Riptide Surf Shop Sticker Collection

Riptide Surf Shop Sticker Collection

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All CS:GO Riptide Surf Shop Sticker Collection Items.

Flame Tier6 (Holo)

Sunset Ocean Tentaskull

Blood Moon Tentaskull

Blue Lethal

Opal Flick (Holo)

Green Lethal

Ocean Sunset Stabbyfish

Red Shark Shooter

Doppler Poison Frog (Foil)

Ultraviolet Poison Frog (Foil)

Mercury Flick (Holo)

Blue Gnar

Ocean Sunset Flick (Holo)

Fade Lethal

Ocean Sunset Skill Surf (Holo)

Red Cyclawps

Toxic Flow (Holo)

Mood Ring Strafe (Holo)

Dark Water Surf Ava (Foil)

Sticker Bomb Surf K (Foil)

Miami Flow (Holo)

Toxic Tentaskull

Bubble Gum Skill Surf (Holo)

Orange Gnar

Watermelon Buttery (Holo)

Pink Jaggyfish

Coral Skill Surf (Holo)

Purple Cyclawps

Blaze Surf K (Foil)

Sticker Bomb Surf Ava (Foil)

Lore Poison Frog (Foil)

Green Shark Shooter

Watermelon Flow (Holo)

Miami Stabbyfish

White Bombster

Black Shark Shooter

Miami Tier6 (Holo)

Dragon Lore Surf Ava (Foil)

Candy Buttery (Holo)

Hypnotic Surf K (Foil)

Purple Bombster

Akihabara Accept Surf Ava (Foil)

Watermelon Strafe (Holo)

Fools Gold Wave Rider

Green Gnar

Yellow Cyclawps

Neon Opal Strafe (Holo)

Flame Buttery (Holo)

Yellow Jaggyfish

Yellow Lethal

Yellow Bombster

Watermelon Tier6 (Holo)

Miami Skill Surf (Holo)

Purple Jaggyfish

Purple Gnar

Green Bombster

Forge Tier6 (Holo)

Watermelon Tentaskull

Blood Moon Wave Rider

After Hours Stabbyfish

Green Cyclawps

Fire Serpent Surf K (Foil)

Miami Buttery (Holo)

Miami Wave Rider