If you’re looking for all the information on Counter-Strike Global Offensive Live then look no further. This article will look at betting on CSGO games live, how to check out the CSGO live score, where to find the best odds and more.

Why You Should Watch CSGO Live

It’s always a good idea to watch upcoming matches because there are lots of advantages. Here are the main advantages of watching CS:GO live:

  • You can study each player and start looking at the skills of the pro players and compare it with your own. You can also learn from these players.
  • You can study and track the different strategies employed by the top teams simply by watching games and without having to read strategy guides.
  • You can develop new strategies to play the game.
  • You can study the teams for betting – and make an estimate of which teams will do well in the upcoming tournaments.
  • You can use these matches to predict future games and tournament results
  • You can sit back and enjoy watching how the pros do esports
  • Players can discuss and evaluate matches and tactics.

However, this is just the start of the list! There are endless reasons to watch CSGO live matches. So, whatever your reason, make sure you check all the CSGO live matches to see exactly what is happening.

How to Watch CSGO Live CSGO Matches

So, how do you watch live CSGO matches? There are a few ways that you can get around to watching upcoming matches. Firstly, you can find CSGO gambling sites – or even a standard betting site that offers esports betting that has a live stream feature. A benefit of doing it this way is that some even offer free bets to players who register a new account (although you will need to check whether or not the free bets can be used for esports betting). You can also find specific websites that offer live CS GO matches

With most options, you will not need to pay for – or install additional software. Most even allow you to watch the matches on your cell phone… as long as you have a solid internet connection.

Generally, finding your specific game or tournament is also easy, as you will simply find a list of the matches and click on it. Be aware that if you are planning on watching it live on a betting site then you will be required to place a bet on the game.

You will then be directed to the live broadcast of the game and have access to the basic information you need to know about the game. This will allow you to not just enjoy the counter-strike live games, but you will also be able to watch the action as it happens and make a more educated prediction and bets

Counter-Strike Live Scores

Esports like Counter-Strike Go aren’t the same as regular sports. Sports such as soccer can go for quite a while with neither team making progress. However, esports can – and normally do, have significant developments in minutes. In a match, just a few minutes can make a lot of difference. So, it’s important to always have access to the most up-to-date Counter-Strike live scores as soon as they happen, so you always have access to the most recent scores and odds.

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The best CSGO and esports betting sites now offer this service, which is called Live Scores. It displays the CSGO results in real-time, so you can immediately see how many wins each team has scored up until that exact moment.

Normally, a CSGO tournament works in a Best out of 3 matches system, which means there will be up to 5 games played and the team that wins will be the first team to win 3 matches. This means that every win will change the odds dramatically – and understanding this is vital when looking to make your best live bets.

At most CSGO betting sites you can click on their esports page and see which CSGO matches are being played today or which Counter-Strike matches are being played in the future. These are always updates so you can see whenever there are cancellations, delays or other unforeseen events. You will always have information on Counter-strike matches today or in the future.

About CSGO Live Matches

So, now you know why and how to watch and bet on CSGO live, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about live CSGO games and tournaments.

CSGO Live Gameplay

When watching the game, you will see two teams competing in a competitive game mode – each aiming to win enough rounds to win the match. These can be played on different maps – such as Dust, Inferno, Nuke and Train, with different weapons and characters, with updated versions becoming available on a regular basis.

The History of CSGO Live Tournaments

Since the esport was first released it has managed to grow into the biggest shooter game in the industry. This led to the first CSGO Major Championship being held in Sweden, where 20 teams competed for a prize pool worth $250,000. Now, the majors take place twice a year and have become a huge part of the global gaming calendar. This has resulted in the prize money growing considerably – and broke the $1 million barrier at the 2016 Major League Gaming tournament in Columbus, Ohio.

Now Valve backs the Majors and the prize pool is consistently $1 million – with the winners getting $500,000 of that. Because of the consistently high prizes guaranteed to successful teams, it always attracts plenty of interest – from the best players and teams across the globe.

One of the best teams in recent years is the Danish team, Atralis, having broken many records. They managed to win the Majors three times and were only the second team to do this, alongside the Swedish team Fnatic.

