CSGO Five Seven – A Must Buy When Money is Tight

Toby Marshall
4 May 2022
CSGO: Five-Seven

One of the most important and difficult rounds in any CSGO game – which can determine the entire outcome of the match – is the one in which economy isn’t in your favour – and your opponent’s economy is better than your own. This is where CSGO weapons like the Five Seven and Desert Eagle come in.

In situations such as this, your chances of winning the round are a lot lower – but it isn’t impossible. As such, it is important to be careful when you invest in your equipment in these tougher rounds so that you can level the playing field as much as possible. It is this that separates a mediocre team or player from a truly great one.

For a long time, the Desert Eagle and CZ75-Auto have been the most popular sidearm of many a CSGO player during the tougher times. The Desert Eagle offers a one-shot HS potential for just about $700 – not even the CT rifles can provide this! On the flip side, the CZ is an excellent weapon for tight corners and to close fights against the best of rifles – and costs just about $500.

However, it’s not all roses. The tricky recoil, small clip size and high mechanical skills you need to make the most of these weapons will keep the average CSGO player away from them. Even when used by the professionals, both of these pistols can be inconsistent. These can both be prone to whiffing – and if you miss your first shot, this normally means the kiss of death.

So, at this point, it’s a good idea to look for alternatives because frag movies and montages will try to showcase them as easy clip generators. However, the more experienced players can tell you that these clip generating madness machines can be a nightmare to handle. This is where we look at the Five-Seven…

We will focus mostly here on the Five-Seven and the Desert Eagle for CSGO. This may not be what lovers of the CZ75-A lovers are looking for, but it has lost its reputation as a trusted sidearm ever since the 2018 nerf has pretty much been wiped out of the top-tier of the CSGO game. 

CSGO Five Seven – An Overlooked Treasure?

In our experience, the five-seven is one of the most overlooked and underused sidearms currently in Counter-Strike and it doesn’t often see much action on the global stage. Although more professional players have started to choose it over the Desert Eagle and CZ75-A since the early months of 2022, it is still nowhere near as widely used as the Desert Eagle.

On the other hand, the usage of the CZ75-A has seen a sharp decline for the past few years due to the nerfs suffered in 2018. However, it is still popular with a smaller niche of players even til this day.

As such, we would describe the five-seven untapped potential. That’s because when we look at the CSGO numbers and the stats, the Desert Eagle only beats the Five-Seven in just three areas – the Accurate Range, Base Damage and Armour Penetration.

On the other hand, the CZ75-A only beats the Five-Seven in just one area – the fire rate. It holds a total of 24 bullets (12/12) in comparison with the 120 bullets (20/100) held by the Five-Seven. E would also be remiss not to mention that the Five-Seven has a higher equip and reload time in comparison to the CCZ75-A. Really, the only legit reason you might want to hold onto a CZ75-A in 2022 is that either you are simply nostalgic for it – or because it has a higher fire rate compared to the other sidearms.

If looking at the numbers and stats, we can see that when everything is compared, the CZ75-A is economically the wiser choice – especially against the CZ75-A. Bearing in mind that both of these weapons have the same slot in the buy menu in CSGO, there is absolutely no reason to swap out the CZ75-Auto for the Five-Seven. So, if you are setting yourself up to fight close-quarters and play mid-range duels, then the Five-Seven is going to be your best weapon to do so, because of its large magazine size, excellent recoin control and the ability it gives you to kill your opponents with one single bullet in close and mid-range scuffles.

More bullets and excellent recoil control will also allow for spamming smokes, giving players the ability to hit multi-kills by surprising their opponents in tight corners, making it an easier job with its higher fire rate – especially compared to the Desert Eagle. 

Indeed, the Five-Seven offers the exact same impact against both armoured and unarmoured opponents. 

The biggest benefit of the Five-Seven is certainly its one-shot HS, which it can deliver at close to mid-range – just as with its counterpart – the Desert Eagle. But it has a low price tag of just $500. Some might not see $200 as a great deal of difference until they then consider the M4 situation, where swapping prices is being seen as a remedy for the overpowered antics of the M4A1-S.

If you consider yourself one of these players, then maybe you should have a rethink. Most will agree that a well-placed Flashbang plus a Five-Seven will be a better choice in most circumstances than a .50 Calibre weapon ever could.

Most importantly, what you do need to bear in mind from all of this is that you will only really see these benefits of close-mid-range skirmishes. So, you will need to be careful and clever with how you position yourself if you go with the Five-Seven. Make sure you choose tight positions on all of your maps instead of opting for long-range duels. In this case, it would be wiser to put the Desert Eagles’ better accuracy to its best use.

What is the Most Economical?

When looking at the options, this is all about the economy – and how to best react in your more cash-strapped round – Ecos and force buys. This is when the price of a weapon becomes a very important factor.

As we stated previously, the Five-Seven costs $500 compared to the Desert Eagle which is $700. This $200 difference can be massive in these rounds as that extra money can be invested in utility. It also means that you can buy a Five-Seven more often. Here are some example loadouts which you can opt for in a financially difficult round:

  • Five-Seven @ $500 + Armour @ $650 + Flashbang @ $200 + Smoke @ $300 = $1650 in total
  • Desert Eagle @ $700 + Armour @ $650 + Flashbang @ $200 + Smoke @ $300 = $1850 in total
  • CZ75-Auto @ $500 + Armour @ $650 + Flashbang @ $200 + Smoke @ $300 = $1650 in total 

You should always prioritise utility if your finances allow for it. As such, carrying a Five-Seven means you can afford another Flashbang which you can utilise properly for maximum impact.

