Rekindling Greatness: Major-Winning Brazilian CS:GO Core Joins Forces for CS2 with O Plano

Toby Marshall
8 January 2024
CS:GO | O Plano

In a surprising and exhilarating development for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) community, a major-winning Brazilian CS:GO core has come together once again to form an imposing team under the banner of O Plano. The news has sent ripples of excitement throughout the esports landscape, as fans eagerly anticipate the return of these iconic figures to competitive play in CS2.

Comprising the esteemed trio of Marcelo “coldzera” David, Epitácio “TACO” de Melo, and coach Wilton “zews” Prado, this legendary core achieved unparalleled success during their tenure with SK Gaming and later MIBR. Their remarkable victories, including triumphs at ESL One Cologne 2016 and the ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017, solidified their status as one of the most dominant forces in the CS:GO scene.

The decision to reunite under the banner of CS:GO team O Plano, a rapidly ascending Brazilian esports organization, has injected fresh energy into the esports community. O Plano, founded in 2022, has been making significant strides in the CS:GO realm and is rapidly becoming a rising star in competitive play. With the addition of these seasoned players, O Plano is poised to make a profound impact on the CS2 stage.

Coldzera, renowned for his exceptional fragging skills and clutch performances, expressed his excitement about the reunion. “We’ve achieved so much together in the past, and now, with O Plano, we have the opportunity to create new memories and continue our legacy in CS2. The chemistry we share is unmatched, and I believe we can bring O Plano to new heights.”

TACO, a versatile player with a proven track record of success, also shared his enthusiasm for the reunion. “Playing alongside coldzera and zews again feels like coming home. We understand each other’s playstyle, and that synergy is what made us champions. I can’t wait to step onto the CS2 stage with O Plano and showcase what we’re capable of.”

Zews, the strategic mastermind behind the team’s success, emphasized the significance of the reunion for O Plano. “This reunion is not just about reliving past glories. It’s about evolving as a team and embracing new challenges. O Plano has the vision and resources to support our goals, and together, we aim to carve our names into the history of CS2.”

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The announcement has sparked fervent discussions and speculations within the esports community about O Plano’s potential in the upcoming CS2 tournaments. Analysts and fans alike are eager to witness how this veteran core, armed with their wealth of experience and strategic prowess, will adapt to the evolving CS:GO landscape.

O Plano’s management expressed confidence in their new roster, emphasizing their commitment to fostering a winning culture within the organization. “We are thrilled to welcome back these legends to O Plano. Their achievements speak for themselves, and we believe that their reunion will not only elevate our team but also inspire the next generation of Brazilian CS:GO players. The future looks bright for O Plano.”

As the CS2 season approaches, the reunion of the major-winning Brazilian CS:GO core with O Plano has undoubtedly become one of the most captivating storylines in the esports world. Fans can hardly wait to see the iconic trio in action once again, as they aim to make history and cement their legacy in the competitive CS:GO scene. The stage is set, and all eyes will be on O Plano as they embark on this exciting new chapter in their journey.

Author Toby Marshall