How to Sell CSGO Skins Quickly, Safely and Easily for Real Money

Toby Marshall
3 December 2021
How to Sell CSGO Skins Quickly, Safely and Easily for Real Money

CSGO is a game that sets itself apart because not only can you enjoy the fun and artistry of playing the game, take part in CSGO gambling, but you can also earn while you do play – by learning to sell your CSGO skins for real money!

Back in 2019, Valve Corporation, the company behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, announced that they would stop players from being able to sell keys to other players in exchange for cryptocurrencies or real money funds. The in-game economy can be highly lucrative – and this has attracted ‘worldwide fraud networks’ that partake in money laundering through case keys to liquidate gains and avoid detection by law enforcement.

CSGO is not alone here, as this has also been an issue for other game developers including Riot Games and Blizzard. The decision made by Valve has affected many players who look to trade their virtual items for better in-game goodies and perks – or as an extra source of income. The players are speaking – and the company is listening.

Because so many people from the CSGO community are reacting, Valve hasn’t made any more restrictions on players selling skins for real money. So, as of right now, millions of people from across the globe can still enjoy the thrill of trading valuable skins in exchange for cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin and Ethereum) and real money. 

Now, the CSGO skins economy is one of the most valuable virtual items that has ever been seen in the gaming industry. Although other and more recent games, such as Call of Duty and Volarant have managed to replicate the monetisation of character and in-game weapon skins, none of them allows players to monetise their gameplay to the same extent as CSGO.

What’s more, the Steam Market is one of just a handful of gaming platforms that lets players take part in peer to peer trades outside of their platform. This creates numerous opportunities for players to get rid of any unwanted skins for money, but also as a way to earn money while playing a game they love

Can You Sell CSGO Skins for Real Money?

Despite having been released back in August 2012, CSGO still remains one of the most popular games in the world – and even after almost ten years in the industry, each new update just makes it bigger and better. Updates could be bug fixes, a visually enhanced map – or even brand new features that have been requested by the CSGO community.

In August 2013, they undertook one of their most important updates of all – and it was this that firmly placed it as the role model for all future, next-gen games. This update, the ‘Arms Deal’ introduced lots of aesthetically appealing agents and weapon skins – all with different values and backstories.

Later, towards the end of 2019, they released Operation Shattered Web alongside a new collection of CSGO skins. This was the successor to Operation Hydra – and it has delivered lots of game changes – including five new multiplayer maps plus the new Danger Zone map. Also, the update introduced several skins – with some exceptionally valuable ones – like the AWP’s Gungnir skin that was valued at a whopping $1,300 at a third-party marketplace.

Third-party CSGO marketplaces are always a good place to make money if you can get your hands on a rare CSGO skin from a case unlocking. Although many believe the opposite, it isn’t actually illegal to sell skins on the marketplace. All you need to do is connect your Steam Trade URL to the platform to start the trade. For example, the well-known Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skin trade happens on a third-party marketplace. Indeed, with such a buoyant economy, these virtual skins and items are growing in value – always reaching new heights – based on their supply, rarity and float value. Indeed, the Souvenir AWP’s Dragon Lore skin sold on a third-party marketplace for $61,000, which is not just a bit of extra pocket money!

Where To Sell Skins Other than The CSGO Steam Market

Pretty much every member of the CSGO community will be familiar with how to sell skins. The current method of buying skins involves using the official Steam Community Market, where users will use their official Steam wallets. However, you can only use the Steam Wallet at the Steam Marketplace. So, you can’t withdraw into real money or cryptocurrencies. However, you can sell skins for real money and instantly cashout into your PayPal – because PayPal and Skrill options are available at third-party marketplaces.

The Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore trade has proven how profitable it can be. Thus it was inevitable that Valve’s liberal decision has meant that third-party marketplaces are the most convenient CSGO trade destination for most CSGO players.

One third party marketplace which has seen impressive growth in the sales activity of skins is SkinCashier. This is an excellent choice as it offers a really user-friendly and intuitive interface, and makes the whole CSGO skins sell process simple and quick. As soon as you successfully connect your Steam inventory with the SkinCashier platform, you can select the weapon skins you want to sell from your inventory and will be given an immediate valuation. An added bonus is that there aren’t any hidden charges attached either unlike some other third-party marketplaces. This is a place that offers users a safe, transparent and reliable trading platform.

Selling Skins on a Secure and Reliable 3rd Party Platform

No longer is CSGO just a mere video game. For many it is now a lifestye choice – and many choose to sell skins as part of this. The increasing number of players looking to this means that there are now lots more online marketplaces available, all offering a player a way to sell skins – one popular option being SkinCashier.

This was created by a group of enthusiastic CSGO players – to give players an easy way to sell their skins. It has been built from the foundations to ensure security and reliability with every trade made. What with more people spending time indoors and online since the pandemic, more players are turning to CSGO as a source of entertainment – and turning to trading skins. So, there is a growth in sales volume on pretty much all of the best and most reliable third party marketplaces.

The attraction of in-game monetisation is its ability to add even more excitement to the whole process of the game. Aesthetica items like skins don’t ruin the balance of the fame – nor do they offer any tactical advantages. But they can give players the chance to enjoy the game without the frustration of ‘pay-to-win’. Skins and money aside, in CSGO, the only way to win and climb the ladder is by skills alone. However, skins can give you a mental boost.

Just as with real life, wearing your best clothes can boost your confidence and give you an edge, in the same way, players are more likely to perform their best when they have the best skins that accentuate the play style.

If you feel you need to shake up your style a bit, then you can head over to a skin third-party marketplace, sell your old ones and pick up new ones. Just in the same way, others might have their eye on your skin as their new one. What’s more, if you happen to have any rare skins, you can earn some pretty decent real money as these can be in huge demand at third-party marketplaces.

So, instead of spending lots of your money on new cases and skins, why not recycle your old or rare skins by trading them for real money – and use the proceeds to buy your new skins. Without a doubt, it is certainly possible to sustain your daily or weekly CSGO expenses and lifestyle if you start selling and trading weapon skins.

Conclusion – Selling skins for Real Money on Third-Party Marketplaces

This is, ultimately, up to your personal preference as to whether or not you want to sell your old skins for real money. However, most players, given the choice, would be more than happy to get the chance to earn some real – and often decent money, with instant cashout, by playing their favourite game – CSGO. The difference between third-party marketplaces and the Steam Marketplace is that the third-party platforms often allow you, as a player, to sell your CSGO weapon skins for real money for a very decent selling price, especially compared to the official Steam Marketplace (although it’s worth noting that there will be price fluctuations will occur, as the CSGO skin economy works in a similar manner to the stock market. There will be times that a player might have accumulated lots of weapon skins that they simply don’t like or want. There will also be times when a player might have collected duplicate (and possibly rare duplicate) skins. As such, it would make sense to clean up your inventory and make real money while you do so. You could then use this spare side income to invest in new skins – or even re-invest in financial assets including Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Author Toby Marshall