ESL Announces End of an Era: National CS:GO Tournaments to be Scrapped Ahead of CS2’s Release

Toby Marshall
13 September 2023

In a major shakeup within the competitive gaming world, ESL (formerly Electronic Sports League) declared discontinuing its highly acclaimed national Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournaments. This decision comes on the heels of the imminent release of CS2, the much-anticipated successor to the beloved CS:GO. With the CS2 release set to redefine the esports landscape, ESL is making strategic changes to adapt to the evolving competitive gaming environment.

The End of an Era

For many gamers and esports enthusiasts, ESL’s national CS:GO tournaments have been a staple of competitive gaming for years. These events not only provided a platform for local talent but also served as a vital component of the global esports ecosystem. However, ESL’s announcement signifies the end of this era, marking a significant shift in their priorities.

The Rising Tide of CS2

The impending arrival of CS2 has been the talk of the gaming community for some time now. Valve Corporation, the developer of the Counter-Strike series, has been tight-lipped about the specifics of the game, fueling speculation and anticipation among players. ESL’s decision to discontinue national CS:GO tournaments can be seen as a proactive response to the changing dynamics that CS2 is expected to bring to the esports landscape.

Embracing Change

In an official statement, ESL CEO, Marko “Stryker” Mikuška, emphasized the organization’s commitment to embracing change and staying at the forefront of esports innovation. He stated, “CS2 represents a new era in competitive gaming, and we want to ensure that ESL is at the forefront of this revolution. While we bid farewell to our beloved national CS:GO tournaments, we look forward to creating new, exciting opportunities for players, teams, and fans in the CS2 universe.”

A Nod to Tradition

While ESL’s decision to discontinue national CS:GO tournaments may surprise some, it’s important to note that the organization is not abandoning its roots entirely. The organization has confirmed that it will continue to host CS:GO events at the international level, including the ESL Pro League and other high-profile competitions. This move ensures that CS:GO will still have a presence in ESL’s esports portfolio, albeit on a more global scale.

What’s Next for National Talent?

One of the most pressing questions arising from this decision is the fate of local talent and emerging players who relied on national CS:GO tournaments to showcase their skills. ESL has assured the community that it is actively exploring new opportunities to nurture and support grassroots talent. Initiatives such as regional development leagues and amateur circuits are being considered to provide emerging players with a platform to shine.

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The CS2 Transition Period

As CS2’s release draws nearer, the esports community is excited and curious. Players and fans alike are eager to see how the sequel will differ from its predecessor, CS:GO. ESL is poised to play a pivotal role in facilitating the transition to CS2, with plans for new tournaments and leagues tailored to the evolving competitive landscape.

Final Thoughts

The discontinuation of ESL’s national CS:GO tournaments marks the end of an era in competitive gaming. However, it also signals a bold step forward as ESL prepares to embrace the transformative potential of CS2. While cherished traditions are being left behind, the esports community can look forward to fresh opportunities, innovation, and a reinvigorated competitive scene in the era of CS2. As the gaming world eagerly anticipates the release of the sequel, ESL’s commitment to staying at the forefront of esports remains unwavering, promising an exciting future for players and fans alike.

Author Toby Marshall