CSGO Casino Gambling Sites

With the rise of CSGO gambling and betting, more and more players in the United Kingdom are looking for CSGO casinos – where you can play for – and win – CSGO gambling goodies such as skins and inventory items. If you are looking for a good CSGO casino to try out, then look no further! Here at CSGO Captain, we have found all of the top-recommended CSGO Casinos – and you can pick the perfect one for you!

We look at all the casino sites to see exactly what they offer – in terms of game variety. The best CSGO gambling sites for casino will offer options such as CSGO jackpot, coinflip, roulette, table games and live casinos as well as games such as Crash, Minesweeper and more. The best CSGO gambling websites will also offer players betting on other esports such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and more. Here are our preferred CSGO casinos – read our in-depth reviews to find out more about the CSGO gambling sites and see whether they offer exactly what you are looking for.

The Best CSGO Casino Sites for 2024

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Choosing Your CSGO Casino

We take all things into consideration when recommending CSGO Casino sites and below you’ll find the criteria we use to evaluate the best CSGO betting sites and online casinos.

Promo Codes, Bonuses and Free Coins

The best CSGO casino site will get you off to the best start with a deposit bonus. This will allow you to play the games without parting with your own money. This lets you try out games, look through the site and see whether it’s for you. Check out our promo codes and bonuses to get access to the best offers, promo codes, bonus codes and more so that you can get your hands on free skins, free coins and more at the best CSGO gambling sites. We always update our promo code and bonus code list to make sure you have access to the best bonuses!

Provably Fair

The skin gambling CSGO website should always be provably fair and licensed for play in the United Kingdom or the region or country in which you are based. Every website we recommend should offer a provably fair system, which allows customer support to check each and every game to make sure that the games are all provably fair.

Variety of Casino Games

The skin gambling casino website should offer a good variety of casino games including Roulette, Slots, Blackjack and games such as crash, minesweeper, coinflip and more. The more games a casino site offers, the better.

Casino Banking Methods

Our list of CSGO casino sites should all offer a variety of payments with quick and safe deposit and withdrawal options including real money, skin withdrawals etc. Many will also offer cryptocurrency options as well.

Case Opening Sites

Users also like case opening sites, which gives them the option to open cases that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. This could get you a rare skin or items that you cannot find in the market.

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Different Types of CSGO Casino Games Available?

At the best CSGO betting sites around, you will be more than happy with the number of games and gambling options available for you. This is what makes CSGO casino gambling as much fun as it is – and with all of our recommended CSGO gambling sites, you can expect to find a whole variety of games available – slots, CSGO roulette, crash, blackjack and many more. Let’s look at these games in closer detail:

CSGO Roulette

Most CSGO gamblers will be familiar with CSGO roulette, which can be found at most top CSGO betting sites. You generally choose to play for CSGO skins, VGO skins and even real money. Moreover, CSGO roulette is a very simple game. If you know a thing or two about roulette, then CSGO roulette is no different. Although some of the rules may vary from roulette site to roulette site, generally the basics are the same.

On most roulette sites, the CSGO roulette table will be numbered between 0-36, although some may have smaller roulette wheels – numbered between 0-14. There will be an equal number of red and black – plus the 0 which is normally green. Simply place bets on the outcome as you would a normal roulette game – whether it’s with a CSGO skin (if it’s a skin gambling site) or real money and wait for the result to come in.


Players familiar with casino games will also likely be familiar with CSGO blackjack – another hugely popular casino game in the United Kingdom. This game is found at pretty much all of the best CSGO casino sites and requires players to get a hand as close to 21 as possible and beat the CSGO website dealer. If it’s a CSGO skin gambling site then you can place your bets with skins – if not, then you can bet with real money. CSGO blackjack has an excellent RTP, especially for players with a strategy!

CS:GO Slot Games

Another casino classic is the slot machine. Online slots are perfect for CSGO gamblers that don’t want to worry about strategy – just spin and win. A good CSGO gambling site will have a variety of CSGO slots. You get to pick the game you want to play, choose the CSGO skins you want to bet with and start those spins! Although the payouts might not be as good as other CSGO gambling games, the fun more than makes up for it!


