CSGO Wingman – Everything You Need to Know

Toby Marshall
27 September 2021
CSGO Wingman

One of the most underrated game modes in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive world CSGO Wingman. Here, we intend to shed some light on the game – including important facts such as how to play the Wingman game mode, how long a game generally lasts – and how to work your way up the CSGO Wingman ranks.

A Two v Two Mode

Most CSGO players tend to focus on the 5 v 5 competitive game mode, which is the most common type of gameplay. However, sometimes you might just want to try something a little different – and this is why Valve released the Wingman game mode. This is a two player vs two-player game mode, where the Counter-Terrorist team is tasked with defending a single bombsite against the Terrorist team.

This game mode is both fast-paced, fun – and even a little chaotic at times as the Terrorists rush for the bomb site on the greatly reduced map size. Whether or not you prefer this game style to the classic game, it is guaranteed to give you the perfect opportunity to not just have fun, but also practice your different skills with lower player counts for your return to the main competitive game.

What is CSGO Wingman?

This is a CSGO game mode that sits perfectly alongside the traditional Counter-Strike game – providing you with a fresh, exciting and fun alternative. This mode of play was first introduced during Operation Hydra and is generally played whilst you wait for your friends to join you in the competitive lobby. It still isn’t reaching the heights of worldwide dominance – and isn’t as popular as traditional games, but it is fast and action-packed.

The speed of the game is what attracts people – as queuing for the game all the way to finishing the game can take under twenty minutes. There’s also a very diverse range of maps available. Here are the maps that are currently available for CSGO Wingman:

  • Calavera
  • Cobblestone (B bombsite)
  • Inferno (A bombsite)
  • Lake
  • Overpass (B bombsite)
  • Pitstop
  • Shortdust
  • Shortnuke
  • Train (A bombsite)
  • Vertigo (A bombsite)

As well as this, if you are new to CSGO and are looking to get hold of a new ‘Shattered Web Operation’, then there are numerous Wingman missions based on the number of rounds that are won. However, despite the thrills and spills, missions, maps and map callouts available, it’s fair to say that the game mode will never truly be classified as part of CSGO esports, despite the attempts that have already been made by a few well-known tournament hosts.

Ultimately, this is the perfect practice game mode – you can try in different scenarios and test your skills in coordination and holding a site with a teammate. We would suggest that you use this to hone your skills in order to rise through the more competitive CSGO ranks.

Playing CSGO Wingman

The good news is that playing the CSGO Wingman mode is really simple. All you need to do is queue for a game – either on your own or with a buddy. It’s better to team up with a friend because it’s just more fun and more interesting if you do – especially if you have someone that you play with regularly. This will help you to coordinate how you approach sites together and can help you to become a more solid playing unit in more competitive CSGO matches.

In total, 16 rounds will be played – and although a ‘tie’ is possible, to win there will need to be a total of nine rounds won. It’s also worth remembering that there is only one bombsite available on the map – and there are only 90 seconds of gameplay in a round compared to the 120 seconds in standard competitive CSGO games.

Rising Through the CSGO Wingman Ranks

Just as with the competitive CSGO game mode, there are 18 different CSGO ranks to work your way through. However, because fewer people play this game mode, it is easier to work your way through these ranks – and it’s much quicker to get a Global Elite status with the Wingman game mode. Here is a list of the CSGO Wingman ranks from lowest status to highest:

  1. Silver I
  2. Silver II
  3. Silver II
  4. Silver IV
  5. Silver Elite
  6. Silver Elite Master
  7. Gold Nova I
  8. Gold Nova II
  9. Gold Nova III
  10. Gold Nova Master
  11. Master Guardian I
  12. Master Guardian II
  13. Master Guardian Elite
  14. Distinguished Master Guardian
  15. Legendary Eagle
  16. Legendary Eagle Master
  17. Supreme Master First Class
  18. Global Elite

Conclusion – Is It Worth Playing?

Ultimately, CSGO Wingman is a fun and thrilling game mode – and the perfect way to mess around playing the game with a friend. There is plenty of scope here to gain experience and build skills, but that’s all that it offers really – a game to have fun with and to practice on. Sometimes CSGO isn’t about competitive mode – sometimes you want to just play for the heck of it – and this gives you the chance to do just that.

If you are a more casual player who wants to play for fun – or even an experienced player looking for a bit of light relief, then it’s most definitely worth giving it a go.

Author Toby Marshall