CSGO Virtual Reality

Toby Marshall
25 November 2021
CSGO Virtual Reality

Having enjoyed the newly released Half-Life:Alyx, there may be those wondering what it would be like to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in a fully immersed way. You actually get to take on the role of a Counter-Terrorist while you are, to all intents and purposes, inside the Dust 2 map. It’s not unreasonable, given the fact that every single day, game graphics are improving and constantly becoming more realistic. Now, the CS:GO’s Source 2 port could well be the answer to the goal of moving into the world of Virtual Reality CSGO. As a result of the new unofficial mod on Source 2 port, you could really get to experience virtual CSGO gameplay

The Source 2 engine is a move towards making more realistic CSGO gameplay a reality. Although the engine won’t affect players right now, it could be employed to create a completely unique and innovative experience for CSGO players with moddings. In 2021, a mod developed enables any player that owns a VR headset to port maps like Dust 2 in Source 2 software – even including Half-Life:Alyx. Also, you could play in first-person mode whilst you still get to enjoy the Counter-Strike environment you are familiar with. This mod includes Dust 2 as well as popular character models and weapons – even CSGO skins that you can import to the CSGO single-player version.

Despite being an unofficial mod, it has nonetheless managed to get the attention of Valve. It is also a fact that this new mod isn’t the first attempt that the CSGO community has considered replicating the popular game into the immersive VR environment. However, it is this mod that has managed to capture the game creator’s attention, as one of the best that is currently available to play in the space.

Playing Dust 2 In a Fully Immersive Environment

For more than ten years, Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players enjoyed the chase, plating the bob, rescuing hostages – via QWERTY keyboards and mouse clicks. As such, it’s fair to assume that many players struggle at first getting to grips with gaming controls.

Now, Virtual Reality games are being created quickly, all the time – but not that many people are yet to pick it up yet, because VR  headsets are still restrictively expensive and there aren’t enough convincing game titles to lure players in yet and justify the expense. So, players might not yet be able to fully envision Dust 2 in a fully immersive environment.

However, this new Mod has definitely given the gaming community the chance to understand how current games could start to work in a fully immersive environment.  Imagine, for example, that you are a fan that is looking forward to experiencing Dust 2 on VR – and you can just download the necessary files on the Steam Workshop and use a decent headset such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. You can then get the journey started!

After the impressive success of Half-Life: Alyx, the Valve Corp team has started to explore creating a fully immersive environment on its own gaming titles. As such, filled with curiosity,  Valve employee has tried the new mod – and has found out that playing CSGO in a fully immersive environment can be quite challenging.

One of the biggest challenges facing the team was the movement. When the person testing it out and tried to crabwalk, for instance, they fell over and hit their head. This every incident has been the starting point of many of the creative decisions taken afterwards. 

It is already possible to see what the possible shortcomings could be if CSGO does turn into a fully immersive environment.  One such problem could be the esports scene. CSGO is a highly competitive esport. So, if it does become a fully immersive game then professional players will have to start getting used to completely different gameplay. Moreover, every CSGO player will need a certain amount of space to move around when connected to their Virtual Reality headsets. It is partly due to this that it could be a few years before we ever get to witness a fully-fledged official Dust 2 match.

Despite this, there is still plenty of hope for the technology as Valve keeps on breaking new ground – as does the underlying technology that powers Virtual Reality games. Although the standard, ordinary games may need more time to adjust to a new way of gaming, the transition will be well worth it. The opportunity to play in a fully immersive environment is remarkable and may eventually become the new normal.

Alternatives to the New CSGO VR Mod

We fully believe that CSGO will keep its place as the most popular Multi-player First-Person Shooter game, the game still relies on the unofficial mod to offer up a fully immersive Dust 2 environment. However, there are alternatives to the game, developed by the XREAL Games gaming studio.

One such highly rated game is Zero Caliber, which looks to satisfy the Virtual Reality community looking for a first-person shooter game to play with their headsets. For anyone looking for complete gameplay that has been created to replicate that environment, this game is quite easily the best alternative on offer right now. Although the game lacks things such as skins and aggressive gameplay, this Indie First-Person shooter is excellently designed for VR gamers.

Another First-Person Shooter VR alternative would be Renderise’s Iron Blood, which is set in the future and allows players to choose between multiplayer characters. However, possibly the most noteworthy of all the alternatives is Pavlov. This is a highly rated virtual reality game on steam that works a lot like CSGO. The game was launched in 2017 and received much praise. Like CSGO, it is a multiplayer First-Person Shooter. While this game is still a work in progress, it has captured the attention of FPS gamers and CSGO fans.

These games offer challenges – such as learning how to handle your weapon or switch your weapon – and there is certainly room for improvement when it comes to weapon handling. However, if you are someone that can’t wait for a company like Valve to come up with a fully immersive environment, then Pavlov could offer you what you are looking for and is excellent as an experiment for anyone wondering how a fully immersive environment might work. Moreover, Pavlov also has an active community workshop that has proven to be popular amongst CSGO players.

The Future of Virtual Reality First-Person Shooter

If you want to wait for a big company like Valve to create an official VR CSGO game then those other games may not interest you. The hardware needed to smoothly run a Virtual Reality First-person Shooter is excessive unless you opt for indie games such as Pavlov, or even this unofficial new mod, that can all run on more basic hardware.

Looking at the most recent half-Life: Alyx, it is easy to understand that OC Gamers who have tried it out recommend upgrading your RAM or GPU, otherwise the experience could prove laggy – which will ruin the whole immersive experience. When this is done, you then need to opt for a VR headset such as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, which all come in at various prices.

Finally, in order to get the whole fully immersive experience, you will likely require hand controllers that mimic your hand movements in the game. Some headsets might come with these controllers, but often they need to be bought separately.

If you simply want to play First-Person Shooters in a fully immersive environment, then a good choice is the BeswinVR Gun controller as it is designed to stimulate the handling of a rifle or submachine gun.

When Will We Get Virtual Reality CSGO?

This simply depends on whether or not Valve can successfully develop VR CSGO – and how long that takes. There has certainly been a lot of research and development already – and lots more to go before they can start using the most up to date Virtual Reality technology to deploy a gaming environment that is like CSGO but also offers seamless gameplay as we experience right now.

In terms of competitive gaming, CSGO will need to overcome the precision and pace that is offered by virtual reality gameplay. Moreover, unlike the game’s existing gameplay, your character in your VR environment will only be as quick as your own physical stamina allows. So, it could well be at least another ten years of trial and error before Valve can actually come up with a fully working version of VR CSGO – the next generation. However, given the success of Half-Life: Alyx, there’s also the chance that Valve might figure out a way to deal with the game in a fully immersive environment much quicker – which would certainly be excellent news for the VR FPS enthusiasts out there.

The future of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is certainly exciting for everyone- and where the game will be in ten years time is something that we can only imagine.

Author Toby Marshall