Gloves Guide: What You Need to Know

Toby Marshall
14 October 2022
CSGO Gloves

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive… this is a game that is no longer just about skills, you have to look stylish whilst displaying those skills. How do you do this? Well, you jazz up your CS:GO attire by adding aesthetically pleasing items such as fancy skins and a nice pair of CSGO Gloves. There’s already been a lot said about weapon skins, but what about gloves? What exactly are CSGO gloves – and what ones are the best on the market? Whether you’re on the hunt for green, blue, patterned or red gloves CSGO players can have it all. Let’s take a look at how to put your best fashion foot forward in our gloves guide…

CSGO Gloves Guide

Ever since the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released, it has evolved to become so much more. No longer is it just a shoot ‘em up video game, but it is now a global community. Of course, it has been hugely popular ever since it began, but the introduction and inclusion of aesthetic items – weapon skins, took it to the next level. It was way back in August 2013 that skins were first introduced by Valve with a new game update – and in 2016 gloves came into play… and it changed the way that the game was played forever.

Unlocking skins and gloves is made easier when playing the game regularly, joining skin trading sites and playing CSGO betting sites. These days, selling and trading gloves and skins has become quite a lucrative business – and we are going to look at which CSGO gloves can be bought – and sold for the biggest prices.

CS:GO Gloves: What Are They?

It was during a relatively unexpected update by Valve in 2016 that they first made the introduction. In this update, they included a number of different CSO glove skins, in what they called the ‘CSGO Glove Case’ update. Initially, it started with 24 different types of glove skins, but now it has grown so much that it enjoys its own, exclusive library. You can now find some unique and very stylish CS:GO gloves – so you can shine even more as you play. Ultimately, gloves are now considered to be part of a player’s equipment – and are now seen as one of the default elements of CSGO clothing.

However, no matter how expensive or fancy your gloves are, the difference is merely visual. Better and more expensive gloves won’t improve your gameplay in any way. They just help you to look better when playing. The gloves are visible not just to you, but also to third parties in a game.

Their value works in very much the same way as CSGO skins… rarity and wear. CSGO gloves also have a wear quality that has been attached to them – and if you get hold of an ultra-rare pair, these could be worth some serious bucks. 

The Most Valuable Gloves Guide

Here are the very best gloves CSGO players should look out for:

1: Bloodhound Case Gloves

First on our list are the Bloodhound CSGO Gloves. These were first rolled out by Valve with Operation Bloodhound. They are fingerless gloves encrusted with the official emblem right at the centre of the glove. They also have metal studs around the knuckles to make them look rugged, fashionable and a little bit scary. These are available in a number of different variants including Bronzed, Snakebite, Charred and Guerilla.

2: Hydra Gloves

These CSGO Case gloves were first released during the Hydra operation. Like the Bloodhound gloves, they are also fingerless – which is becoming very fashionable in the CSGO community. At the centre of the gloves, there is an emblem of the hydra with its multiple heads. The Hydra gloves CSGO are available in four different variants: Emerald, Mangrove, Rattler and the Case Hardened styles.

3: Driver Gloves

Third on our list is the Driver Glove, which is one of the earlier CSGO glove designs, released way back in 2016. These are complete gloves and cover the entire hands. However, they are tactile enough to give you complete tactility over your rifling and hand-to-hand combat skills. They are currently available in 12 different colour variants and design styles.

4: Hand Wraps

If you are thinking of going toe to toe with your opposition, in a hand-to-hand combat fight, then you might think about investing in a stylish pair of hand wraps. This will leave your fingers uncovered and help you to remain as efficient and tactile as possible. However, they fully protect your knuckles and help to stabilise your wrists as well. They are currently available in 12 different and unique variants.

5: Moto Gloves 

If you like living life in the fast lane and want a pair of gloves that reflects your need for speed then look no further. These are all about making your enemies… and your friends envious. The Moto CS:GO gloves are available in 12 different variants and designs. From the rocking and bloodied Blood Pressure look to the beautiful Spearmint colour, there is something for all tastes.

6: Specialist Gloves

If you want a pair of gloves that combines a high-quality design with excellent manoeuvrability – with a quality design then these are the gloves for you. They are padded around the wrists and fingers – and have been designed to give (and take) a battering. These CSGO Specialist gloves are available in 12 different designs.

7: Sports Gloves

These are designed to reflect the thrills and spills of the game. They look sleek and athletic and are currently available in 12 different colour variants. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd with the fashionable ‘Vice’ look, or sleek and sophisticated with the black Nocts, they are favourites with players of all tastes.

