Betting On Different CSGO Maps

Toby Marshall
12 May 2022
How To Bet On Different CSGO Maps

A CSGO map is basically the stage on which the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game is played. Each map is very different – and each requires a varied playing style, different gameplays and alternative strategies. The differences in maps can as a result in some considerations for betting in CSGO matches as a result, and it’s this we’ll have a look at.

There are some maps that favour the Terrorist team whilst others favour the Counter-Terrorists because of the way they are laid out. As such, you need to know about the different maps when betting on the CSGO game. Maps, such as the Nuke map are extremely one-sided, so much so that 12-3 half, which is normally a score that indicates there is one dominant side, isn’t even that bad on this map.

Generally, a team often picks maps based on their map pool – which is the list of maps they practice on – and therefore prefer in matchplay. Although it is vital to know how each map affects the way the game is played, you also need to look at which team chose the map, how experienced they are on that map and how the choice of maps can affect CSGO betting and live betting.

So, quite clearly, there are numerous factors you need to consider when it comes to CSGO maps – and how they have an effect on the match betting odds. So, let’s look at some of them individually, see how the maps work and some team tips.

CSGO Betting – The Nuke Maps

  • The Nuke map heavily favours the Counter-Terrorist side
  • The best teams on this map are: Entropiq, Fnatic and Na’Vi

Nuke is a very different map from many of the other maps we will look at. This map heavily favours the Counter-Terrorist side and is all about game strategy.

There are several narrow chokepoints on the map, lots of vantage points for the Counter-Terrorists and simply many more favourable defensive positions scattered around the map. As such, the only possible way for Terrorists to win on this map is excellent use of utility, or to surprise the Terrorists with a surprise tactic.

Obviously, a good aim is important. But when a terrorist runs to the A bombsite, there are lots of different angles and lots of elevation points to consider. Simply relying on skill in these situations isn’t enough. There also needs to be a brilliant use of utility and excellent teamwork.

Because of this, it has become a popular choice for teams that have great in-game leaders – such as FaZe, Na’Vi, Entropiq and Fnatic who are some of the best on this map. Na’Vi is the very best. They are not only considered the best team in the world, but they also have built up a 21-game winning streak on Nuke.

If you are betting on a CSGO match and the game is being played on Nuke maps, then bear in mind that it’s all about the CTs.

The Dust 2 Map

  • Dust 2 slightly favours the Terrorist side
  • The best teams on the map are, Na’Vi and Gambit

This is a classic CS: GO map that has been around for quite some time. Every CSGO player is familiar with the map and most pro players give it a try.

Dust 2 is one of the most straightforward of all the maps. Using utility on the map is easy – and just by knowing a few of the basic strategies, it gives the team a lot more options. This is why it is referred to by many as the ‘aim map’. There is a lot more focus on this map on using skill to kill opponents, rather than employing heavy strategies and tactics.

As such, this is the perfect map for those teams that haven’t necessarily honed their tactics but have players with excellent aiming skills. Teams such as Gambit, and Na’Vi are teams that often excel on this map. Not only are they the best teams in the world, but they also include some of the best individual players in the game. Although they can still use their tactics, this map lets their individual skills really shine.

Back in 2020, there were a few changes made to the map, which opened up the B-site more. Since then, it has slightly favoured the Terrorists as it gives them more attacking options. However, there isn’t a huge bias, so you can’t count the CTs out!

CSGO Betting – The Mirage Maps

  • Mirage slightly favours the Counter-Terrorist side
  • The best teams on the map are OG, Heroic and Team Vitality

Just like Dust 2, this is another classic CS: GO map. This one is also reasonably balanced although it slightly favours the CTs – but only slightly. This map is a bit of a mix between Inferno and Dust 2 – and although strategy plays a big role, it’s not as important as on certain other maps.

The map has some similarities to Dust 2 because several strategies revolve around basic bits of utility, whilst the skill of aiming is often the driving force behind map success. However, that’s not to say there isn’t plenty of room for tactics and strategy on the map, mainly because of the large number of attack routes available.

As such, on this map, you will find that teams will normally favour a mix of strategy and firepower, rather than focus on individual player skills. It’s one of Heroic’s favourite maps – and one that has helped them to defeat plenty of top teams in 2021 and edge their way to the top – beating some of the legends!

Ultimately, the map is CT skewed, but only a little, which means that it won’t massively affect the result. You are best checking each team’s success and experience on the map when making a bet.

