How to 1V1 in CSGO: Your Step By Step Guide

Toby Marshall
20 June 2022
How to 1V1 in CSGO: Your Step By Step Guide

Most people consider CSGO to be a team game. However, there is also CSGO 1v1, which is a game mode where it plays out as aim v aim, and there are limited outside influences and factors. This is an enjoyable test of your skill which you can use to destroy your friends or opponent… or anyone that has questioned your game skills! Simply set up a 1v1 CSGO tournament with a group and see which player is the cream of the crop,

So, now you know all about what it is, you might want to know how you actually play the 1v1 game mode in CSGO. The actual hardest part is setting it up, which can be a challenge in itself. However, that’s where we come into it. We have created this guide to setting up 1v1 in CSGO.

Part 1: How To Set Up the Config for CSGO 1v1

You have a couple of options here. You can either join a community 1v1 server or you could create your own. For the second option,  creating your own, you need to create a private server using specific CSGO 1v1 commands.

Getting the server set up can take a lot of time if you haven’t got a config file. There are so many different variables that you need to set up that it can get confusing… and this is precisely why people tend to prefer using a config file. This will allow you to customise the server to your preferred specifications. Because there are lots of different commands you could apply to your server, it will save you a lot of time to set up your server. This needs to be your very first step.

After you have downloaded your 1v1 config, you need to follow these steps.

  1. In your Steam Library, you need to right-click CSGO and click on ‘Properties’
  2. Click on ‘Local Files’ and then select the ‘Browse’ option 
  3. Locate your CSGO Folder and enter it
  4. Locate the cfg. Folder then drag your downloaded 1v1 config into it

Done! You’re ready to go!

Part 2: Finding 1v1 Maps on your 1v1 Servers

Your next step will be finding a map that you want to 1v1 against your opponent on, you should choose to use a default map such as de-inferno. However, the proper 1v1 maps have been tailor-made for 1v1 by being smaller and providing more opportunities for a bit of action. 

One of the reasons that CSGO 1v1 is so fun is because you get to play against your friends who reckon they are better than you on a fun map on which neither one of you has the advantage. That is why many opt to use Workshop 1v1 maps when they want to 1v1. There are some very distinctive maps that offer a fairly balanced experience which leads to some pretty exciting games.

To find a 1v1 map that takes your fancy, head over to the Steam Workshop and search for 1v1 CSGO maps. As soon as you have found a map that you would want to try out, then click on that map and press the ‘Subscribe’ button. This will add it to your workshop maps. Ideally, you might want to try out the BLAST Stand-Off, which is the official map used by the pros to showcase matches at the BLAST Premier tournaments and events.

Part 3: Getting Started with 1v1

Once you have got your map, it’s time to get started…

  1. Create your lobby with the player that you want to 1v1 with
  2. Select your preferred map from the Workshop Maps tab
  3. Get the match started 
  4. When the map has loaded up, you need to initiate your downloaded config.
  5. In order to initiate the config, you need to enable the developer console
    1. Go to settings> game settings > enable developer console > yes
    2. Open the console by clicking on the ~/‘ key
    3. Open the developer colonel and then enter ‘exec 1v1_commands’

Go and enjoy!

So, you now know how to 1v1 in CSGO you’re ready to go

Removing Bots in CSGO 1V1

You will also need to know how to remove bots in CSGO 1V1. In order to prevent bots from entering your lobby after you have created a server, it’s very straightforward. You need to enter 3 simple commands.

  1. mp_autoteambalance 0 … this prevents bots from filling teams equally or from joining the opposing team if you are alone on the server and in the process of setting it up.
  2. mp_limitteams 1 … this limits the number of players to 1 to prevent bots from joining the game.
  3. Lastly, enter bot_kick in the command box and press enter. This command will remove all of the bots from the server completely.

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Author Toby Marshall