How to Change FOV in CSGO

Toby Marshall
21 July 2022
How to Change FOV in CSGO

The FOV – Field of View, is incredibly important in competitive e-sporting games and First Person Shooter games suck as CSGO because this will dictate exactly how much you can see and your line of vision during the match.

As such, knowing how to master this – changing as needed will benefit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players massively, given that this is a tactical shooter game with limited kill time.

However, whilst most other shooter games have a pretty straightforward way to change the Field of Vision, this is not actually true of CSGO. So, if this is something you want to work on but find yourself getting a little confused about the whole process, then read through our guide on how you can change FOV in CSGO

The Main Benefits of Changing FOV in Counter-Strike

The view model Field of View (viewmodel_FOV) will increase the distance between the screen and the player model. As such, you will be able to see a wider in-game area. This can be very helpful, particularly in CSGO because it will help you to get information relatively quickly without the need to flick your mouse all around the game map.

Fortunately, CS:GO has pretty flexible Field of View options that you can alter as and when you choose. Having said that, some players find the process a little bit confusing at first, especially if they aren’t yet familiar with the game’s console commands.

Lots of players, even professional gamers, have numerous different FOV settings that best fit their gaming preferences. If you are new to it, you might try copying some different options and seeing which suits you most to get the very best possible benefit from the feature.

Changing the FOV in CSGO

So, without further ado, now we know why it is such a benefit to players, let’s see how it’s done:

1: Enable the Developer Console in Settings

The developer console is the main tool that you will need to use in order to change your FOV. As such, you need to make sure that it is activated in the game. If you haven’t done this, then it’s pretty easy, just follow these simple steps before moving on to the next step:

  • Launch the CSGO game and head over to the setting menu, which is the cogwheel button on the left-hand side of your screen.
  • Click in the ‘Game’ section in the settings menu
  • Locate the ‘Enable Developer Console’ option and ensure that it is on ‘yes’ to activate it.

Now that the Developer Console in your CSGO game has been enabled, you then need to open up a game and try out the different ways to change the in-game FOV.

Changing the View Model FOV in CSGO

In CS:GO, the default FOV is 60, which works well for most players. However, if you are looking to gain the best possible advantage then you should follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the developer console has been enabled and then load up the CSGO map that you want to play
  2. Press the key that you selected to bring it up, with the default being “~”
  3. Type in the command “viewmodel_fov #” in the developer and then press ‘Enter’

The number (represented by # in the above guide) after viewmodel_fov represents how low or high you want your FOV to be. It can be any number between 54 up to 67. The lower the number you input for your FOV, the closer the model of your character will be to your screen.

What number you choose is all about your preference – whether you prefer a higher or lower FOV. However, if you aren’t sure what one to use, you should check the settings that the best CSGO professional players use in their games.

Changing Your FOV with Debug FOV

The standard FOV of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is always locked at 90 and you aren’t able to change that officially. However, you are able to change it by using a cheat in the developer console. However, this doesn’t work if you are taking part in an official CSGO match.

You will need to use the ‘viewmodel_fov #’ command to change the FOV. To change the FOV of the actual CSGO game, you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Jump onto the server that you want to play on
  2. Open the developer by pressing on the dedicated key attached to the command (default “~”)
  3. Type in ‘sv_cheats 1’ and then click on Enter
  4. Then type in ‘fov_cs_debug #’ and click on Enter again.

You can enter whatever number you want to after the command ‘fov_cs-debug’. The larger the number, the more of a zooming-out effect it will have. Lower numbers will zoom the game in. However, this command won’t work when playing an official match, so it’s better used for taking screenshots and videos in the game.

Can You Be Banned for Changing FOV in CSGO?

Absolutely not. Changing the FOV in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive isn’t bannable. As we stated earlier, even the best CSGO players in the world will change their viewmodel_FOV every now and then to enjoy the best possible advantage. So, you won’t need to worry about VAC bans because no one has ever been banned for using these commands before.

We would recommend experimenting with the Viewmodel_FOV command and see what you like the most, try out different views and work out which one you think is the most advantageous and best looking for you!

Author Toby Marshall