How to Play as a Team in CSGO

Toby Marshall
30 March 2022
How to Play as a Team in CSGO

CSGO is a team game – and success means being able to play as a team – here are ways to improve your teamwork and to make your CSGO dreams work…

Ultimately, CSGO requires you to play as a team. However, it is also a game that you can, in a way, play on your own. Although we don’t necessarily recommend this, you can easily enter a match and play exactly how you want – until your teammates start kicking up a stink that you aren’t helping at all.

CSGO is only really any good when choosing to go forward as a team player – and here are the best ways to do so. Here, we will offer some general hints and tips to help you and your teammates get better – and eventually, level up. You might even make it as far as the first online qualifiers. Remember, anyone can make it to the big stage – as long as you can beat the other qualifiers.

CSGO Team Play

If you are new to CSGO and you aren’t used to playing as part of a team – then you’ll soon come to appreciate that this is the best part of the game. CSGO is supposed to be a team game and it does feel good when play starts going your way.

However, CSGO is also a very complex and strategic game – and no two rounds are the same. This means that even playing as a member of a team, your calls and strategies won’t always work as you intend them to – whether it is because the opposition team has adapted – or even whether players in your team have made some miscalculations.

Communication is Vital

The key to success is knowing how to communicate effectively. It is true, you might call out where you saw one of your opponents, or you might call out how many push B when you die – but there are numerous ways to do it, with many not helping your team out too much.

Ideally, you need to say your calls as quickly and calmly as possible. It is not helpful at all to your teammates if you yell your call lots of times. In fact, this can end up being detrimental – as they might be missing other important sound cues. You simply need to give your call, say just what you need to say and then be quiet. This also means your teammates as well. Don’t start panicking because you get flashed a lot of times then you suddenly die to two players pushing. You simply need to call ‘I’m blind, 2 players pushing B’. Then, you can add any other information you learn during those short death cam moments… but no more.

Your Money is Team Money

Because CSGO is a team game, there is no point trying to play if there are rounds with ‘weird’ buys – simply because another team player doesn’t have enough money to buy a decent weapon. As such, it’s good to be aware that your teammates’ money and yours will work together as if it’s combined. Financially they might need help and you need to help them.

If you have the money to give weapons or grenades to your teammates that don’t have them, then that is your job as part of the team to do so. This might seem weird to a new player. However, there’s a much more simple way to look at it – simply put, your money belongs to the whole team.

There is a reason why players can see how much the whole team has spent overall – rather than on a single-player basis – because it is combined.

As such, it’s wise to avoid having one team player with lots of money while others barely have two cents to rub together. If one player has a lot more money than the rest, then make sure that they drop weapons – even if the other players do have the money to buy. This way, you can avoid that player reaching the max cash amount of $16000 and wasting future rewards.

Simple CSGO Team Play Isn’t Always Simple

Many people believe that playing as a team player requires you to have a very complicated and hard to execute strategy – with lots of tricks up your sleeve. Although it’s always good to have a ‘just in case’ strategy, often playing a more simple game can be very effective. Even the best CSGO teams in the world don’t overcomplicate games if it can be avoided.

Playing simple doesn’t mean playing bad though. You can try to play a simple game and still make plenty of mistakes. You need to learn to identify those mistakes, work on those mistakes and then start stepping up the difficulty of your strategies. But remember, you need to stick to the basics. If you execute them well even the best teams will have a hard time stopping you. Temas such as Gambit and G2 don’t normally do anything difficult a lot of the time – they just do simple things well.

Trading Kills

CSGO is a game all about advantages and numbers. You simply want to have more players alive than your opposition. By having players alive, you can usually overwhelm your opponents if you play well together. It’s only natural that you won’t always have the advantage, and that’s why trading kills is very important in competitive shooter games like CSGO.

You need to play in a way that, should someone die, there is someone there to take down the killer right away. That means playing in pairs, defending on crossfire setups – and you need to make sure that there is always a second player always ready to trade a teammate if they die. So, you might have a teammate die, but because you traded the kill, it remains equally balanced.

If you look at professional matches, it’s good to watch how players work together. On the Terrorists’ side, it’s highly unusual to see a player push alone unless they are taking on a lurker role. On the other hand, you will also unlikely see a Counter-Terrorist player holding an angle where another player can easily see and punish a player that may have killed his teammate.

CSGO is a game all about positions – which means that you should get control of as many positions as possible throughout the match. The more you can push your opponent back, the less damage they can do.

Ultimately, it’s simply about the time and effort you and your teammates put into the game. The more hours you play, the better you will be and the more you will figure out what good and bad decisions are – which will make you a much better teammate in the end.

Author Toby Marshall