The Best CSGO Betting Feeds on Reddit

Toby Marshall
26 April 2021
The Best CSGO Betting Feeds on Reddit

One thing that can make you more successful with CSGO betting is sharing knowledge with like-minded CSGO players and bettors. One of the most popular places for this is Reddit, where you can find a number of excellent CSGO feeds that have thousands of members, all looking to find out what is happening in the world of CSGO betting and sharing their thoughts and opinions with others. Here are the very best CSGO betting feeds that you can find on Reddit.

/CSGO on Reddit

CSGO on Reddit is one of the most popular CSGO feeds and has garnered a massive 461,360 followers. This is a feed that offers a community that is dedicated to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It offers CSGO players and betting fans a community and platform that encourages discussion. It invites players to share their gameplay videos, any memes they may have, and generally encourage players to share whatever content they have on CSGO and CSGO betting.

The feed has been well established and has been around for ten years, having been created back in 2011, making it one of the oldest CSGO feeds out there. 

What makes this such an excellent betting feed is the amount of knowledge it offers from those who spend a lot of time in the CS:GO world. It offers news on all the latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive updates and because there are 10 moderators, many who have been with the feed for over 5 years, all the information that you can find on the feed is checked carefully and moderated.


As the name suggests, this has been created with CSGO bettors in mind. The CSGOBetting Reddit feed was created in January 2014 and since then has managed to attract 57,783 members. R/CSGObetting describes itself as the home of match betting information on Reddit. It is designed to be a place where members can simply swap betting tips and ideas, interact with each other, play nice and just enjoy the community.

The reason this is such an appealing feed is because it is designed with newbies in mind. Pinned to the top, it has a ‘Weekly Question Thread’ that was created especially for newbies. Additionally, it offers CSGO bettors a ‘Daily Bet Thread’, where people can post and share their daily CSGO bets with each other. It currently has eleven moderators currently, and it also invited members to apply to become moderators. 

So, if you are looking to start CSGO gambling and need some advice on what bets to start making, then this Reddit feed is one to look for.


CSGOMarketForum is the biggest CS:GO and Steam Market Investing and Discussion Subreddit feed. This is another feed that has been around since 2014 and has attracted a massive 61,436 members in that time. 

This feed has been created to help people that are looking to trade their CSGO items and is only for Steam Market related posts. It addresses issues such as the 7 Day Market Ban, Broken Fang items and the value of CSGO cases and investments.

The Reddit feed has 8 separate moderators that have been keeping the site in check for 6+ years and making sure that members follow the feed rules. In terms of CSGO trading news, this is the best feed available right now.


CSGO Trading, also known as CS: Global Offensive Trade is a Subreddit feed that has been created to help traders to trade whatever they want. It is also there to help people make sure that those they are trading with are not scammers. This feed has been around since August 2013, and whilst not managing to attract as many members as the above feeds, it still has a very reputable 15,741 members.

This is basically a feed where GCSO players and bettors can advertise and trade their goods. It is a marketplace that allows users to find items that they are looking for, or sell items that they no longer want. The three moderators that it has have been running the feed since it started and makes sure that everyone selling and buying on their feed is above board. If you are looking for a way to buy or sell that’s not the Steam Marketplace, then this is an excellent option.

/CSGOHacking on Reddit

The name is pretty self-explanatory. This Reddit feed proclaims itself to be the ‘Master Guide to Cheating in CS:GO’. Created in September 2015, This feed offers everything about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hacking and Cheating. Although it doesn’t sound like the most honourable Reddit CSGO feed, it has got more than 17,100 members, which shows that there is quite a market for cheats and game hacks.

This is a feed that offers players cheats – designed to help players find the best ways to get ahead at CSGO, without taking the most honest route. 


The last on our list of best CSGO Reddit feeds is CSGOGamblingSites, which has been created to list all of the gambling sites for CS:GO. The feed was created in November 2015  and offers players a comprehensive list of all the CSGO Gambling sites available. It gives intel on popular CSGO betting sites such as CSGOEmpire and passes on information on where and how to get hold of free cases by sharing referral codes. So, if you’re looking for top codes for the best sites and you’re running low, then this Reddit feed could be one to check out.

On Reddit, there are thousands of people that are all interested in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, whether it’s playing the game, betting on the game, trading goods or even finding ways to cheat. These feeds bring together people that all have different insights and different knowledge on the subject. For anyone new to CSGO betting or playing the game, these provide an excellent platform to find out tips and get knowledge from players with years of experience.

Author Toby Marshall