How to Improve Your CSGO Game

Toby Marshall
1 November 2021
How to Improve Your CSGO Game

If you just have a look at the game through a spectator’s eyes, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game seems pretty simple, right? You just run around and kill the enemy? Wrong…This is only a view held by those that have never before played the game. Once you start playing – and the more you keep playing, the more you will realise that there’s much more to it than that… and how you can improve your CSGO game is all important.

CSGO can be tricky. And often new players have trouble understanding the game properly in terms of the overall playing process and the results. That’s what this is all about… understanding the basic principles of the game. As soon as you start getting to grasp them, you will begin to play better and enjoy it even more. This will then give you lots more confidence as you play against your opponents and will give you the strength and knowledge to guide your team to victory. You will also start understanding all about how adding weapons and skins to your inventory with help… which will help you make the most of CSGO gambling, where you can upgrade weapons and skins whilst playing fun games at the top CSGO betting sites.

Core Weapons

Firstly, start with the core weapons. CSGO is a game of many guns – and some can look very impressive. As a beginner, you may want to start using them straight away. You might be seduced by the charms of an AWP or Desert Eagle – but you won’t understand their strengths and weaknesses fully to take full advantage. It would be more beneficial to start off with a more effective in-game weapon such as:

  • Pistols including – Five-SeveN (CT), Tec-9 (T), P250 (for both T & CT)
  • Rifles including – M4A4 / M4A1-S (CT) and AK47 (T)

In terms of weapon choice, don’t try to learn about all of them too quickly unless you can use the basics properly first.

Improve Your CSGO Shooting Skills

Things happen quickly in the game and there’s no time to practice and take things slowly. So it takes time… but it’s well worth doing some basic training to practise your accurate shooting skills.

  1. You could start your game on the community-created maps that have been designed to practise aiming. You just need to search for ‘aim training’ in the Steam Workshop and look for a map that you like the look of. You should train and practice regularly.
  2. Try playing against bots and just concentrate on shooting. Don’t focus on anything but this.
  3. Try playing the Deathmatch mode as it’s great practice for fast shooting.

Try Using Burst Fire

It’s very tricky to land a perfect headshot with just one single shot. If you want to do this, then you will need to be precise in your timing, quick of movement and deadly accurate. On the other hand, being accurate when you are spraying bullets is no easy feat. In order to learn how bullet streams behave, you will need to learn CSGO Spray Patterns and Recoin Compensations.

Burst fire is more convenient for new players. You only shoot a few bullets so your gun stays accurate – meanwhile, you don’t need to rely on the single deadly accuracy of one shot, as the other bullets will also cause damage.

Also, don’t move around whilst shooting. You can’t move plus shoot accurately. This means you need to learn how to freeze for just a moment to make your burst fire – and then carry on moving.

Check Your Ammo and Reload

You need to make sure that you always have enough ammunition in the magazine to be fully ready to take on your enemy. Taking the time out to reload makes you vulnerable and can be dangerous. You need to wait for the right moment to reload in CSGO and only do it when you are in real need of more ammo.

Listen Carefully

As tempting as it is to be noisy while you play, you really need to be aware of any banking and moving around. Your enemy will be able to locate your position and could use this to attack you unexpectedly.

In the same way, you can use other teams’ noises to your advantage. You should always wear a headset when you play so that you can hear everything and make your decisions based on what you hear. This is easy but effective and can help you climb the CSGO ranks.

Pick a Map and Learn it Before Moving On

Every map in CSGO comes with its own challenges. The locations on every single map will define the rules and behaviour of both of the teams as well as strategies you might employ and the playing experience. In order to improve at CSGO, learn a specific map first before moving on.

Take a look at the different CSGO maps and pick the ones you prefer. You then need to practice on it, develop your skills until you can reach a higher level of gameplay. The most popular maps to start with are:

  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Dust II
  • Nuke

Then learn the map of your choice properly, which means remembering the names of all the places on the map – which is vital when it comes to communicating with your teammates.

However, don’t get bored with your chosen map(s)… have fun on other maps for variation. As soon as you feel comfortable with one map, move on and don’t get stuck in a rut.

