Operation Riptide Agents

Operation Riptide Agents

Browse and buy all CS:GO items which the professional player Operation Riptide Agents has in their Steam inventory. In order to present you only the skins, stickers and agents that Operation Riptide Agents currently owns, this list is automatically updated. Browse and buy all Operation Riptide Agents skins for CS:GO. Operation Riptide Agents was released on September 21st, 2021, alongside the "Introducing Operation Riptide" update.

All CS:GO Operation Riptide Agents Items.

Vypa Sista of the Revolution | Guerrilla Warfare

Trapper | Guerrilla Warfare

Trapper Aggressor | Guerrilla Warfare

Sous-Lieutenant Medic | Gendarmerie Nationale

Primeiro Tenente | Brazilian 1st Battalion

Officer Jacques Beltram | Gendarmerie Nationale

‘Medium Rare’ Crasswater | Guerrilla Warfare

Lieutenant Rex Krikey | SEAL Frogman

Lieutenant ‘Tree Hugger’ Farlow | SWAT

Jungle Rebel | Elite Crew

Elite Trapper Solman | Guerrilla Warfare

Col. Mangos Dabisi | Guerrilla Warfare

Crasswater The Forgotten | Guerrilla Warfare

D Squadron Officer | NZSAS

Cmdr. Davida ‘Goggles’ Fernandez | SEAL Frogman

Cmdr. Frank ‘Wet Sox’ Baroud | SEAL Frogman

Chef d’Escadron Rouchard | Gendarmerie Nationale

Chem-Haz Capitaine | Gendarmerie Nationale

Bloody Darryl The Strapped | The Professionals

Arno The Overgrown | Guerrilla Warfare

Aspirant | Gendarmerie Nationale