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A CSGO Brief Guide

Counter-Strike Global offensive is classed as an online first-person shooter game – and has been around for years. In order to excel at the game, you need quick reactions, perfect aims, a good awareness of maps allowing you to make use of strategic plays and, most importantly, you need to be able to communicate well as a team. That is what CSGO matches are perfect for broadcasting and why so many people love to watch live CSGO matches

The game was originally developed by Valve Corporations and Hidden Path Entertainment and hit the public domain in 2012. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the fourth game in the series, with the first, and original, being Counter-Strike 1.6, which was released in 2000.

How to Play CSGO

This is a first-person shooter where there are two teams. One is the counter-terrorists team and the other is the terrorists team. They have the option of playing in different game modes:


The deathmatch game mode is a popular game mode in all first-person shooter games. This pits two teams against each other and they need to hit a set amount of kills in order to win. Simply choose your weapons, make your kills and when you are killed you will be respawned elsewhere on the map.

The Arms Race

There are no teams in an Arms Race – you are on your own against everyone else. You can’t even pick your own weapon. When you are spawned, you will be assigned a weapon and you have to kill with that weapon to accumulate new weapons. This continues until you can get a knife. This is a more fun and relaxed mode, perfect for playing with your friends.

The Demolition Mode

The demolition game mode is used for competitive matches. The terrorists are tasked with planting the bomb and counter-terrorists are tasked with defusing a bomb. Each team has 5 players and you don’t get respawned if you die. If you do get killed, you will need to wait until the end of that round. If you are the player that gets the kills in this mode then you can get rewards such as new weapons and accessories.

To win, the terrorists need to plant a bomb. If they manage this, then the counter-terrorists will need to kill the enemies as well as making sure the bomb is defused before it explodes. This carries on for 10 rounds and then the teams switch. The first team to win eleven rounds wins the match.

Casual Game Mode

This game mode allows teams to have up to ten players. It’s then up to the counter-terrorist team to either rescue the hostages or defuse the bomb. This game mode has a maximum of 15 rounds and the first team to win eight rounds will win.

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Competitive Game Mode

This is where the real live-action takes place… and where you will find all the major competitors. However, you may not be able to start playing this game mode straight away as you will need a certain level of experience. You can achieve this by playing other modes.

The competitive mode has another ranking system that is different from your other account ranking. The ranking system consists of 18 ranks to climb through until you get all the way through the Global Elite. Fewer than 1% of players ever accomplish this – and the players who compete at tournament level are usually a part of this level. Reaching this rank certainly makes you one of the esports elite!

In itself, the game mode plays in a similar way to the demolition game mode. However, the main difference is that in each round you gather money by getting kills or hitting the objectives. You can then use this money at the start of each round to purchase equipment and weapons. Just as with the demolition game mode, the teams are 5 versus 5 and there are no respawns. A match could last up to 90 minutes and if you quit the game early they will put a timeout penalty on your account.

As soon as you start levelling up past the first few ranks in this game mode then you will need to start upping those skills as a player. Higher ranks will need you to demonstrate excellent communication skills and map knowledge. You can also use the matchmaking feature in this mode. Having said that, if you’re moving up the ranks already, then playing with a pre-made group of friends or other players that are in your clan does have advantages. Alongside top teamwork skills and a good understanding of your team’s playing style will help you to get further in the game.

The Most Common Platforms to Watch Live Games

Ultimately, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of, if not the biggest live-streamed esport around and there are now lots of third party organisations that arrange qualifiers and tournaments such as the Majors, Blast Premier Fall Showdown, Pinnacle Fall Series, Knockout series – as well as the hugely popular CS:GO Pro League, organised by the Electronic Sports League (ESL) and you can see teams from all over the world in action, from the Mad Lions to the Copenhagen Flames.

You can find a number of different platforms to watch the tournaments – with the most popular being Twitch.tv, Facebook and Youtube. This is also an esport that has made it mainstream, so there are some tournaments that are broadcast on live TV in the US.

In order to make sure you stay fully updated and knowledgeable about the CSGO game the name sure you watch the live games regularly. Check out to see what games are being played, when the tournaments are where you can watch them live, so that if you make a bet on the results, not only can you get the highest odds, but you also have the highest chance of winning.