How to Cashout CSGO Skins

In CSGO, The Valve Corporation has designed a gaming platform that not only focuses on your game skills but also the health and wealth of your steam account wallet. Spending your money on CSGO weapons and skins. However, at the Steam community marketplace, you can also make money just as easily as you can spend it, which is why you need to know how to cashout CSGO skins – as long as you play enough! Earning money is a pretty easy skill to learn and master, and this money that you make can then be used to invest in your future purchases.

How to Cashout CSGO Skins

This means that becoming a good and skilled player doesn’t mean having to part with lots of your hard-earned cash that’s sitting on your bank account. The Steam community market, by Valve Corp, is a completely legalised virtual market that keeps its users happy – from those looking to sell to those on the hunt for a  bargain.

When you play CSGO, you can earn and purchase weapon skin places. However, you will need to buy the keys that open these cases on Steam and these cost real money. However, you could opt to sell those boxes on the market. If you do decide to open the box- and you don’t want the skin, or get tired of it, then you can sell skins instantly for cash and get a new one. But where is the best place? Should you stick to the Steam market or should you try out third party marketplaces? Here we look at the best places to sell CS:GO skins in terms of value, hidden fees etc, so you know whether to opt for the community market or see if you can get a better deal at a third-party marketplace.

Best Sites To Cashout CSGO Skins for Real Money

Aside from the Steam Community Market, there are several sites that allow you to sell CSGO skins for instant cashout straight into your steam accounts. Here are our preferred sites that are the safest, most secure and offer the best value for money.

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Choosing The Price For Your CSGO Skins

The first thing to factor in when you are looking to cashout your CSGO skin collection is the urgency. The value of your skin will be based on how rare it is, the pattern of the skin, the float of the skin and stickers.

Skin Rarity

Generally, the value placed on the skin by CSGO skin markets is usually based mostly on rarity. So, if you are looking to sell a common skin, then you shouldn’t be asking for a high price as many will already have it – and those that don’t, won’t be willing to pay a lot for a common skin. However, if you have a less common or rare skin, then don’t be afraid to set a high price. These days, collectors are generally willing to pay a big price for a skin that will set them apart from the rest.

Skin Pattern

CSGO skins will have varied patterns – and some patterns are rarer than others, especially knives. What’s more, patterns are always changing, so we would suggest that you google the name of the knife to find its pattern rarity to see how much value you can get from your sale.

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The Float

The float value is basically the condition of your skin – and this will also be a defining factor of value. It ranges between 0 and 1 – and the closer it is to 0, the better. If your skin float value is 0.05 then it’s in extremely good condition, which will be a lot more valuable than if your skin has a float value of o.8.

Stickers on Skins

Although skins can be fun, if you want to sell skins for money, then you need to remember that stickers often decrease the value of a skin. However, some collectors out there are happy to pay big bucks for a skin with a rare and expensive sticker. Some believe that a rare sticker could boost a skin’s value by as much as 10%, but it depends on the buyer.

Bear in mind that if you have a skin with no rare pattern or without a rare sticker then it will be the same value as a stock skin. You will then more easily be able to research the approximate value of that skin and set your price. Simply go on to a site selling CSGO skins, look up the name and its condition and you will see how all other sellers are pricing it.

If you are looking for a quick sale then you might consider setting a lower than market value price, which should see it being sold in a few hours. If you have more time, then maybe set it a bit higher and wait.

Some people look at the fluctuations in skin price with as much interest as they would on the stock exchange. Some players are on the market to scam and deceive. So, if you are looking to buy or sell at a third-party market, then try to stick at the average price for that skin, especially if you are looking for negotiations.

Patience is its Own Reward

We know that it can be frustrating and even baffling if you are looking to sell your CSGO Skins and you set it all up – and you are often forced to wait days and sometimes even weeks before your skin is purchased. Most would prefer instant real money for their CS:GO skins as soon as they are on the market. But sometimes patience is required.

However, there are some CS:GO skins exchange sites that offer a ‘moment sell’. These are your best option if you need the cash from your skin asap. But remember, the fastest deal isn’t always the best deal – and patience can be its own reward if you’re in no rush.

How to Cashout CSGO Skins for Real Money

There are lots of ways to sell CS:GO skins and get real money into your bank account – with many offering payments via money wallets such as Skrill, PayPal, Webmoney etc. Several out there are now even offering crypto payments such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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If you do want to cashout your CS:GO skins for cash straight away then your best option is to go for a CSGO cashout site, as it is these that offer users the ‘moment sell’ feature and can get that cash into your account straight away. These are the best options to sell CS:GO skins if you simply want fast money and don’t have the time to wait for a purchaser willing to pay a better price.

If you do have the time, then we would recommend that you visit one of our recommended CSGO trading sites where you can get a better price and find a fair price at a trusted market. This will allow you to get a much better price on your skin compared to what you would be offered for a quick sale.

Payment Types

CSGO skins cashout sites and markets will generally offer users a variety of banking options, which means you could be paid with the following methods:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank cards
  • Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Ethereum (ETH).
  • Different Skins (Dota 2, tf2 keys).
  • Other monies and cryptos

Every site that we recommend has been fully tested and recommended so that you can be assured that you will have a safe, secure and trustworthy place to sell your CS:GO skins. Remember though, whatever marketplace you use, you may encounter a user that is looking to scam you, so always be sure of every transaction you make.

What Makes the Best CSGO Cashout Sites 2021

Obviously, when you are looking to use a CSGO cashout site, then you will want to choose one that doesn’t have high transaction fees – and doesn’t cost the earth just to use their services. There are some sites out there that charge a lot – and these are the ones that normally offer quick sales, so again, it can pay to be patient.

When looking at charges, it’s worth knowing that some sites will be transparent with what commission they will charge. However, some have hidden fees – and even charge you for valuation. Make sure you try to find out every single cost attached to your sale before you confirm so that you aren’t in for a shock when the fees are taken.

So, in short, if you want to head over to the marketplace to sell CSGO skins, whether it’s for PayPal, Bitcoin or any other payment method, then is what you should be looking out for in a marketplace:

  • An easy to use webpage and interface that allows you to buy, sell and cash out skins quickly and easily.
  • A variety of banking options such as PayPal, Skrill, cards, Webmoney and cryptos
  • A loyalty program that rewards you for selling skins on the site, including cashback skin price bonus offers etc
  • A transparent commission that is factored into the price.

How to Cashout Skins FAQs

How to Cashout CSGO Skins

Simply head over to one of our recommended sites and link your steam wallet. You can then decide which skin you want to sell, research other traders to find out the estimated value of your skin and then wait for your skin to sell. Some cashout sites offer ‘moment sell’ which allows you to get immediate cash, but this often means you will get less value.

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Where to Cashout CSGO Skins?

Head over to any of our recommended sites as they are all safe, secure and offer an excellent and transparent user experience.

How to Cashout Paypal CSGO Skins

Most good CSGO cashout platforms accept PayPal. Pick your preferred site and look at their instructions on how to trade your skins using PayPal.