Demystifying the Art: A Guide on How to Record Demos in Counter-Strike 2

Toby Marshall
11 November 2023


Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) offers an immersive and competitive gaming experience, and for players looking to up their game or showcase their skills, recording demos is an invaluable tool. Demos allow you to review and analyze your gameplay, learn from mistakes, and share your best moments with the gaming community. In this guide, we’ll explore the step-by-step process of recording demos in CS2 and harnessing the power of this feature to improve your gameplay.

Accessing Console Commands

Recording demos in CS2 is done through the game’s console commands. To open the console, press the tilde key (~) during gameplay. Once the console is open, you can input various commands, including those related to demo recording.

Start Recording:

To begin recording a demo, use the command record [demoname]. Replace [demoname] with the desired name for your demo file. This will initiate the recording process, capturing your gameplay from that point onward.

Stop Recording:

When you’re ready to conclude the recording, simply use the command stop. This ends the demo recording and saves the file with the specified name.

Playback Demos:

To review your recorded demo, use the command playdemo [demoname]. This allows you to rewatch your gameplay and analyze your strategies, decision-making, and individual plays.

Adjust Playback Speed:

You can control the speed of the demo playback with the demoui command. This opens the demo UI, where you can adjust the playback speed using the speed slider. This feature is particularly useful for closely analyzing specific moments in your gameplay.

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Share Demos:

Sharing your demos with the gaming community or friends is an excellent way to showcase your skills or seek feedback. Locate your demo file in the CS2 directory (usually in the “csgo” folder), and share it as you would any other file.

Editing Demos:

For those interested in creating highlight reels or montages, you can use third-party video editing software to edit your demos. Tools like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, or even free software like Shotcut allow you to trim, cut, and enhance your gameplay footage for a polished end result.


If you encounter issues with demo recording, ensure that your console is enabled in the game settings. You can also check your available disk space, as recording demos requires storage space. Additionally, keep your game and graphics drivers up to date for optimal performance.


Recording demos in Counter-Strike 2 is a valuable skill for players looking to enhance their gameplay, learn from their experiences, and share their achievements with the gaming community. By familiarizing yourself with console commands and the demo recording process, you gain access to a powerful tool that can elevate your gaming journey. Whether you’re aiming to analyze your tactics, create engaging content, or simply relive your favorite moments, mastering demo recording adds a new dimension to your CS2 experience. So, hit that record button, and let the gaming world witness your prowess in action!

Author Toby Marshall