KSCERATO Chooses Loyalty Over Liquid: FURIA Star’s Decision to Decline Offer Unveiled

Toby Marshall
16 November 2023

In a surprising turn of events in the world of competitive Counter-Strike, FURIA Esports’ standout player, KSCERATO, recently revealed the reasons behind his decision to reject a tempting offer from Team Liquid, a move that has left fans and the esports community buzzing with speculation.

The Unveiling of the Decision

The announcement came via KSCERATO’s official social media channels, where he penned a heartfelt statement explaining the thought process behind his decision to turn down Team Liquid. The Brazilian prodigy, renowned for his exceptional skills and strategic prowess within the game, acknowledged the significance of the offer but expressed a deep sense of loyalty to FURIA Esports.

Loyalty Prevails

In his statement, KSCERATO emphasized the loyalty he feels toward FURIA and his teammates, highlighting the camaraderie and shared journey they have undertaken together. The decision, according to him, was not solely based on financial considerations or the allure of playing for one of North America’s premier esports organizations but rather rooted in the bonds forged within the FURIA squad.

“My time with FURIA has been more than just a professional journey; it’s a shared dream that we’re still chasing together. The bond we’ve built as a team goes beyond the server, and the trust we have in each other is irreplaceable,” KSCERATO stated.

FURIA’s Perspective

FURIA Esports, known for fostering talent and maintaining a cohesive roster, expressed their satisfaction with KSCERATO’s decision. The organization’s management echoed the sentiment of teamwork and commitment, emphasizing that success is not only measured in victories but also in the enduring relationships built within the team.

Andre Akkari, CEO of FURIA Esports, commented on KSCERATO’s loyalty, saying, “We respect KSCERATO’s decision, and we appreciate the loyalty he has shown to FURIA. Our focus has always been on creating an environment where players feel a sense of belonging and are motivated to achieve greatness together.”

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Team Liquid’s Pursuit

Team Liquid, a powerhouse in the Counter-Strike scene, had reportedly courted KSCERATO with an enticing offer, hoping to bolster their roster with his exceptional skills. The rejection, however, has forced Liquid to reassess their strategy as they continue their quest for success in the highly competitive esports landscape.

The North American organization has not officially commented on KSCERATO’s decision, but insiders suggest that they are already exploring alternative options to strengthen their lineup.

The Future for KSCERATO and FURIA

With KSCERATO reaffirming his commitment to FURIA, the team can now set its sights on future tournaments and competitions with a sense of stability and unity. The decision not only preserves the existing synergy within the roster but also sends a powerful message about the importance of teamwork and loyalty in the world of professional gaming.

As FURIA continues to make waves on the international stage, the esports community will undoubtedly keep a close eye on KSCERATO and his teammates, eager to witness the potential rewards of their unwavering commitment to each other.


KSCERATO’s decision to decline Team Liquid’s offer sheds light on the often overlooked aspect of loyalty in the competitive esports landscape. While the allure of prestigious organizations and lucrative contracts is undeniable, the bonds forged within a team can prove to be equally, if not more, valuable. As the esports industry continues to evolve, KSCERATO’s choice serves as a reminder that success is not only measured in trophies but also in the enduring relationships built on trust, shared aspirations, and the love for the game.

Author Toby Marshall