Learn to Improve your CSGO communication

As good as you are – you can’t win a match on your own as this is a team-based game. This means that it is important for you to develop your communication skills with your teammates from the outset.

You need to be able to share your position, tell your teammates of your enemy’s actions, coordinate strategies and simply share what you are feeling in the game. This will not only improve your gameplay but it will also make your game even more fun and exciting.

This can often mean playing with the same team all of the time. Form a team and keep the team as you will start working together much better and teamwork will improve.

Learn Your Map Control

If you are new to CSGO then you may try to migrate pattern behaviours from other shooter games like Battle Royale – but this won’t necessarily help you to improve your CSGO game. This is not a game that is solely based on staying together and staying alive. You have goals and you need to be able to control the map to achieve these goals.

This also means that you need to know map locations and work together as a team. Counter-Terrorists need to keep the focus on covering the approaches to bombsites and wait patiently in defence of it. Meanwhile, the Terrorists need to rush to the bomb site – while also thinking about clearing the place and protecting it from the opposition.

Practice Before Getting Competitive

It can all feel pretty chaotic when you try out CSGO for the first time… and it might be difficult to know exactly what is going on. You might not know where the bombsite is – how the enemies get in kills as quickly as they do… and why your teammates are shouting at you so much?!

There are times when it can all start feeling overwhelming and even toxic – which may lead to you feeling unhappy as a newbie. As such it’s great to start practising with bots first of all to learn the game basics and not keep getting frustrated. However, we wouldn’t recommend playing with bots for too long.

This is a multiplayer game, so when you have practised on Bots, try out casual matchmaking. Shootouts in this game mode won’t affect CSGO ranks so are much more forgiving to the beginners. It’s a place to practice and enjoy playing.

You will only be able to start playing in competitive matches only when you have reached the experience rank level Private Rank 2. It’s no crime to take your time and only start fighting for your rank once you feel improved enough.

Adjust CSGO Game Settings to improve your game

One of the benefits of CSGO is that there are lots of ways you can change the internal game settings – either through the settings menu or by using CSGO console commands. Get your experience and then you can start understanding what you might need to adjust. Here are some aspects you should pay close attention to:

  1. Mouse settings: You can decrease the mouse sensitivity which will mean smaller actions will be produced from your physical movements. This will allow you to be more precise.
  2. Crosshair Settings: So that you see where you are aiming and don’t get distracted by the crosshair.
  3. HUD elements: Make sure that all the information – and the radar on the screen looks the best for your personal visual settings. This will allow you to get an immediate understanding of the situation.

Use Grenades Carefully

Grenades are great weapons and can be used alongside the game’s other weapons. However, for many beginners, it can be difficult to know where and when you should throw Molotovs, Flashbangs, Smokes and HE Grenades. This can lead to some seriously chaotic usage and ill effects. However, practice makes perfect. Pro players are great with grenades and use them properly.

  1. Molotovs – stop players from entering an area and cause damage.
  2. Flashbangs – bling opponents for a short space of time.
  3. Smokes – blocks a player’s vision
  4. HE Grenades – cause maximum damage.

Think About the Economy of the Game

Part of the game is earning funds – and spending these funds wisely. Often this is an aspect of the game that newcomers ignore.

What you buy in-game will depend on numerous factors. For example, if you lose a pistol round or run out of resources mid-game, the team needs to go eco… which means saving for the future. Some of the weapons give an extra killing bonus, so use these to boost your budget. The economy of CSGO is a big subject so look closely into it. Selling and gambling skins is a way of getting extra skins and weapons in the game.

Improve your CSGO game from the Pros

The pros got to where they are for a reason. Read guides, watch the pros play and follow tournaments. Be a sponge that sucks up all the game’s tips and tricks so that you can use them in your game.

These can give you lots of new information and give you a better understanding of successful gameplay. Often, Twitch streamers spend lots of time watching the game and usually know lots of tricks.

The best esports teams earn big bucks – so watching these teams go head to head is the best CSGO experience out there. Watch the matches, listen to tips and start learning new stuff!

Never get stressed about losing – enjoy the game, have fun and get better while you have a good time!

Author Toby Marshall