The Best CSGO Minesweeper Sites

There are now lots of CSGO gambling sites available all over the world – but some are better than others. Not all of them offer the variety of CSGO games that their players are looking for. These days, CSGO Minesweeper is becoming increasingly popular with CSGO gamblers. So, on this page, CSGO Captain will be looking at CSGO minesweeper, including the best CSGO minesweeper sites in 2023 as well as how to play the CSGO minesweeper game to win skins and goodies.

Our Recommended CSGO Minesweeper Sites 2024

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How to Pick the Best CSGO Minesweeper Gambling Site

Before you start playing the CSGO minesweeper game, it is important that you pick the best CSGO minesweeper site that is best for you. As such, here are some of the factors we look at when putting together our list of the best CSGO minesweeper betting sites:

  • Availability of Promo Codes and bonus codes: When signing up for a new CSGO minesweeper betting site you want to check to see the availability of promo codes and deposit bonuses. A promo code can give you the opportunity to get your hands on free skins, free coins and other goodies that you can use to play on the CSGO minesweeper game or other games on the gamble site. We highly recommend a Minesweeper CSGO site that is generous with giveaways!
  • Variety of Games and Game Modes: Aside from CS:GO minesweeper, the best CSGO betting sites for minesweeper will also offer games such as CSGO crash, jackpot games, coinflip, dice and other esports. The wider the variety, the better!
  • Skin Gambling Site: The site should be a skin gambling site, which means you can play on CSGO minesweeper by depositing skins from your CSGO Steam Account. Aside from skins, you should also have the option of a number of other banking methods including real money, wallets and even crypto. Users should be able to use the payment method that suits them the most.
  • Safe, legal and trustworthy: You should only play CS GO Minesweeper at a site that is provably fair. Every CSGO Minesweeper site we recommend on our website is completely fair and trustworthy.

All About Minesweeper

Minesweeper was originally a popular computer game. The CSGO community has now embraced the game and has created its own version – CS:GO Minesweeper, also known as CSGO mines. This is a fun and exciting game that has been around in one form or another since the 1980s. It is a game that mixes luck with skill.

In order to start playing, you simply need to pick your preferred CS:GO Minesweeper betting site, deposit your skins or money, claim your deposit bonuses and click on the game.

As the game begins, the user is asked to click on the squares one by one. Behind each square (or box) could be a mine. The idea is that the player has to only click on the squares that are not hiding mines.  The more squares you can uncover without hitting a mine, the better chance you have of winning. The player with the highest number of squares uncovered wins.

Starting to Play CSGO Minesweeper

It will come as no surprise that the CSGO version of the game is very similar to the PC version of the game. So, if you were a fan of the computer game back then, then this should be right up your street! Just like the PC game, it comes with a variety of different game modes, all varying in difficulty as you can choose how many mines are hiding behind the squares.

As soon as you have chosen your preferred CSGO gambling site to play minesweeper simply click on the link and head over to the site. You then need to sign up and register your new account, making sure you enter any promo code or deposit bonus code you have. The best part is that it takes just a few minutes and you could get free skins or coins to play. You then need to make a deposit into your new account using your preferred banking method.  You can then use your bonus free coins, own money or CSGO skins to play CSGO mines. Simply click on the website menu or use the navigation bar and this should take you directly to their CS GO minesweeper game.

Top CSGO Gambling Sites for Minesweeper

So, let’s look in a bit more depth at all the best CS:GO minesweeper sites out there – which are our favourites and what else do they offer you in terms of an overall CSGO betting experience?

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At the top of any CSGO gambling list, you will always find CSGOEmpire – one of the best CSGO betting sites in the world. Not only does it offer minesweeper, but there is so much more to the site. It has games such as coinflip, crash, roulette, blackjack and more. It also has some generous bonus codes and promo codes available and is a skin gambling site.


CSGOFast is another very popular CSGO betting site that attracts users from all over the world. It has a huge variety of games and game modes along with some very nice bonus codes and promotions. The website is laid out clearly, it offers a variety of payment methods and is perfect for offering a great minesweeper gambling experience.


It will come as no surprise that the other site in our top three is CSGORoll. This website is known for having an excellent selection of games, including minesweeper, generous promotions, safe and speedy banking and more.

CS:GO Minesweeper FAQS

How to Win CSGO Minesweeper?

The idea of playing CS:GO mines is that you need to click on as many squares as you can without clicking on a square that is hiding a mine, or bomb. Some CS:GO mines sites allow you to choose how many mines are in the puzzle – the more you have, the harder the game. Your aim is to be the player that uncovers the most squares without hitting a bomb. You win if you can uncover every square that has no bombs

How to Cheat Minesweeper CSGO?

It’s very difficult to cheat at CS:GO minesweeper because you can’t see what lies behind each square. The best way of winning though is by picking a game mode with fewer mines or bombs.

How Does Minesweeper CSGO Work?

The CS:GO version of the game works in the same way as the PC game. You choose the size of your grid and choose how easy or hard it is, based on how many mines are hidden. You then need to use luck and skill to uncover as many squares as you can without detonating a mine. Your aim is to uncover all the free squares on the grid.

How to Find CSGO Minesweeper?

Simply click on one of the preferred Minesweeper CS:GO sites from our list and head over to the site. Register a new account, enter a promo code and use the navigation bar to find the minesweeper game. It is quick, fun and easy and you should be playing the game within minutes at one of the country’s most reputable betting sites