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CSGO Poker

CSGO Poker is just the same as the standard poker games that you find in standard online casinos. However, CS:GO poker sites allow you to make bets with real money or CSGO skins, which is where the main difference lies. So, instead of playing the games with real money for real money, CSGO players can play a poker game with skins for skins. This includes standard table variations such as Texas Hold’em as well as online poker tournaments against other players. In this article, we have done all the research for you so that you can get started playing CSGO poker straightaway. We will be looking at all the best CS:GO poker sites, the different types of poker variations as well as all the rules, and even the history of the game, so you can get the very best out of your CS GO poker experience! Read this page for every single thing you need to know about playing CSGO Poker.

The Best CSGO Poker Sites

Here is our list of all the best CSGO sites available right now.

CSGO Empire Logo

Up To $1000 Bonus

CSGOEmpire is one of the oldest CSGO gambling sites, established in early 2016.

CSGO Roll Logo

3 Free Cases!

When it comes to innovative and advanced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin gambling sites, CSGO Roll is up there with the best.


100% up to $200

Thunderpick esports betting site was originally launched back in 2017 as an esports pool betting website. However, in 2020 it changed its focus to fixed-odds esports betting markets and since then it has increased the number of betting options available for its players.

CSGO500 Logo

500 Bux Free!

This is one of the oldest, best and most established of all the CSGO skin gambling sites. It offers a user-friendly design, plenty of CSGO games - and has pretty much everything you are looking for in a CSGO betting site.

Gamdom Logo

Free Chest!
Use Code: cognigaming

With an excellent variety of fantastic CSGO games, bonus code offers and promo codes, as well as payment methods including cryptocurrencies, Gamdom is definitely among the best out there.

Stake.com Logo

Welcome Bonus

Stake.com was originally founded in 2017 and is owned by Medium Rare N.V. The site is licensed by the Curacao Gambling Authority and has also been deemed fair by the Crypto Gambling Foundation

Rollbit Logo

50% Cashback

The whole of the casino site has been built around a provably fair system, which means that you can check and verify the fair outcome of every game in a transparent way.

WTFSkins Logo

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Use Code: cognigaming

If you are on the lookout for CSGO betting sites that offer the best selection of games, then WTFSkins has to be right up there at the top of the list.


$0.50 in CSGOFast Coins

CSGO fast is one of the oldest and most established of all the Counter Strike sites out there, having been around since 2015. Despite being around for so long, it still offers an incredibly exciting experience for its players.

CBet Logo

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Not only does it offer sports betting and live betting, but it also offers players Virtual Sports, eSports and the famous CBet casino and live casino.

How to Choose The Top CS GO Poker Sites

so, what is it we look for when choosing these recommended sites? Here are some of the things we take into consideration when recommending a CSGO poker site to players:

Promo Codes: When opening up a new account with a CSGO gambling site, it’s always good to get off to a good start. This can mean opening a new account with a deposit bonus code or promo code for free coins, free skins, free gems or even free cases. However, the best CSGO poker sites will also offer bonuses and promo codes throughout your time on the site so players can keep on playing cash games and skin games as much as they like!

Game Selection: Obviously, first and foremost we like to see a good variety of CS:GO poker games on offer, however, the best CSGO gambling sites will also offer a number of other casino games and CSGO games including roulette, jackpot games, blackjack, mines, CSGO Crash, coinflip and others. We also look for other esports betting options as well such as PUBG and Dota 2. Ideally, the best CSGO poker websites will be skin gambling sites and give you the option to open cases as a case opening site.

Banking Options: The best CSGO poker site will offer a nice variety of banking options such as cards and wallets, cryptocurrencies and skins. You should be able to wager on poker with the method that suits you the most – whether it’s skins from your Steam account that you want to gamble, freebies from your bonuses or even real money.

Community Interaction: The best CSGO poker site will offer players a real sense of community and social interaction. There should be chat options available that you can access if and when you want. Customers should also be able to access the CSGO poker site’s social media account to find out all about what is happening and communicate with other customers and poker players.

