CSGO Callouts Guide

CSGO Map Call Outs

Anyone familiar with CSGO and/or CSGO gambling will know that CSGO callouts (CSGO map callouts) are words that refer to various places that are found at various locations on CSGO maps. As soon as you become familiar with these callouts and get to know them, not only should you start progressing more, but you may even start to get better CSGO ranks. CSGO Callouts enable you to tell your teammates either where your opponents are or where you are, and they can give you the same information.

Here are the different types of CSGO map Callouts:

  • Mirage map callout
  • Cache callout
  • Cobblestone callouts
  • Dust II callouts
  • Inferno map callout
  • Nuke callouts
  • Overpass callouts
  • Train callouts
  • Vertigo callouts

The attraction of CS:GO is that it is a team game and in order to be successful you need to work with others – that’s the name of the game. If you are playing with other team members, you need to be able to clearly communicate. You must be able to describe your position on a map and work together to react quickly to whatever your opponent is doing. As a team, you need to come up with tactics and the quicker you can communicate, the better.

This means that to become successful, you need to learn CS:GO callouts just as much as you need to learn about CS:GO maps. Success relies on you investing time to remember important callout terms. This may take time. You should start learning these terms map by map, starting with your preferred map and learn it thoroughly, then move map to map.

Many players opt to learn the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Map Pool to start with. Get to know and understand them on a visual level and then start learning the callouts – and make sure you memorise as much as you can. Then it’s a matter of practice.

Popular CSGO Maps

Above are some of the main callout maps. Every single map is unique with its own callouts that refer to specific locations. However, there are many other maps that it is worth looking over:

Mirage Call Outs

The Mirage is one of the most popular maps in the game and is considered by many as one of the best. Many of the callouts are similar to the previous maps.

Dust 2 Callouts

This is a hugely competitive map, known to many players as Dust II. This has been an original of the Counter-Strike franchise but has been remastered and rejuvenated. The map is well balanced and works well for both teams.

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Overpass Callouts

This is not one of the original maps and was added in 2013. The map offers lots of tactical opportunities for both sides. The action takes place in a park and a canal overpass below the park. This is often used in competitions.

Inferno Callouts

Considered by many as the most beautiful of all maps, this is a world set in virtual Italy with cosy rooms and quaint narrow streets. This is the perfect location to brush up on your game skills.

Train Callouts

This is a Nuclear Power style map and is based in Russia, with terrorists looking to plant a bomb near nuclear cargo.

Nuke Callouts

This is another nuclear style map, with terrorists looking to plant a bomb in a nuclear power plant. It is unusual in that the bomb sites are located one above the other. It’s a rather small map and favours a variety of playing styles.

Vertigo Callouts

This is the most recent of the CSGO maps, added in 2-19. Players get to fight it out on skyscrapers and can fall outside of the map. Because it is relatively new, it isn’t really used on a competitive stage yet.

Understanding CSGO Callouts

It is important to understand CSGO callouts and how they work – and to know that for every map you play, you will need to learn the different callouts and the different locations on each map.

The Main Callouts

These callouts are found on most maps, although all have various locations.

T Spawn

This is where terrorists spawn which is found on various locations of the different maps.

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A Main

The main entrance from T Spawn to A – also known as T Main, T Con and T Connector.

CT Spawn

This is where Counter-Terrorists spawn. It can also refer to the back of the b Site

T Stairs

This is the stairway to the right of the T Spawn that heads up to the B Halls and the B bombsite

B Ramp

This is one of the two entrances onto the B site. It is also known as the Ramp, Lower, Lower B and Lower Ramp

Comparing Map Callouts

There are several callouts for all different maps – and learning them is no easy feat! The Cobblestone Callouts and Cache Callouts are two of the maps that have several callouts. Although some similar callouts are found don’t on each map, the location on the map is usually very different, so it is worth knowing the location on each map. There is no quick fix to learning them all at once. For Example:

Cobblestone Callouts

This is one of the most attractive of all CS GO maps. CSGO players will find the map full of big open spaces that are perfect for snipers. This map has been around since the first Counter-Strike game and when becoming part of the CSGO game it was improved significantly. Here are the callouts you need to learn for the Cobblestone map for success as a team:

  • Statue (stone statue between T spawn and T Mid)
  • T Ramp (where terrorists spawn)
  • Cat Walk (leads towards A long from T ramp)
  • Snake (hall that leads towards T ramp to D Lore Art)
  • Upper Halls (Upper side of B halls)
  • Lower Halls (Lower side of b halls)
  • D Lore (patio area between T ram and D Lore)
  • Mid (a room that connects CT ramp, danger and T ramp)
  • *A Long (Area from catwalk to stables)
  • Cubby (dip in the wall at the end of A Long)
  • CT Ramp (ramp that connects Mid to A Site)
  • CT Spawn (the area where CTs spawn)
  • *A Site (part of A bombsite where bombs can be planted)
  • *B Site (region of B Bombsite where bombs can be planted.
  • T Spawn (on the north of the map, where terrorists are spawned).
  • Broken Wall( hole in the wall on B Long, lets players cross from B Long to B Site)
  • Sky (small room above Drop)
  • Drop (a small room that intersects Connector, Sky, and Electric
  • B Short (narrow passage between Electric and the Broken Wall)
  • Boost (the area next to B Site and B Short).
  • Ninja (small corner on the east of B Site).
  • Chicken Coop (a mall hut at the south of B Site)
  • B Doors (found between Connector and B Site)
  • Rock (a small rock just outside of B Doors, close to B Site)
  • Window (a small window that players can jump through between Connector and Drop)
  • Electric (a small room which connects Drop to B Short).
  • Stables (a small pathway between A Long and A Site)
  • Balcony (connects Vent Room to CT Spawn)
  • Vent Room (a small room found between Balcony and Connector)
  • *Connector (a large space which is the main route for counter-terrorists to move between A Site and B Site
  • Fountain (found at the centre of B Site and provides some cover for defenders of the bombsite or attackers looking to plant the bomb)


Cache Callouts

This is a very atmospheric map that is an ideal place to practice the art of shooting. It is a good map for Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists and divides opinions – with some players enjoying this map and others that try to avoid it.

