The Best CSGO Trading Sites 2024

Trading CSGO skins has been an integral part of Counter-Strike Global Offensive for quite a while now – and this is why there are so many training sites out there. Although the Steam Community Market is the official trading platform to sell skins for real money, other skin sites and many CSGO trading sites will offer better skin prices – which means more value when selling skins.

Most CSGO trading sites are trade bots – and this means that you will be able to trade your skins instantly. Here at CSGO Captain we have made sure that we recommend only safe, legitimate and trustworthy trading bots. Some of the sites available will have multi-game inventories and also allow cross-game trading. This adds another excellent dimension to your trading experience.

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About CS:GO Trading

CSGO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and it is a first-person team shooter game created by Valve Corporation. This is the fourth in the Counter-Strike series, following on from the Original Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike Source (CSS). The main game mode of CS:GO is the bomb disposal game mode. This involves two teams – the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. The main objective of the terrorist team is to plant a bomb and make sure that it isn’t prevented from exploding. The counter-terrorists, on the other hand, are tasked with eliminating the terrorists and defusing the bomb before it explodes. However, there are other game modes within CSGO, such as deathmatch, scrimmage, hostage maps, gun game, flying scoutsman and casual competitive. It is the variety of game modes that have made the CSGO community so impressive – and made it one of the biggest titles in esports.

However, the game is just a part of it – people now collect skins, buy skins, sell skins and trade skins -which not only adds to the experience but can also turn quite the profit. From common skins to rare skins, they can be bought, sold and traded at all of the top trading platforms.

CSGO Skins

One of the biggest reasons that the popularity of CSGO has risen to its current levels is the addition of CSGO skins to the gaming equations. A CSGO skin is simply a graphical overlay that a player can put on their gun or weapons that will give it its own unique look, pattern or colour. These can get quite expensive as well – with some having sold for more than $10,000, particularly the rarer knife skins

You can acquire CSGO skins in three main ways – either buying them from the Steam  Market, opening cases or by trading with players or skin trading websites. The first two of these methods to get skins aren’t always to be recommended as these generally don’t offer the best value and can result in a net loss – especially given that the Steam Market takes a whopping 15% commission from each sale.

If you are on the hunt to get some new skins, then no good CSGO player should be without the AWP Hyper Beast, USP-S Kill Confirmed and, of course, the AK-47 Fire Serpent.

What are CSGO Trading Sites?

Number three on our list was trading at a CSGO Trading Site. This is a website that allows players to trade their old skins for other skins for just a small commission. Such Trade skins websites help players that have numerous low tier and common CSGO skins trade up for one more high-tiered and rare skin – such as an expensive rifle skin or a knife skin.

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It also works in the other way – a player who has an expensive skin can trade down and get lots of lower-tiered skins at skin trading sites. The best CSGO trading sites generally take about 5% commission, but some take 10% per trade. However, when you compare this to the Steam Market or case opening, then skin trading sites are clearly the better option. Some of the best websites for trading skins are:

  1. CS.Money
  3. Loot Farm

Many of these also trade other game skins such as Rust skins and Dota skins as well.

How to Find a Trusted Site

How trustworthy a CSGO trading site is depends on various factors, including how old the site is, the number of users it has, who owns the website and where they are located. One of the best ways to determine whether or not your CSGO bot trading site is trustworthy and safe is to see whether or not we recommend it! We perform a lot of checks and research in-depth before recommending a site – so you should always check first to see if it’s on our list.

Stay Safe When Using Trading Sites

In order to keep you, your funds and your skins safe, there are some very important things that you need to take into consideration when using one of our recommended CSGO trading sites. The biggest trap encountered by people by cam trading sites is a phishing link. In order to make sure you don’t fall victim, you should never click on a link that you aren’t 100% certain of. You can do this by clicking on links from our site – as we will make sure you’re always taken to the correct and legit trading site.

How CSGO Trading Websites Work

Fortunately, CSGO trading websites are super easy to use. Firstly, you need to make sure that you are only using a correct and decent site – and not a scam or untrustworthy site. As soon as you are certain that the site you are on is legit. You will then need to log into one of our best CSGO trading sites with your Steam account that contains all of your CSGO skins. If you have chosen one of our sites, then this will be completely safe.

After this, you need to pick whichever of the skins you would like to trade from your Steam inventory. As soon as you have chosen your trading skins then you need to decide which skins, from the CSGO trading bot’s inventory, that you want to exchange your own skins for. Then, simply confirm the trade and wait for the bot to send you the trade. Confirm the trade, complete the transaction and you will have your new skins in a jiffy.

What is a CSGO Trading Bot Site?

Simply put, a CSGO trading bot site is just another way of saying a CSGO Trading Site. However, this just confirms that we are trading with a bot as opposed to another real person player. We favour these generally because these large and popular websites won’t be as likely to scam as real people – who have been known to try and pull a fast on the odd occasion.

Trade bots have other advantages over manual trading as well – including the ability to trade any skins that you don’t want straight away. So, for example, you want to change your expensive CSGO knife for a few lower-priced skins. By using a trade biot, this can be done in just a few minutes.

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Making Profit From a CSGO Trading Bot Site

Even better news is that it is possible to make a profit by using the service of a trading bot. The main way in which this is done, generally, is by researching skins and scouring the inventories of CSGO trading sites to look for any that are undervalued. Another way is by purchasing specific knife skins and then manually selling them to another player by using services like Bitskins or DMarket. This can make you quite a nice little profit.

If you don’t have enough funds to start with for these trade for-profit ideas then you don’t need to worry. There are numerous sites that allow you to earn points by completing tasks – and you can then trade these points into skins.

How We Choose Our Top Trading Sites

We don’t add just any bot trading site to our list. No indeed. In fact, we go through rigorous and strict processes to make sure that we feel confident enough to recommend them to our users. Firstly, we make a pretty decent size trade on the site ourselves to see whether they can be trusted with substantial sums of money. After they pass this test, we will then complete further research into the site. For example, we look at who the owners of the site are – plus all and any other information we deem to be relevant. As soon as all of this data is gathered together and processed, our industry experts look through the data in depth and determine whether or not it is good enough to be recommended by CSGO Captain.

Do Players Still Trade in 2023?

They most certainly do – and they are doing so more than ever! Skins trading is deep-rooted within the CSGO community – and although many believed it would be consigned to history in April 2019, when the 7 days trade hold was mandated, this has not been the case. The mandate forbids players from trading any skins that they have purchased from the Steam Community Market or skins they have gotten through trades. This new rule received a lot of backlash from players and it caused a lot of trading enthusiasts and professional traders to part ways with the CSGO scene. This saw the value of skins drop to their lowest ever prices – and it looked like the end of not just trading, but the end of CSGO itself.

Two years later – and it seems that trading skins is still happening… although not in the same volume that we witnessed in the Golden era of CSGO trading. But it does look as though it is here to stay.

Looking at the move from a different perspective, the new rules were important as they prevented numerous scams -scamming is now extremely difficult as a result. This means that plenty of players are happy to see fewer frauds and scams in the community.

CSGO Trading Sites FAQs

What CS GO Trading Sites are Legit?

When you trade CS GO skins you must use a legitimate site. The sites that we recommend here at CSGO Captain are all totally legit. Look through our list of top trading sites and you will get to enjoy a great user experience that offers value for money, low fees and plenty of options

CSGO Trading Sites Where Cases are Accepted?

All different trading sites have different rules – as such, before you sign up to any recommended CSGO site, we would suggest you read through the site to see what payment options are available and which ones accept cases.

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