How To Make Wagers on CSGO Prop Bets

Toby Marshall
23 May 2022
How To Make Wagers on CSGO Prop Bets

Betting on eSports is becoming ever more popular and because of this, you will now find that not only do specialised eSports betting sites offer you this service, but also mainstream sports betting sites. Go to any big online sports bookmaker and you will find esports betting – and CS:GO is definitely the most popular option. Because of this, the options are now becoming endless, and this includes prop bets on CSGO, which is what we shall look at today.

Although it’s still the case that match betting, Over/Under and spread bets are by far and away the most popular bets – and the most readily available, props bets are also starting to gain some momentum. This gives esports betting fans an even more fun way to bet on the games.

So, if you know all about the basics of how to bet on CSGO and want to try out something a little different, then let’s delve a bit deeper into the world of CSGO props betting.

What Are CSGO Prop Bets?

CSGO prop bets (short for proposition bets) are bets that are based around specific events that happen in the game that don’t necessarily have an impact on the outcome of the match. In a standard sport, it might be something such as how many yellow cards will be given out over the course of a football match. It might be the outcome of the coin toss at the start of a match. However, things aren’t always this straightforward in CSGO and it isn’t quite as simple to understand the different props bets – particularly if you are new to CSGO and CSGO betting.

Here are some of the most common and popular examples of prop bets in CSGO…

1: CSGO Round Bet

You are probably aware that every match of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is played over a number of different maps, and comprises of a maximum of 30 rounds. Basically, this means that the winning team is the first one to reach 16 wins – or the team that gains a four-round lead in overtime (which happens if there is a 15-15 tie in regulation).

This leads us nicely to the most popular of prop bets – round totals. A bettor can choose to bet on either Over or Under a certain number of rounds being played. On CSGO betting sites, this will look like this

Astralis v Entropiq: Total Rounds Map 1

  • Over 27.5 – 120
  • Under 27.7 – 110

So, if you think that the first map between these two teams would be very tight, then you would choose Over – and so if the match went on to 28 rounds or more, then you would win your bet. However, if only 27 rounds or fewer were played to decide the winner, then you would lose your bet.

You might also choose to wager on certain rounds within a match. The most popular options in this instance are normally the two pistol rounds (the first round and the fifteenth round in the match). The reason for this is because they represent the start of each half of the map. At the beginning of both halves, teams tend to start out with basic and predictable weaponry.

2: CSGO Kills Bet

CSGO isn’t really a complicated game at its core – the game is simply based around your ability to eliminate the enemy teams. That is also usually the most fun and exciting part of a match. Therefore, it stands to reason that you are also able to make props bets on this part of it.

You will normally have a few different options here, based on the different types of kills and the overall number of kills.

CSGO Total Kills Prop Bets: One of the most common types of kills props bets in CSGO is the total number of kills in a certain round. Each team has five players – so, a total of 10 players. There are times a round ends with only one player surviving – whilst in other rounds, as many as eight or nine might survive.

So, normally here the option would be another Over/Under bet – just as with the total rounds CSGO prop bet. The most common number here is 7.5. So, for example, going back to our match between Astralis and Enrtopiq the bet might look as follows:

Astralis vs Entropiq: Map 1 Round 1 – Total Kills (7.5)

  • Over: +115
  • Under: -145

This means that if 8 or more kills happen in the round, then a bet on Over would win. If there are 7 kills or fewer then the Under bet would win.

Prop Bets on the Types of CSGO Kills: Another prop bet you can make on kills is the type of kill. Normally, this would be based on the whole map – and there is a massive selection to choose from. This is generally a ‘shooter’ game because there’s a lot of shooting going on. However, there are a few more options to choose from:

  • HE Grenade Kills
  • Knife Kills
  • Molotov Kills
  • Zeus x27 Kills

Out of these other options, the most common kills are HE Grenade and Molotov kills. These are utility grenades that are commonly bought and thrown across the map. However, knife kills and Zeus x27 (taser) kills are very unusual as they are much shorter range. It is not easy to get close enough to a player to kill short range when they are armed with a long-range gun. As such, your odds might look like this:

Astralis v Entropiq

  • Map 1 HE Grenade Kill: Yes (-280) / No (+200)
  • Map 1 Molotov Kill: Yes (-160) / No (+125)
  • Map 1 Knife Kill: Yes (+620) / No (-1410)
  • Map 1 Zeus x27 Kill: Yes (+850)

As indicated, the odds you get for a grenade or Molotov kill are pretty evenly balanced. However, the odds for knife and Zeus x27 are very one-sided as it’s incredibly unlikely.

Prop Bets on CSGO Rounds Won By

There’s no denying that kills are a big part of the Counter-Strike game. However, the main overall objective of the game is a terrorist bomb. In each round, the terrorist side will try to plant a bomb and the opposition team will defend the areas and try to defuse the bomb where necessary.

This is an instance where you might choose to make a ‘rounds won by’ prop bet. A round can be decided by: eliminations, bomb defusal, explosion or time running out.  Normally, eliminations won’t be offered, but you can still place a bet on another outcome of the round – the bomb explodes, the bomb is defused or the clock runs out. This will be done much like the other types of prop wagers.

Making a Live CSGO Prop Bet

As is the case with traditional sports betting, live betting is also very popular in esports betting as well, particularly in CSGO. In the live betting section, you will be able to make bets on total rounds and specific rounds – similar to bets we have already mentioned.

The biggest difference, however, will be the fluctuations and shifts in the betting odds and amounts. So, for example, a match between Astralis and Entropiq may start out with Over/Under 27.5 rounds on the first map as the main option. However, one team may have made an excellent start and it may move down to 21.5 for the exact same odds. In this instance, the bettor will need to decide whether or not they think that the dominating team will keep on winning, or whether there is a chance of a comeback.

Whatever option you decide to go for, the good news is that you will easily be able to find great odds for live matches on your favourite betting site’s live section – with CSGO matches being instantly updated! So, what are you waiting for – change things up and have some fun with your bets. Good luck!

Author Toby Marshall