CSGO Pins: Your Guide

CSGO pins are collectable items in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). They are small, metal pins that feature various designs and can be attached to a player’s in-game weapon skins. 

Players can acquire pins through in-game drops, trading with other players, or by purchasing them from the Steam Community Market. Some pins may be rare and highly sought after by collectors.

What to Know About CSGO Pins

Ever since it launched in 2000, CSGO is a game that has a long history of allowing players to customise their attire and weapons, from skins and stickers to patches.

More than 15 years later, they found another new way to personalise your in-game player profile – CSGO Pins – and it looks as though they are here to stay. Here are the main things you need to know about them.

Types of Pins

There are two different types of spins you might come across – Genuine and Normal pins:

  • Normal pins are basically very easy to get. You can simply get them by unboxing them from a capsule. These capsules can be purchased from the Steam Community Market or from in-game offers. These are pins that can be bought and sold on the market anytime and within a week of purchasing, they become tradeable.
  • Genuine pins: These are much trickier to get and the only official way to acquire one is to either buy it online from the Valve Store – or else you will need to attend a major. These usually cost you around $20 per pack. However, some events give attendees one free pin with their tickets.

However, Valve stopped selling Pins – both offline and online – after the 2019 Starladder Berlin Major.

As such, currently, there is no way to get a CSGO Pin apart from trading with other players. Because of this, you need to be vigilant of scammers… and don’t trust any players you don’t know without researching them first.

As soon as you have redeemed the code, a genuine pin can’t be traded or sold and will stay in your Steam inventory forever.

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It is because of this that these are now so popular and desired amongst the CSGO gaming community – they are now considered pretty exclusive, which makes them much more attractive.

Opening a CSGO Pin is similar to a standard case unboxing. You will not know what Pin the case holds and, just like CSGO skins, they come in a variety of different colours and styles which helps to determine their value and rarity.

Series 1 Pins

Series 1 CSGO pins are a set of collectable pins that were released in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) during the first series. These pins were awarded to players who completed certain in-game objectives or who attended specific events.

It’s important to note that Valve, the developer of the game, released multiple series of pins over the years, each with its own set of designs and awarded for different reasons, so the term “Series 1” refers to the first set of pins that were released in the game.

Common Series 1 Pins

As the Series 1 pins were released with the game, most of them are considered common, as they were available for a longer time and many players were able to obtain them

However, the four main pins considered to be the ‘Common’ pins in this series are:

  • Nuke Pins
  • Train Pins
  • Guardian Pins
  • Tactic Pins

Although they are essentially the Pins with the lowest ‘rarity’ rating of all pins, these remain hugely popular because they look pretty decent and are quite cheap to purchase.

Uncommon Series 1 Pins

Alongside the four common pins, there are 3 Pins that are considered ‘uncommon’. However, it is only one of these pins, the Victory Pin’ which holds any value because the other two don’t look particularly good and they do not represent maps which will increase their value.

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  • CSGO Italy Pin
  • CSGO Militia Pin
  • CSGO Victory Pin

Rare CSGO 1 Pins

The Series 1 collection also released 2 rare pins based on the very popular game maps – Inferno and Mirage. These attractive pins both show the most iconic features of their represented map – the Inferno’s ‘Noisy Bell’ and Mirage’s ‘Three Towers’

  • CSGO Inferno Pin
  • CSGO Mirage Pin

Very Rare Series 1 Pins

Then, of course, we have those very rare and very desirable Series 1 pins, which are the most valuable and expensive of all. Both of these are simple but very effective in their designs:

  • CSGO Dust II Pin
  • CSGO Guardian Elite Pin

Series 2 CSGO Pins

The Series 2 collection started a new trend by creating Pins that were named after specific operations. It started off with Pins for operations Phoenix, Brave and Operation Bloodhound. However, many players believe that the Golden/ Silver Operation Coins are better than the operation CSGO Pins because coins cannot be upgraded, whereas Pins can always be bought. Most players that want these pins simply like the look of them – but missed out on the operations which happened back in 2014-2015.

Series 2 also introduced the second iteration of the Variant of the Guardian Pin… just like the original one but a different colour for those who prefer the colour orange. 

Other pins that are popular include the favourite maps pins plus Office and Baggage. Unfortunately, the latter of the Series 2 Pins proved to be rather less popular with players, however, the Cobblestone, Cache and Overpass are pretty solid. These maps are popular with all players – and the unique shape of the Cobble and Cache pins make them even more attractive.

