CSGO gambling continues to grow – and one game that has been developed as it becomes mainstream is the CS:GO dice game. As such, there has been an increase in CSGO dice sites. In this CSGO dice guide, we will look at not online how dice games work, but also the different types of CSGO dice games, how to play CSGO dice and, of course, the top CSGO dice sites with the best promo code and referral code offers so you can enjoy the best experience at the top CSGO dice gamble sites.

The Best CSGO Dice Sites 2024

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Choosing the Best CSGO Dice Gambling Sites

As you can see, there are now many CSGO gambling sites that offer dice games, but what makes one stand out from the other? Here are some of the factors we look at when choosing the best CSGO dice gambling site.

The CSGO Gambling Sites’ Variety of Games

Obviously, we look for a good variety of dice games – the more the better. However, we look for a nice long list of other CSGO games including roulette, crash, coinflip, jackpot games and even esports betting. Generally, the more games a player has access to, the better. The more games available, the more chances a player has of winning and the better the overall CSGO gamble experience.

Promo Codes and Referral Code Offers

Most CSGO websites and platforms will offer players the chance to enjoy freebies and giveaways by giving CSGO promo codes and bonuses. Not only can you get deposit bonus promo codes on registration, but many CS GO gambling sites offer referral code bonuses for players signing up new players. These can reward you with free cases, free CSGO skins and free coins (site money to spend on the game). People love a bargain, especially to play on a dice casino game! They give you a way to win skins and real money prizes without spending your own money.

Payment Options: Skin Gambling

The best CSGO dice website will offer a variety of payment methods. As such, we would expect to see deposit options including credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies and CSGO skins so that you can make immediate deposits into your account and enjoy the wide range of dice roll games available. We like quick deposits, safe deposit options and so you can start playing your dice game straight away!

Provably Fair and Good Security Features

You need to be sure you are playing your dice game – or any other games on a safe and trustworthy CSGO dice betting site – an example of how to be sure is by checking the information about the site, looking at the popularity of the site in your country, check out its privacy overview, user consent policies and making sure that its games are all provably fair. This means that you can ask the customer support team to check the outcome of every type of game you play. The customer support service will make sure that there is always someone on hand to look at what happened in the game using the hash system.

How CSGO Dice Works

The name of the game pretty much gives away what it’s all about. It’s a nice simple game that works in pretty much the same way as the traditional casino game – a game of luck. On this page, we’ll help you to get to grips with the game if you’re not yet sure of how to play the standard CSGO dice game.

The premise of the game is this – players need to place a bet on what they think the outcome of a dice roll will be. If you get the outcome right – you win! If you get it wrong, you lose.

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A Popular Game

The game is growing in popularity, although it isn’t as well-loved as games like CSGO roulette, blackjack, coinflip and crash… just yet. However, many people like playing it because it is so simple to learn. It also gives you some control over increasing your odds of winning, which is another added bonus of the game. That’s why we would expect the game to keep on becoming more popular in the coming years.

CSGO Dice Strategy

So, is there a strategy to win dice? Well, dice is an example of a real game of luck, which means there isn’t really much you can do to strategize your gameplay. However, there are ways that you cannot go into the game with tactics to help you get to the best outcome possible.

There are different types of bets that you can play – bets with higher odds and bets with lower odds, so you can minimise your risk with lower odds… Or you could go for higher risk odds and maximise your win! One example of this is avoiding betting on the exact outcome of the dice. You could, instead, bet your skins on a ‘low’ outcome, which is anything from 1 to 6 or a ‘high’ outcome – anything from 8 to 12. Most sites offer this option. You could also bet on a medium outcome, which is rolling a 7. This obviously means you bet on a wider range of numbers so you have a better chance of winning, but lower odds means lower wins.


How Does CSGO Dice Work?

CSGO dice is a very simple game. In order to play, pick one of our top CSGO dice sites and open the site in your browser. Open a new account and claim your deposit bonus. As soon as you make a deposit you can open up the dice game. All you need to do is then bet skins or coins on what you think the outcome of the roll of dice will be. You can either bet on a particular number (high risk and high odds) or bet on a low outcome, medium outcome or high outcome for lower odds and a lower risk strategy. If your bet comes in then you win!

How to Win CSGO Dice Game?

As this is a pure game of luck, there is no set way to win, as you cannot alter the roll of the dice. However, you can give yourself a better chance of winning by the type of bet you make. For more chances of winning, you can bet on whether the outcome will be low, medium or high (under 7, 7, or over 7). This maximises your chance of winning the game but will offer lower payouts as a result.

How to Get Free Points on CSGO Dice?

You can get free coins, skins or cases to play CS GO dice when you sign up to one of our top sites and claim a promo code offer or bonus offer. You could also earn a free case or free skins by using a referral code on the site. You can then use these giveaways to play on the dice game – or any other of the range of games that the site offers.

How Do I Find the Best CSGO Dice Site?

Check out our top list of exceptional CS GO dice sites, such as CSGORoll, CSGOEmpire and CSGO500, all of which offer players a great range of games including dice. They also offer excellent promo code offers, provably fair games and a trustworthy experience so that you can enjoy the website without worrying that you are playing at an unfair or fraudulent site. Also, check out case opening sites for the chance to get even better skins to play on the website.

Can I Get a Free Case on a CSGO Dice Website?

This depends on the website in question. At all top CSGO websites, you can claim a bonus promo code on registration for either free cases, free skins or free coins.

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Can I Bet Skins on CSGO Dice?

Yes, most CS GO dice sites are skin gambling sites which mean that you can deposit skins straight into your account and exchange them for site currency to play the range of games – including CSGO dice.