CSGO Raffle Sites

There are now a vast number of CSGO gambling sites – and a number of ways for a player to win real money and CSGO skins. One of the most exciting of all of these ways is by CSGO raffle games and giveaways. There are plenty of CS:GO raffle sites now, so choosing the best one for you can be tricky. However, here at CSGO Captain, we have looked at the best CSGO raffle sites that are safe, secure, trustworthy and offer lots of excellent skin gambling to help you on your way!

Best CSGO Raffle Gambling Sites 2024

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CSGO Gamble Sites That Offer CSGO Raffle

Every CSGO raffle site that we recommend makes the list for several reasons. Not only do they offer excellent CS:GO raffle games and giveaways, but they also offer the whole CSGO gambling experience. Here are some of the factors that we take into consideration when choosing the best CS:GO raffle sites:

Variety of Games

Obviously, we look for those that offer players a good number of CSGO raffle games and opportunities, – raffle tickets for classic raffle games and other giveaway opportunities. However, we also like the raffle site to offer other types of games such as jackpot games, roulette, coinflip, crash and even other esports such as Dota 2 or PUBG etc

Promo Codes

All CSGO gambling sites should offer players a variety of promo codes and bonuses to give players the chance to get their hands on free coins, cases, skins etc. When you sign up and register for new CSGO websites, it helps you to start exploring the site, games, services and raffles if you have a good promo code giveaway to get you started.

Case Opening

Not all raffle sites are CSGO case opening sites, but we always give extra credit to those that are. These sites give players more opportunities to get rare weapon skins than standard Steam market cases. It is always more exciting to open a chest knowing there’s a chance of getting a valuable skin to either keep or gamble on raffles!

Skin Gambling Website

We like a CSGO gambling site to offer a variety of deposit methods including skins, money, cryptocurrencies and more. You can then deposit your skins to enter CSGO raffles and win even more valuable skins!


All CSGO betting sites should be trustworthy, safe, secure and provably fair. We only recommend CSGO raffle sites that offer a completely safe and fair user experience.

Getting Started with CSGO Raffle Sites

The very first thing you will need to do is to choose your preferred CSGO raffle site from our list above, by looking at the promo codes, and the selection of games at sites like CSGOEmpire. Once you have done this, you will need to log in (via your Steam account profile). You can then claim your giveaway promo code on registration.

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You will then need to make a deposit into the site, either with real money or CS GO skins. Once you have done this and claimed your bonus giveaway then you can get started. Simply head to the navigation menu, look through the raffle games and start playing!

How to Play CSGO Raffle

Most CSGO games are pretty simple to play and a CSGO raffle game is no different. In fact, it is one of the easier ones to play. It simply involves buying a raffle ticket and waiting to see if you are a winner. A CS:GO raffle game is purely a game of luck, just as any raffle is.

Because this type of game is one of the newer forms of CSGO gambling, there aren’t as many CSGO gambling sites that offer this form of betting. However, some of those websites that do offer players the chance to buy a raffle ticket have noticed a huge surge in popularity, so the chances are that many other websites will start following suit. It appeals to many because the amount of raffle tickets you buy is up to you. Players can decide whether to buy just one ticket or a number of tickets – and the thrill of the game is just the same!

Types of CSGO Raffles

CSGO gambling is so varied, that it comes as no surprise that there are a couple of different raffles you can play.

Classic Raffles

This is the most simple game on the list. You simply buy a ticket (or tickets) to a classic raffle game and get the chance to win. If you get the winning ticket, you can win skins, CSGO items, coins and even real money. You can even win knives and weapons worth hundreds of dollars or more!

Case Opening Raffle

Case opening sites are very popular and have been for quite a while. The CSGO case opening raffle takes this concept to the next level. It works in similar ways to classic raffles, but instead of winning a skin or time, you can win a case to open. Case opening raffles can end up being a lot more profitable than standard CSGO case opening sites!

CSGO Raffle FAQs

How to CSGO Raffle?

If you are familiar with standard raffles, then it isn’t difficult to work out how to play CS:GO raffle games. The hardest part of the whole process is picking your perfect CS:GO raffle site. However, check out all the information on each of our recommended sites to pick the best CS:GO site for you. Then simply make a deposit, claim your deposit bonus, buy a raffle ticket and see if you’re a winner!

How to Set up a Raffle CSGO?

Setting up a CSGO raffle is very simple. All you need to do is register at one of our recommended CS:GO raffle sites and claim your welcome bonus promo code. Once you have done this and made your deposit, you can then use this to buy a raffle ticket (or more than one if you want). Then you just sit back and wait to see if your ticket is a winning one!

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What is CSGO Raffle?

There are now a lot of ways to gamble on CS:GO betting sites and CS:GO raffle is a new way to do so, that is being embraced by some of the best CS:GO websites. You just need to buy a ticket to a raffle (either a classic raffle or case opening raffle) and wait to see if your ticket is drawn. You then stand the chance of winning skins, real money or CS:GO sites that could be with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

How to Use CSGO Skin Raffle?

You can use a CS:GO raffle to win skins and items – simply by buying a ticket. If you choose to play a classic raffle then you can buy a ticket to win skins, coins, money or CS:GO items. However, you can also use a CS:GO case opening raffle to win cases to open. These can contain incredibly valuable skins, more so than standard case opening sites.