Different Types of CSGO Poker Games

There are a whole host of games at some of the best CSGO poker sites. Here are the ones most popularly available:

Community Card Poker Games Including Texas Hold’em

The most popular forms of poker are Community card games such as Texas Hold’em. This is a well-loved version of the game all over the world and is one of those that attracts new CSGO poker players. Texas Hold’em Poker consists of four betting rounds. Two ‘hole cards’ are dealt by the players. After this, five community cards are dealt in three stages. Each stage consists of three cards with an extra single card plus one final card. The poker player then chooses their best poker hand from the seven cards – five community cards and 2 hole cards. These are the most commonly played games on the poker scene and will be found on any good CSGO poker website.

Stud Poker Game

Another of the most popular categories of poker games that can be played on the internet is Stud Poker. With this form of poker, there can be 5 cards or 7 cards that are dealt directly to the players. The game process then involves the player choosing the best possible poker hand from those cards.

Draw Poker Game

This is similar to the Stud Poker game and is another poker cash game played widely all over the world. However, this game allows players to trade some of their cards (up to three). When it comes to CSGO poker games, this is the least played of all the games.

CSGO Poker Rules

When gambling on a poker game at a CSGO betting site then it is important that you understand all the rules. The different games have different rules – and the more you play these games, the more you will understand about the rules of the game – and ultimately the more chance you will have of winning CS GO skins and even cash.

Here are three major rules players need to remember when gambling skins or money on the most popular poker games:

  • Texas Hold’em –  includes four betting rounds where players deal 3 hole cards and afterwards 5 community cards are dealt.
  • Omaha Poker – This is similar to Texas Hold ’em, but instead of two hole cards, players have four.
  • 7-Card Stud Poker – In this game, the players get 7 cards with four facing u and three facing down. Players make the strongest hand they can with five of those seven cards.

How CSGO Poker Sites Work

The very first thing you need to do is pick your preferred CSGO poker site from our list of top recommended CSGO poker sites. As soon as you have made this decision, then head over to the site and register with the site by filling in the registration form. Enter the promo code in order to claim the free bonus or skins. Players need to then sync their social media sites such as Steam, Facebook, Twitter etc. However, we would recommend linking your steam account as this will make it much easier to deposit and withdraw your funds.

As soon as this is done, make your deposit, using skins, cryptocurrencies or real money  – claim your bonuses, promo codes or free items and you can use these to start playing on some of the excellent games on offer.

Deposit and Withdrawals

All of the best CSGO poker betting sites will offer a variety of banking methods to deposit and withdraw – the more the merrier. Ideally, the site will be a skin gambling site so you will be able to start gambling with skins from your Steam account. Many other CSGO sites will allow players to also deposit with cards, cryptocurrencies and e-wallets.

How to Win Playing CSGO Poker

Winning about CSGO poker isn’t just about the hand you get dealt, it’s also about the way you play the hand. The good news is that you have ways of increasing your winning potential:

  • Know the rules of the particular variant you are playing.
  • Get lots of experience of the game by practising often.
  • Know when to quit and minimise your potential losses.
  • Stick to a single poker CSGO table in order to gain confidence.
  • Try not to keep on bluffing.
  • Try to learn how to read your opponent’s poker face.


How to Use RPS in CSGO Poker?

RPS (Rock Paper Scissors) is merged with poker to create a variant called Kakegurui. This game consists of 63 cards which include 21 Rock, Paper, Scissors cards. Each player gets 5 cards. The player can then discard as many cards as they like and replace them. Each player places one card (head card) face down on the table and then once all players have done this the betting round starts – following poker rules. The winner is decided based on the Rock Paper Scissors rules. If there is a tie then the winner is the player that has the most cards that match their head card. If it is still a tie, the pot is split between the winning players.

How to Get Coins in CS:GO Poker?

The best way to get coins in CSGO poker is with bonuses or a promo code offer. The best CSGO poker sites will offer a variety of bonuses and promo code offers, not just for new players but also bonus free coins offers for players as they spend more time on the site.

How Does CS:GO Poker Work?

CS GO poker works in the same way as other poker games apart from players can bet with and for skins and coins instead of cash.

How to Play CSGO Poker?

This very much depends on which variant of the game you play. Whatever variation of the game you opt for, make sure you read up all the information on the game before you play.