How to Show FPS in CSGO

Toby Marshall
15 July 2022
How to See FPS in CSGO

In the game of CSGO, every player wants to increase FPS. However, equally as important is being able to both see and control it. Unfortunately, any problems you encounter with FPS can completely ruin your gameplay. So, let’s take a look at how you can show FPS in CSGO – and thus be able to control it easier!

What IS FPS in CSGO?

First, let’s take a look at what CSGO is. FPS is Frames Per Second – which can affect the overall quality of your games. 

In terms of First Person Shooter games on PC, there is no game that has made more of an impact than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is now one of the most popular and widely played shooter games available in Valve’s Steam digital game distribution, and as we cover on CSGO Captain, also has a massive CSGO gambling market attached to it.

Indeed, its maximum player count is far higher than practically any other computer game out there. It has attracted players from all across the world, from all walks of life and more players are joining the action all the time.

CSGO is a computer shooting game that is played from a first-person perspective. Visually, the camera has been positioned where your avatar’s eyes would be – exactly as if you were inside the game. This makes the game player feel like he is that soldier, holding his weapon and trying to watch out for the enemies. This makes the game very immersive.

Any game that allows a player to play the game from a first-person perspective, by their very design, will allow them to get infiltrated, up close and personal with the game surroundings. However, this can also expose flaws within the graphics that can break the spell. In order to solve this issue, you would need to play the game on hi-tech and powerful hardware that is able to fully deliver all of the game’s graphical detail in their full glory and in their entire resolution.

Playing on a powerful device also helps in other ways. The powerful devices can push out more frames per second – FPS (not to be confused with FPS: First Person Shooter, the game’s genre).

FPS, frames per second, as the name might suggest, is the measure of how many frames of graphics your computer manages to draw per second. Having a higher FPS means that your device is able to push more frames more quickly. If there is a lower FPS then your computer will struggle to display your game at a steady pace,

The Difference in FPS

Because of the nature of FPS, it’s not difficult to see the difference between, for example, 60 FPS and 30 FPS or even 20 FPS. Here are some of the main things you will notice:

  • 60 FPS will always have a much more fluid and smoother appearance
  • 30 FPS, conversely, will look very stop/start to any player used to 60 FPS setting. It is still very playable though.
  • 20 FPS is a very low quality and is practically unplayable.

If you simply rely on only using your eyes to work out the FOS, then you’re unlikely to get a precise idea of the quality and will only be able to make a rough estimate. There is a much better way to work out what frame rate you’re playing on. This is to use a ‘utility’ to show your CSGO FPS. There are a couple of different ways you can go about this.

One of the more popular ways to display what FPS your game is running at is by utilising a third-party program. However, the main problem with this is that they could potentially cause issues in some of the games and can dent the performance in other games. However, they are quite convenient.

One of the great aspects of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is that the game, itself, can actually show you what FPSyou are playing at without needing to employ an external program or software. So, you simply need to know how to get this information from the actual game. As such, you won’t need to run any other software whilst playing CSGO to see your game FPS.

CS: GO FPS Features

We have established that the game does allow you to see the FPS. However, the bad news is that it doesn’t make it user-friendly or easy. You can look around all you want – and you definitely won’t find the option to see your FPS in the settings menu. So, how can you get this information? How do you find it out without using any external software? Well, you will need to enter the game’s console.

If you are a player who has already implemented more basic customisations in CSGO, then you will already be fairly well acquainted with the game’s console. This is a powerful tool that will let you make changes and customise your game quickly by typing in the correct CSGO console commands. By default, ‘~’ is the key to display the console. However, before you are able to bring this up, you will need to go to the options menu and enable the developer console.

The Main CSGO FPS Show Commands

Once you are in the console, you will need to type in the console code:

  • cl_showfps 1

And this will show the CSGO FPS rate. When this is entered, the game will then start to display your frame rate.

If it so happens that you want to turn it off and no longer want to see it, then you can enter the following command:

  • cl_showfps 0

This command will remove it.

The main point to remember is that ‘1’ will turn the FPS on and ‘0’ will turn the FPS off. Another option is making a custom config file which will assign the press of one specific button on the computer keyboard to show the game’s FPS

An alternative command you can use is

  • net_graph 1

This will not only show just the FPS but also the packet loss, ping and even more helpful server and client info.

What we like most about the game’s inbuilt FOS metre is that it is very quick to access and it won’t affect the overall game performance. However, because of its lightweight nature, it lacks somewhat in terms of customisation. As such, certain players have commented that the CSGO FPS metre is too small and difficult to read.

In this instance, the only other option would be the more robust market applications. These will allow players to customise all different aspects of their FPS metre, such as size, font, colour etc/. These can all be changed to suit your eyesight… and your personal taste.

The Rivatuner

The Rivatuner often comes with additional monitors as well as FPS. It allows you to keep a track of other important pieces of information such as power consumption and resource usage. Because there are now numerous apps that are built for this very reason, it isn’t always easy to pick one and actually find the one which best suits your needs. However, the good news is that there are a variety of different resources with plenty of information that can help you to make this decision.

Why You Should Know Your FPS

Well, because it is so easy to check your FPS, using this information should really be a no-brainer for all players! However, if you still haven’t been convinced that this is something you should keep an eye on, then here are the main reasons that you really should…

  1. It helps you work out what graphic setting you should be using. Unfortunately, not all of us can run the game at its highest possible res with the highest graphics preset. For most players, the graphics settings are merely a decent compromise on aesthetics versus performance. Being able to see your FPS in real-time helps players to work out the performance hit of different settings, which should assist them with working out which graphics setting to use and which ones to avoid.
  2. This can help players to reach a particular FPS target. A lot of players opt to play at frame rates that are a lot higher than what their monitors are actually capable of displaying, reasoning that having a higher frame rate will help the game to feel even more responsive and reduce the input lag. By having an FPS counter in view, a player will be able to see, at all times, whether they are meeting their targets
  3. To Remind Players How Powerful their Computers Are: Often, players that play on a powerful computer can max out each graphical preset and still play the game at a super high framerate. In these cases, being able to see the high frame rate can help you to keep an eye on your computer’s graphical power.

So, to conclude, the game’s FPS is a good indicator of how well the game performs on your computer. There are all sorts of reasons why players prefer a higher frame rate – and this is especially true in fast-paced and high-octane shooting games such as CSGO.

An FPS metre will go some way to helping the player find their perfect graphics setting, optimising the way the game looks and plays. This can help you to then work out how to increase your FPS… and get even more from the game!

Author Toby Marshall