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  • Default (the location where it is considered the safest place to plant the bomb if there’s a counter-terrorist close)
  • *A Long (connects Squeaky to T Spawn)
  • A Main (room which connects A Long to A Site
  • *A Site (on the north of the map and is one of the locations on the map where the bomb can be planted).
  • Default (the safest place to plant the bomb if counter-terrorists are close)
  • B Halls (a hallway which connects the Dumpster, T Boxes, SunRoom and B Main
  • B Main (the only way that terrorists can enter B Site. It connects B Halls, Sun Room, Checkers and B Site.
  • Boxes (small boxes in B Main, next to Checkers)
  • B Ramp (a ramp that leads up to B Site.
  • *B Site (found on the south of the map. It is one of the places where the bomb can be planted.
  • Back Checkers (an area on the western side of Checkers).
  • Balcony (a metal balcony you can get to via a ladder on Highway, or Forklift).
  • Boost (the roof which is part of Mid, found above Cubby).
  • Checkers (the room connected to B Site, B Main, and Vents).
  • *CT Connector (the room that connects CT Halls to Mid. It lets counter-terrorists cover Mid from two different angles).
  • CT Halls (a large area allowing rotation between the two bomb sites. It connects to CT Spawn and Connector.
  • *CT Spawn (this is where the counter-terrorist players spawn).
  • Cubby (found directly underneath boost).
  • Default Box (a box that is found on A Site, in the centre of the bombsite).
  • Dumpster (a small room found between Garage and B Halls).
  • Elektro (an area found beside Truck, Highway and A Site).
  • Forklift (a forklift truck located just outside A Main and below the balcony).
  • Garage (a large building found between T Spawn, Mid, Dumpster and A Long)
  • Headshot (an area adjacent to B Site, underneath the bomb site that lets counter-terrorists hold the site by exposing their heads only)
  • Heaven (a ramp that leads from CT Halls up to Rafters and overlooks B Site).
  • Highway (an inclined part of the map that connects Mid to A Site.
  • Lockers (situated within A Main, the area is used by counter-terrorists as an off-angle to defend A Site.
  • Mid Roof (an elevated roof that can be accessed in Mid and is situated between the entrance to the Vents and Sand Bags).
  • NBK (found in the corner between Squeaky and Quad).
  • New Boxes (found on the northeast corner of B Site, next to Pit and B Ramp).
  • Pit (a small area beside the Ramp on B Site).
  • Quad (found in the northeast corner of A Site. A popular place taken by counter-terrorists defending A Site or terrorists defending a bomb plant).
  • Rafters (a platform above B Site that is connected to Rafters).
  • Sand Bags (a collection of sandbags in Mid, found between Connector and the Roof).
  • Shroud (stacked boxes found between A Main and Squeaky – also known as Boost Boxes).
  • Spray (area at the back of B Site, at the back of a set of boxes that some players hide behind).
  • Squeaky (the room that connects A site to A long. It makes a squeaky sound when opened).
  • Sun Room (a small room connected to both B Main and B Halls located beside the Toxic barrels).
  • T Boxes (an area in between B Halls and T Spawn).
  • T Red (a large red shipping container found in the Garage).
  • *T Spawn (found to the east of the map, it is where the terrorist players spawn).
  • T Truck (a truck found between T Spawn and A Long. Terrorists can climb onto the truck and see counter-terrorists).
  • Toxic (the yellow barrels found next to the Sun Room.
  • Tree (Located at the west of Hell, next to B site and CT Halls).
  • Vents (the area around the vents that connect Mid to Checkers).
  • White Box (a box found at the bottom of the Highway ramp. It gives cover to counter-terrorists holding Mid and terrorists that are pushing Mid).
  • Windows (a set of windows in the Sun Room that let terrorists throw grenades at the B Site).

*There are several similar callouts in both maps, but you need to learn the location on each map individually.

CSGO Callouts FAQS

How to Get Callouts on Map CSGO?

You get map callouts when playing CSGO as a team. You can use these map callouts to describe where you are on the map and where the enemy is.

How to do Loud CSGO Callouts?

All you need to do is head over to your audio settings and change it to stereo, making sure that your window settings and sound card driver is set to stereo.

How to Install CSGO Minimap Callouts?

Installation of minimaps is easy:

  1. Firstly Download maps from a link on Steam.
  2. Then open the directory Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  3. Open the CSGO Folder.
  4. Open resource folder.
  5. Open Overviews folder
  6. Put downloaded files in a folder using ‘replace’.
  7. Reboot the game.

CSGO How to Put Map Callouts on Radar?

It is very simple and takes just a few minutes – simply download the radar images, unzip the file and paste the images in the folder – normally C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\resource\overviews