‘Medium Rare’ Crasswater | Guerrilla Warfare


‘Medium Rare’ Crasswater Guerrilla Warfare Information

Capt. Crasswater, a former Navy SEAL, was captured by guerrilla warfare (GW) while operating in the Middle East in the 1990s. The US Navy proclaimed Crasswater dead following an unsuccessful rescue effort by ST6 and a subsequent military cover-up. Over the course of his incarceration, his sense of patriotism and the “no man left behind” mantra gave way to a virulent hate of everything American. Crasswater joined the Trappers of the GW after being recently diagnosed with a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome. Crasswater, who brought military discipline and organisation to an otherwise disorganised gang of rebel soldiers, became GW’s most prized asset after a series of ‘trust building’ strikes on western embassies. New GW cells have recently been produced by Crasswater at undisclosed places all over Central America.


The ‘Medium Rare’ Crasswater | Guerrilla Warfare was first introduced to CS:GO 1 year ago, on September 21st, 2021. It was released as part of the , alongside the “Operation Riptide” update.

Skin Pricing

With a price of $5.42, the ‘Medium Rare’ Crasswater | Guerrilla Warfare is a very affordable item. Fortunately, it’s currently widely available and can be purchased on multiple different markets.