Operation Riptide Case

Operation Riptide Case

Browse and buy all CS:GO items which the professional player Operation Riptide Case has in their Steam inventory. In order to present you only the skins, stickers and agents that Operation Riptide Case currently owns, this list is automatically updated. Operation Riptide Case introduced 22 September 2021

All CS:GO Operation Riptide Case Items.

Huntsman Knife | Freehand

Five-SeveN | Boost Protocol

Butterfly Knife | Gamma Doppler

Huntsman Knife | Bright Water

MAG-7 | BI83 Spectrum

Butterfly Knife | Autotronic

Butterfly Knife | Black Laminate

Shadow Daggers | Gamma Doppler

Butterfly Knife | Freehand

Shadow Daggers | Autotronic

Butterfly Knife | Bright Water

Shadow Daggers | Black Laminate

Shadow Daggers | Freehand

Dual Berettas | Tread

Falchion Knife | Gamma Doppler

Shadow Daggers | Bright Water

Falchion Knife | Autotronic

Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive

Falchion Knife | Black Laminate

Falchion Knife | Freehand

Glock-18 | Snack Attack

Bowie Knife | Gamma Doppler

Falchion Knife | Bright Water

Bowie Knife | Autotronic

Bowie Knife | Black Laminate

Huntsman Knife | Gamma Doppler

Huntsman Knife | Autotronic

Bowie Knife | Bright Water

Huntsman Knife | Black Laminate