The Inferno Map

  • The inferno map neither favours the CT or T side
  • The best teams on the map are FaZe, and G2 Esport

This is another map that has been on the competitive map for quite a long time. This is a pretty balanced map and is more focused on strategy.

The map is heavily based on utility and set plays for success. As such, every smoke grenade, flashbang and Molotov cocktail is important. There are lots of choke points on the map that you can block off. Using utility can be the difference here between winning and losing.

In addition, the Inferno map is getting a reputation for ‘fakes’ – which is when a team tries to trick their opponents into thinking they are focusing on A, when they are actually focused on B.

This makes it ideal for any team that has a good in-game leader that focuses on strategy and tactics over sheer firepower. For that reason, Inferno is usually favoured by teams such as FaZe, and G2. These teams are excellent on Inferno because they have experienced leaders who are good at implementing individual strategies on the map.

In terms of favouritism, this map is pretty even for both the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. If you are betting on a CSGO match on these maps, you should simply look at the experience of the teams on the map – and not just the skills of the teams individually.

The Vertigo Map

  • The Vertigo map is evenly balanced between the T and CT sides
  • The best teams on the map are BIG, Gambit and Vitality

This is one of the newer maps and was only added in the middle of 2019. In the beginning, teams were a little nervous of the map as it was a lot different to the previous CSGO maps. However, since then, it has had plenty of changes made to it and has become one of the standard picks.

Although it is now a few years old, this is still considered to be a new map by the elite and there are often new strategies applied to it. This is generally because of the lifespan of CSGO maps and the number of changes that have been made to the map. Players still haven’t totally figured the map out yet, but it is becoming more settled.

In terms of favouritism, it is pretty evenly balanced. It can either favour a brilliant aim or a more tactical style of play – and most of the utility usage is pretty basic. As such, any team could do well here, regardless of their style of play.

Having said that, it is a map where there is plenty of tactical utility usage. There are often walls of smokes being put down as well as tactical HE stacks – and more. For this reason, teams that excel on this map are the ones that are good at coming up with new strategies, such as BIG, Vitality and Gambit.

In terms of betting on the maps, it’s fairly even, so you simply need to look at the CSGO map experience of both teams.

The Overpass Map

  • Overpass heavily favours the Counter-Terrorist side
  • The best teams on the map include FaZe, Gambit and

This map is quite similar to the Nuke map. It is heavily Counter-Terrorist sided and offers better play for the CTS, but not quite as extreme as with Nuke.

Just as with Nuke, there are several strong defensive angles and elevated levels, as well as some safe and easy ways for the CTs to reach bombsites. On this map, utility is very important and there are several powerful points that will have to be blocked – for defenders and the attackers.

On the other hand, this map is much more open, which means individuals can stand out if they are properly supported by their team. This is another map where the best course of action is using a mix of tactics, strategy and skill – but with a strong Counter-Terrorist advantage.

You also need to note that this only started to become more popular in 2021. Before this, not many teams chose to play it. However, now it is a staple in many team’s map pools. As such, you won’t find many big knowledge gaps on the map anymore, so it has become a lot more competitive.

Having said that, if you are thinking about betting on an Overpass match, you will need to keep in mind that it is heavily skewed towards the CTs. It’s not unusual to see score lines of 10-5 or 11-4.

CSGO Betting – The Ancient Maps

  • Ancient heavily favours the Counter-Terrorist team
  • The best teams on the map include Vitality, BIG, Na’Vi and Gambit

This is the newest map in the game – and wasn’t released until the end of 2020. As such, it is still pretty fresh as most teams didn’t even touch the map until the middle of 2021. It only really comes up at the highest level towards the end of the year.

As it stands, this is a map that strongly favours the Counter-Terrorists because it features both plenty of tight chokepoints and safe rotation for the CTs. The map is still being figured out and evolving, but as it stands, teams such as BIG, Gambit, Vitality and Na’Vi are getting good.

One of the most important things on the Ancient map is a team’s utility management. It is also not possible for the Terrorist team to advance onto the bombsite without having a proper setup. This means good tactics and strong leadership skills are important. This map also favours strong aimers as well, especially on the CT team as there are several tight sports where a skilled aimer can sneak in a kill or two.

In terms of betting on the Ancient map, you need to consider the team experience on it and side scores. Because it is such a new map, some teams are still not too familiar with it. However, the CTs will win the majority of the rounds, all else being equal.

So, hopefully, this guide to betting on the CSGO maps will help you to understand how they work and help you to feel more comfortable about putting bets on them. So, if you are feeling a little more confident, then head over to your favourite CSGO bookmaker and have a go! Good luck!

Author Toby Marshall