashes before you cash out, you lose your stake.

The Rust Gambling Wheel

This game is based around the popular gambling game ‘Wheel of Fortune’. You need to choose a colour which represents a certain multiplier value, which could be anywhere between 2x up to 50x or higher, depending on which of the game modes you play. The wheel will then spin and you want the arrow to land on your chosen colour. If it does, your stake will be multiplied by that chosen multiplier value. If it lands on a different colour, you will lose your money.

Originally, the game was presented in the Rust Gambling bandit camp. This meant that players could play along with other Rust players. As such, many see this as one of the most exciting games to play and is found at some of the most popular Rust betting sites.

Rust Jackpot Games

Another very popular Rust gambling game is the Rust Jackpot Game, which works very much like a lottery. You need to deposit a skin or skins into a pot – and other players do the same. The higher the value of your skins, the better chance you have of being the winner. So, if your skin is worth 20% of the total pot, then you will have a 20% chance of winning etc.

The site then randomly draws a winner as soon as the pot is full. Whoever is chosen as the winner will walk away with everything minus a 5% commission fee. This is another game that started at CSGO gambling sites but was adopted by the Rust gambling community.

Rust Upgrade

This does exactly what it says on the tin… gives you the chance to upgrade your Rust skins. This is one of the newer types of Rust games but is popular. Your aim is to try and upgrade your skin for a rarer and more valuable skin. You choose which of your skins you want to gamble and will then need to choose a multiplier between 2x and 20x.

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The higher your chosen multiplier, the riskier it is and the lower your chance of winning. If you are unsuccessful, you lose the skin you wanted to upgrade and walk away with nothing.

The Best Rust Gambling Strategies

As is the case with most CSGO casino games, Rust games are based all around luck. There are no strategies that you can employ to help you win more times. However, there are certain strategies that you might want to employ to win more money – banking and financial strategies. These are the ones that give you more chance of getting a profit overall rather than a loss.

However, these are only really effective for games with two (main) outcomes like coinflip or roulette. Basically, they simply involve basing the amount of your next bet on the outcome of your last bet. Here are the most common ones:

The Martingale Strategy

In order to use this Rust strategy, you need to place a minimal stake on the outcome of a 50/50 bet. Theoretically, if you win you will double your money (minus 5% commission in some cases). If that bet loses, then you double your stake for the next bet – placed on the same outcome as the first… you repeat until you get a winning bet. This way, you at least win back any money you lost. When you do win, your stake returns back to the original amount.

However, the issue with this one is that if you go through a relatively long losing streak, then you may end up going through your entire budget before you hit a win… and you may start chasing losses and betting with skins that you weren’t intending to, to get back your losses. This is why your first bet needs to be very small.

The Reverse Martingale

This is similar to the Martingale strategy… but works in reverse! With this one, you double your bet if you win rather than if you lose. Each time you win a round, you will double your stake – you can either cut and run, or keep going until you lose. If this does happen, then you will only go back to your original stake, losing only the profit you made.

The benefit of this strategy is that your risk is much smaller – as you only ever risk that initial small bet and whatever profit you make afterwards. However, in order to get any money out of this, you need to hit a few wins in a row and cut and run in time.

Different Types of Rust Gambling Bonuses

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of bonuses you might get at a Rust gambling site…

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Free Coins and Free Cases

Most of the top Rust gambling sites will offer their players free coins or free case bonuses to reward them either for signing up or for keep coming back. You might get free coins or free cases simply for opening a new account, or they might be for unlocking different game levels or even for being there and hanging out in the chat rooms!

You can then use these free coins or free cases to play any of the Rust games on the site and gain free skins in the process! These types of bonuses usually have no terms and conditions attached, you can use them as you want!

Promo Codes and Bonus Codes

Keep your eyes peeled for promotional codes – as these are given out quite a lot by Rust gambling sites to their players.. These codes can then be used to unlock all different types of offers. It may be that you enter a code and get a free turn on the Wheel of Fortune. It may be a promo code for free skins or free cases. You need to make sure that you enter the code exactly as it is written to make sure that you can claim the benefit.

Another common type of code is a referral code, which you may receive for referring a friend or new player to the Rust gambling site. When referring a new player, you will need them to enter a special code when they sign up. This will link them to you and you will both receive a special promotion or offer in return.

Rust Gambling FAQs

Is Rust Skins Gambling Safe?

Absolutely, yes. However, you need to make sure that you play on a safe, secure and trustworthy Rust gambling site. Every Rust betting site that we recommend is tried, tested and provably fair so that you can rest-assured that every game is completely random and fair and that you can check the results using the hash system. They have also built up an excellent reputation in the industry.

What is the Best Rust Online Gambling Site?

This very much depends on your preference. All of the recommended Rust online gamble sites on our list of the best Rust websites are excellent. However, you need to look through the different sites yourself to see what is best for you based on your game preference etc.

What Can I Gamble on a Rust Betting Site?

Again, this depends on the Rust betting site you want to play on. Some only allow you to gamble with Rust skins, which will then be valued and exchanged for site currency. However, if you haven’t got any skins yet, don’t worry. There are now lots of sites that accept real money deposits and even cryptocurrency deposits.

Make sure you check the depositing and withdrawal options for each site before choosing your preferred Rust gambling website so that you know it has a payment option that suits your needs.

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