Common CSGO Series 2 Pins

The common CSGO Pins are:

  • Phoenix Pin
  • Baggage Pin
  • Bravo Pin
  • Guardian Pin

Uncommon CSGO Series 2 Pins

The pins that fall under the ‘Uncommon’ category in series 2 are:

  • CSGO Office Pin
  • CSGO Cobblestone Pin
  • CSGO Overpass Pin

Rare CSGO Series Pins

The two Series 2 CSGO Pins that fall under the ‘Rare’ category are:

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  • CSGO Bloodhound Pin
  • CSGO Cache Pin

Very Rare CSGO Series 2 Pins

Finally, we come to the two Pins considered ‘Very Rare’ in this series. These are the Chroma Pins and the Valeria Pins. Sadly, the Chroma Pin is the cheapest of the Very Rare pins – and, although it looks nice enough, it doesn’t really stand up to some of the other Rare pins out there. However, the Valeria Pin is the complete opposite. It is not only popular, but it is one of the priciest pins out there.

  • CSGO Chroma Pin
  • CSGO Valeria Pin

Series 3 CSGO Pins

Finally, we get the Series 3 Pins, which were released in 2017 following Update It added the following pins to the growing collection:

  • Aces High Pin
  • Brigadier General Pin
  • Canals Pin
  • Death Sentence Pin
  • Easy Peasy Pin
  • Guardian 3 Pin
  • Howl Pin
  • Hydra Pin
  • Inferno 2 Pin
  • Welcome to the Clutch Pin
  • Wildfire Pin

Non-Genuine CSGO Pin Capsules

Non-genuine pin capsules are counterfeit versions of the official pin capsules that are used to contain and protect CSGO pins. These counterfeit pin capsules are made to look similar to the genuine ones, but they are not produced by Valve, the developer of the game, and therefore are not considered authentic.

Non-genuine pin capsules are often sold at a lower price than genuine pin capsules, and they may not have the same level of quality and durability as the official capsules. They also may not be compatible with the official pin trading system, so players may not be able to trade them with other players.

It’s important for players to be aware of the potential for non-genuine pin capsules and to purchase official capsules from the official Valve store or from trusted retailers to ensure that they are getting authentic products.

Should You Buy CSGO Pins?

Whether or not you should buy a CSGO pin is a personal decision that depends on your individual interests and priorities. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to buy a pin:

  • Collectibility: If you’re a collector, buying a CSGO pin may be an appealing option. Some pins are rare and highly sought after by collectors, which can make them valuable.
  • In-game use: If you’re a frequent player of the game, you may want to buy a pin to attach to your weapon skins in-game. This can be a fun way to personalise your in-game experience and show off your collection.
  • Financial considerations: Some pins can be expensive, particularly if they are rare. Be sure to consider your budget and whether you’re willing to spend the money on a pin.
  • Investment: If you’re thinking of buying a pin as an investment, it’s important to keep in mind that the value of a pin can fluctuate depending on the demand, rarity and the number of players who own them, so it’s hard to predict the value of a pin.

It’s also important to make sure you’re purchasing from a legitimate source, such as the official Valve store or a trusted retailer, to ensure that you’re getting a genuine pin.

In summary, buying a CSGO pin can be a fun and exciting way to show off your collection and personalise your in-game experience, but it’s important to consider your interests, budget, and the potential for the pin to be a valuable investment.

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Collectable pins are items that can be collected both physically and and virtually. They can be purchased at official CS:GO tournaments as a physical collectible pin package.

Alyx Pin

Vortigaunt Pin

Copper Lambda Pin

Sustenance! Pin

City 17 Pin

Combine Helmet Pin

Civil Protection Pin

Lambda Pin

Headcrab Glyph Pin

Black Mesa Pin

Health Pin

Inferno 2 Pin

Easy Peasy Pin

Hydra Pin

Wildfire Pin

Brigadier General Pin

Death Sentence Pin

Welcome to the Clutch Pin

Guardian 3 Pin

Aces High Pin

Canals Pin

Howl Pin

Overpass Pin

Bloodhound Pin

Chroma Pin

Cobblestone Pin

Baggage Pin

Cache Pin

Office Pin

Bravo Pin

Phoenix Pin

Guardian 2 Pin

Valeria Phoenix Pin

Italy Pin

Inferno Pin

Militia Pin

Victory Pin

Tactics Pin

Guardian Pin

Mirage Pin

Train Pin

Dust II Pin

Nuke Pin

Guardian Elite Pin