8: Broken Fang Gloves

Valve created yet another stir in the CSGO community with Operation Broken Fang. This was certainly an update that gave lovers of CSGO case gloves something to smile about. They are covered with metal studs and have a stunning serpent emblem printed on the back. These have remained one of the fan favourites.

Guide to Best Gloves On the Market Now: What to Buy

So, those are the best types of gloves currently available, but which ones should you buy right now? And, what prices should you expect to pay for them? CSGO gloves, just like CSGO skins have become a virtual currency within the game – and wearing the best is a medal of honour that can make premium players stand out from the rest. Not only can they showcase their gaming skills, but they can increase their street cred whilst they are at it. So, you want to join the crew? Well, fling aside those boring and uninspiring default game gloves and join the world’s best (and coolest) players with the most sought-after gloves on the market right now…

1: Superconductor Sports Gloves: Value $400 to $1500

These super-stylish CSGO gloves have a stunning electric blue honeycomb pattern inside. Mixed with bold and daring padded black and blue colours, this is one of the favourite styles out there!

2: King Snake Driver Gloves: Value $300 to $1900

These offer style and substance and metallic accents. Perfect for the heat of the desert sand as you fight your opponents, the snakeskin driver gloves don’t just look great, but they cover the entire hands for protection whilst being perforated for extra breathability.

3: Crimson Kimono Specialist Gloves: Value $500 to $1000

Not only are these extraordinary gloves, but they are also pretty tactile. Their colour combination of red and black certainly helps you to stand out. However, they also offer padded fingers and excellent wrist support, which makes the Crimson Kimono special gloves one that is favoured by the pros.

4: Case-Hardened Hydra Gloves: Value $180 to $800

These not only look awesome, but they are starting to become a rare commodity on the CSGO trading markets right now. As well as the fact that they have an iconic and pretty special multi-headed Hydra figure on them, they also have a unique shaded effect inside of the gloves, which makes them one of the best out there.

5: Spearmint Moto Gloves: Value $300 to $1,100

Not only does this glove have a wonderfully relaxing colour scheme, but it’s designed for action as well. The gloves have padded knuckles, providing extra cushioning. There is also a stunning geometric design which makes it look even better!

6: Constrictor Hand Wraps: Value $160 to $1,800

These are some seriously badass wraps that make you look like a hardcore serious fighter the minute you put them on. They are perfect for those looking for some serious turf war action. The constrictor hand wraps look cool and are perfect to protect your hands in a fight against your enemy.

7: Field Agent Specialist Gloves: Value $200 to $1,200

These gloves are simply stunning. The yellow and navy blue gloves CSGO has come up with look athletic – and perfect for the counter-terrorist player. As well as looking incredible, there is plenty of padding and protection for the fingers and has an inward corporeal grip for added performance.

8: Jade Broken Fang Gloves: Value $260 to $1,050

These glimmering green gloves certainly have the wow factor on every level. The sea-green colour of these fingerless gloves simply sizzles – but the added bronze and gold coiled-up serpent that sits centrally is what makes it really pop. Wear these and you’ll dazzle the opponents – allowing you to make your move.

9: Vice Sport Gloves: Value $740 – $3,300

The serious price tag attached to these gloves indicates exactly how special they are. These are simply one of the best pairs of gloves that Valve has created to date. Not only do they have a sporting appeal, but their blue and pink colour scheme makes them even more appealing. There is an isometric pattern that looks incredible when you have a knife in your hand. There is also a camo padded inline that looks perfect when pulling the trigger for the headshot!

10: Fade Specialist Gloves: Value $220 to $1,300

These CSGO gloves combine the beautiful effects of a rising sun with their eye-catching crimson effect on the glove’s knuckle pad. It also has a black inline with a texture that makes it easier to grip your weapons. These really are some pretty impressive CSGO gloves!

Gloves Guide Conclusion

You know for yourself whether or not you are in the best position to buy the best case gloves CSGO has out there. They are an investment for sure but can be a costly one if you get the best ones. If you do have a bit of spare cash and want to look just as good as you play, then you should seriously consider getting a decent pair of CSGO gloves.

If you are someone that sees them more as an investment opportunity, then you need to be patient. The price of all CSGO case gloves does rise eventually… but very slowly. In certain cases, going for cheap CSGO gloves can offer a great opportunity as their value can grow significantly in a few years. So, whether you want to parade them, trade them, sell them or save them in your game files, whether you want style, substance or both, there are plenty of CSGO gloves perfect for you! 

Author Toby Marshall