Actually, it isn’t that expensive to invest in any of these sets of equipment. You will find all such buys more regularly in a force buy round rather than an eco round. In this case, you will mostly be operating with just your weapon and your aim. 

You can pick one of these above buys only if you have a spare couple of thousand dollars in your account – and your loss bonus is already built up pretty high. In such cases, you won’t be in a position to purchase a full rifle set. However, buying one of the above weapon combinations gives you a pretty decent advantage and a better chance of winning the next round. You need to remember that you will still have enough money to fully buy in the following round also.

So, for example, if you have around $3,100 in a round and your loss bonus has built up to $3400, then you will be able to afford to invest $1650 on the current round…

  • The current round = $3,100 + your Five-Seven equipment set leaves you $1550 remaining.
  • Next Round = $1550 + your $3,400 loss bonus = $4950.

This gives you the chase to win that round and, if you can do this, then you will have a pretty decent economy for the future rounds – which can help you to win the match overall. This just goes to show exactly how much these low buy rounds can determine the outcome of an overall match.

Situational Uses

The best situation in which you can use the Five-Seven is definitely when you are looking to take on close and mid-range fights. This is hugely important to factor in. You need to use the one-shot HS that the Five-Seven offers in close-range fights. Otherwise, you may be lulled into a false sense of security and find yourself being annihilated by the Terrorists, only to open up the game which shows you have tagged one for 90+.

Also, if you can sense an enemy lurking behind you. Remember to spam through smokes. You need to use the advantages that the Five-Seven’s greater magazine size offers and take your shot as it means you are less likely to run out of bullets. One of your blind spams could provide a vital opening for your team and allow you to take control of the round.

The Desert Eagle, which is currently the most popular choice, is better for long-range duels. Headshot aims is the name of the game here. If you opt to get the 0.50 Cal sidearm, it’s not to say that taking mid or close-range fights would be the end. You could even find that the high base damage will make your body shots a more feasible option in those tight situations. However, that same argument can be made for the Five-Seven given its high fire rate and excellent recoil control. So, if you are confident and trust that you can hit some good shots then the Desert Eagle won’t disappoint.

Possibly, the main question that we raise here is ultimately whether the Five-Seven is actually a viable option. The answer is, quite simply, yes. This is perfectly viable to be used in its current state. This can be said for the average CSGO player. But, what about the professional player? They seem to have chosen the Desert Eagle over the Five-Seven right now…

The Professional Viewpoint

If we look at this from a professional point of view, then the mechanical skills criteria we can ignore when we compare the weapons – as the professional players are the best mechanically skilled players you will find. They rarely miss shots and convert most of the opportunities available to them. So, when we compare the three CSGO weapons, two of these – the Desert Eagle and CZ75-A need more skills than the Five-Seven to operate.

Undoubtedly having a good aim is vital – even if you have a Five-Seven equipped. However, the forgiving nature of the gun means that it is much more beginner-friendly than the other two weapons. They require your first shots to be accurate or else it is a nightmare to control them.

These are the main reasons why the professionals tend to use the Desert Eagle over the other two options. Their skills and experience compensate for the serious skills you need to use the Desert Eagle. Moreover, their ability to successfully win duels and convert fights into kills make the one-shot HS of the Desert Eagle at any range a much more useful feature than clip size or recoil.

However, as we have stated many times before, there is still a place in the pro scene for the five-seven and it can still be very useful if you choose to adopt the playstyle of the Five-Seven – for example, playing tight spaces on the map and partaking in close to mid-range duels. Because of this many professional players have started to adopt the Five-Seven and pick it over the Desert Eagle or CZ75-A (the latter of which is now practically unheard of on the professional stage). 

A Five-Seven can still come on top of the Desert Eagle and be put to excellent use to give your team the advantage in low-buy rounds. Close positioning is perfect for a Five-Seven player and must be followed and replicated on other maps, where certain choke points are present.

An excellent example of this is the B Apps on Mirage, where there is a narrow chokepoint, which is the only thing that allows the Terrorist access to the bombsite from the B Halls. A Five-Seven and numerous pieces of utility will be an excellent choice for this position in a  low buy round

Five Seven in CSGO Conclusion

Overall, what you need to take away from this is that you really should consider giving the Five-Seven a shot in your next Matchmaking or FaceIt game, so that you can try it out for yourself. You may even make the long term decision to switch from the Desert Eagle to the Five-Seven. However, we would remind you that you shouldn’t try to use the Five-Seven on long-range duels. You may be disappointed when you see a Sniper Nest on Mirage with this weapon – only to find yourself one-tapped by the Terrorist whom you spent all your bullets on.

It goes without saying that you will need to choose one pistol above the other, depending on how you are looking to play the round. The Five-Seven can’t ever totally replace the Desert Eagle because ultimately, it all comes down to player preference.  Whether or not you can choose to replace the Desert Eagle with the Five-Seven yourself, the answer is certainly yes. You can surely use a Five-Seven and still be able to have the same, if not greater impact than with the Desert Eagle and make heroic plays. We don’t think that it is too far in the future where the Five-Seven mowdowns will be every bit as prestigious as Desert Eagle highlight.

Remember, whatever you choose, play smart, and enjoy the game – and play to the best of your abilities, whatever your weapon! Good luck!

Author Toby Marshall