Not necessarily a classic casino game, per se, but a childhood classic for those who played the computer in the 1990s. Simply click on the squares and avoid the mines! Unlike the PC game, on CS:GO gambling sites you get to play for CSGO skins and real money – making it even more exciting! Players have the option of choosing how many mines they want – hence how hard the game is. Manage to complete the board without getting blown up and you win!.

CS:GO Coinflip

Heads or tails? Doesn’t get simpler than that, does it? That’s really what coinflip is – a 50/50 chance. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t great fun! Again, although CSGO coinflip isn’t a classic casino game, it is certainly popular amongst many CS GO gambling sites! The reason? Well, coin flip is one of the better paying CS GO games out there – and the chances of winning this are a lot higher than many other CS:GO games out there. All you need to do is find a game to join, bet your CSGO skins and wait for the toss of a coin. It really is that easy. Win the coin flip and win the pot!

CSGO Casino Jackpot Games

Gamblers like CSGO jackpot sites because they like the idea of hitting the jackpot!  Players just need to deposit their skins or money and based on the value of their deposit, they will then be given the probability of winning that round. The higher the value of your bet, the more chance you have of winning. The jackpot winner will then be picked at random by the gambling sites… Get the winning ticket and hit the jackpot!

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CSGO Crash

This is one of the most popular games that can be found at some of the very best CSGO casino sites. The premise od CSGO Crash is a simple one. Players need to check out a graph that starts with a 1-times multiplier, which goes up as the graph goes up. You make your bet and choose when to cash out. You need to cash out before the graph crashes. This is a game of daring. The more you wait, the better your wins – but the more chance you have of crashing and losing. How high do you dare to go?

Esports Betting at CSGO Casino Sites

Some players like to have a go at other esports betting – and there will be a number of CSGO casino sites that offer this opportunity. This lets you bet on different markets such as match-winner, as well as all the action that happens in different rounds of the games. Different CSGO casino sites offer different esports markets.

Gambling on Esports

Dota 2

Most people like the idea of match betting on DOTA 2. There are some excellent professional teams to watch and many esports lovers like getting in on the Dota 2 actions

PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

This is a Battle Royale game, which is currently where it’s at right now! One of the reasons it appeals to CSGO bettors is that the PUBG skins system is very similar to the CS:GO skins system – and this means that there are PUBG gambling sites that offer jackpot games – and some even offer PUBG roulette as well! Just as with CS:GO, you can bet for real money and skins.

CSGO Live Casino

If you want to really take things to the next level, then we would highly recommend trying out CSGO live casino. This allows players to try out their casino skills against real-life dealers who video stream the games live to your laptop or PC. This is the closest you will get to playing CSGO games at a real casino.

As it stands, this is pretty new and so very few CSGO casinos on our online casino list offer CSGO live casino right now. However, because this has been so well received by punters and other casinos, this looks set to become a more common feature as time progresses. At a CSGO live casino, you can play all the popular live games not only for real money funds but also for CSGO skins.

CSGO Casino FAQs

Is CSGO Casino Legit?

If you play with a recommended casino website from our list then yes, it is completely legit. Sites such as CSGO500, CSGOEmpire etc are completely legit in many countries – however, before you sign up, if you are based outside the UK or US, check with your local laws.

How to Win on CSGO Casino?

This depends on what game you’re playing. There is no guaranteed way to win at any casino, including a CS:GO casino. However, if you get a bonus code or promo code, then you can play on different game modes without risking any of your own skins or money. Try out different games, get used to them, understand the games and get a better chance of winning.

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How CSGO Casino Works?

Simply pick your preferred CS:GO site from our list, sign up and enter the bonus code or promo code available to claim the welcome bonuses and free coins. Then, link your Steam account, make your chosen deposit and choose your game. You’re then ready to start playing!