‘The Doctor’ Romanov | Sabre


‘The Doctor’ Romanov Sabre Information

The “doctor” now oversees Sabre’s Utility Disruption Operations after successfully sneaking drugs across contentious borders for more than 30 years. Romanov is regarded by his opponents as being methodical, deliberate, and frighteningly exact. He is rumoured to be responsible for the coordinated destruction of many UN power plants. Of course, according to his mother, he’s just hanging out with the wrong crowd.


The ‘The Doctor’ Romanov | Sabre was first introduced to CS:GO 3 years ago, on November 18th, 2019. It was released as part of the , alongside the “Operation Shattered Web” update.

Skin Pricing

With a price of $3.08, the ‘The Doctor’ Romanov | Sabre is a very affordable item. Fortunately, it’s currently widely available and can be purchased on multiple different markets.