Sgares blasts new skool for NA CS:GO into ‘steady decline’ 

Toby Marshall
26 April 2023

In a scathing interview with Esports Insider, veteran In-Game Leader (IGL) Sean “sgares” Gares has criticized the current generation of North American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) players for pushing the scene into a “steady decline.”

Gares, who retired from competitive play in 2020, is considered one of the best IGLs in North American CS:GO history. He captained several successful teams, including Cloud9, and is now a commentator and analyst for the game.

In the interview, Gares stated that the current crop of players lacks the work ethic and dedication of their predecessors. He argued that many younger players are more interested in streaming and content creation than in winning tournaments and improving their skills.

“They don’t have the same drive that we did,” Gares said. “They don’t have the same hunger. They don’t want to put in the hours, they don’t want to put in the effort.”

Gares also criticized the structure of North American CS:GO teams, which he believes is hindering their success. He argued that many teams are poorly managed and lack a clear vision for their future.

“There’s no infrastructure,” Gares said. “There’s no long-term planning. There’s no consistency. It’s just a revolving door of players and teams.”

Gares’ comments come at a time when the North American CS:GO scene is struggling to compete with its European and Asian counterparts. In recent years, North American teams have failed to win major international tournaments, and many have struggled to even qualify for them.

Gares argued that the decline of North American CS:GO is not a new phenomenon, but rather a result of years of neglect and mismanagement. He pointed to the lack of investment in talent development and the absence of a strong grassroots scene as major factors.

“We didn’t have any support,” Gares said. “We didn’t have any backing. We had to figure everything out on our own.”

Despite his criticisms, Gares remains hopeful that the North American scene can turn things around. He believes that the solution lies in a renewed focus on hard work and discipline, as well as better management and investment.

“We need to have a long-term vision,” Gares said. “We need to invest in talent development. We need to have a plan for the future.”

Gares’ comments have sparked debate within the CS:GO community, with some players and fans agreeing with his criticisms and others dismissing them as outdated and unfair. However, most agree that the North American scene is in need of a shake-up if it is to compete with the best in the world.

As for Gares himself, he remains committed to helping the North American scene grow and thrive. He is currently working as a commentator and analyst for major CS:GO tournaments, and is also involved in talent development through his work with the Esports Combine.

“I want to see North American CS:GO succeed,” Gares said. “I want to see us win major tournaments and compete with the best in the world. But we need to work harder, and we need to do things differently if we’re going to get there.”

Author Toby Marshall