10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule

10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule

Browse and buy all 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule stickers in CS:GO. Check prices, see the price history, view screenshots, and more for every 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule sticker. This capsule contains a variety of stickers from Steam Workshop artists celebrating CS:GO's 10th birthday.

All CS:GO 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule Items.

Ace Clutch Co. (Holo)

Romanov’s Fire (Foil)

Overpass Diorama (Foil)

Leaving The Station (Holo)

Conspiracy Club (Holo)

Baby Cerberus

Agent Select

Cursed Penmanship

Blue Gem (Glitter)

Zeusception (Holo)

Dreams And Mimics

Kawaii CT (Holo)

Magic Rush Ball (Lenticular)

Skin Lover (Lenticular)

Choose Wisely

Kawaii T (Holo)

Vertigo’s Hero (Holo)

Freeze (Lenticular)

Dragon’s Keep

Showdown (Foil)

Pain Train (Holo)

Co Co Co

This Is Fine (H)

Baby Howl

Defuse It (Holo)

Good Versus Evil

Exo Jumper

Cbbl (Holo)

Shifty Tactics

TV On Mirage

Chicken Whisperer

Dust FA (Foil)

Baby Lore

Free Range

Go Boom (Glitter)

Baby Fire Serpent

Noble Steed

TV Installation (Lenticular)

Call Your Flashes

Clicking Heads

Arms Race

DJ Safecracker (Lenticular)

Dragon Tale

Endless Cycle

Baby Medusa

In The Fire (Foil)

Press Start

Global TV (Lenticular)

Pure Malt (Foil)

Beaky Decade

C-S On The Go

Approaching Site (Foil)

Green’s Problem

Rush More

Good Sports

Get Smoked (Holo)

Ten Years (Foil)

Laser Beam