The Best Training Maps in CSGO

Toby Marshall
26 January 2022
The Best Training Maps in CS:GO

No matter how good you are at CSGO, you still need to keep training to keep up with the competition – and that’s why we have looked at the best CSGO aim training maps to help you improve, no matter how good you are.

If you want to be a decent CSGO player, then a decent aim is the foundation you will need to start with. Of course, there will be many other aspects of the game that you need to improve and work on to reach your full potential, but first and foremost, you need to get your aim right.

Many game fans often say that it’s best to simply get out there and play the game, but that only works to a certain degree. If you want to properly improve your aim, it will need determination, dedication and an iron will. Even if you do know the basics of the game, you need to always be aware that there are always going to be aspects of your gameplay that can be improved.

Counter-Strike veterans, back in the day, used to hit the tracks of daily deathmatches. However, more recent players certainly have it easier. The Valve community workshop is full of impressive maps that work well to help with your aim training. Moreover, you can even train your aim when you are unable to play CSGO with online aim trainers. 

There are plenty of options out there, but the only real question is whether or not you are prepared to put in the effort to improve your aim day after day.

Although each of the recommended maps looks as though they are out to accomplish the same thing – which is true to an extent, only a single aim-training routine will only get you so much improvement. As soon as you start getting used to a map, it starts losing its value as you will already know what will happen next. This removes that element of the unexpected, which is what really tests your aim properly.

As soon as you start to notice that your current aim training map is being processed to muscle memory, it’s time to start playing on another to push your aim even further. Without further ado, here are the best CSGO aim training maps to help you move to the next level.

1. Crashz’s Crosshair Generator V3

You need to make sure that the stage is set before you move into running and shooting down your opponents. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lets players customise their crosshairs with different shapes, colours – and even different behaviours. Although most new players like it that the crosshair enlarges as they move to indicate that they will have no accuracy if they shoot – more experienced players turn it off as they find it annoying.

Looking for a professional player’s crosshair is an okay idea – however, it won’t be the same as one that has been specifically tailored to you. The CSGO Crosshair customisation interface does lack guidance, but the Crashz’s crosshair map has what you will be looking for.

If you start to feel lost, then this map will allow you to choose from Crosshairs that are used by the biggest and best professional players – and you can always improve their already successful formula to make it work even better for you.

2. DC’s Aim and Movement CSGO Training Maps

It is much easier to land your shots with deadly accuracy if you aren’t running around/ Although the Counter-Terrorists will have the advantage of waiting corners, it is terrorists that will need to bring the fight to them.

The process will include peeking corners and having to face dangerous situations – which will see you needing to stop and immediately enter an intense gunfight. Being able to make this transition is hugely important in bringing a round home – and this is the training map that will help you to perfect it.

From the easiest of ramps to the most difficult peeks, it has it all. Although the map already offers lots of great options, you can increase it even more by inventing alternative scenarios yourself.

3. KataS’ Training_Aim_CSGO2

This is arguably one of the easiest and most straightforward aim training maps available. It is full of simple targets, which makes it the perfect choice for beginners.

Going through this map will help to teach you the basics of how to position your aim and it will help you to start tapping instead of spraying. In total, there are five training drills available on the map, and we suggest going through all of them with all of your available weapons. If you take into consideration that CSGO is a game about economy, you won’t always have the means to buy the same guns – so it’s a good idea to have alternatives.

You should use the overlays that surround the map to track your progression – then think about challenging yourself to beat your previous high scores. Ultimately, it is your drive and commitment that keeps on moving you forward.

4. Yprac’s Practice and Warmup CSGO Training Maps

Although it’s nice to partake in aiming drills to get you moving, sometimes you might be in the mood for just kicking back and allowing your aiming hand to work its magic. This map potentially offers the most generous number of options in terms of training drill – with all of them simply requiring you to just place yourself in the centre of the map.

It even allows you to change the map settings which will give it an altogether different vibe – or you could even try for a CSGO world record. With a complete gun selection and an easy to play map, this is a perfect choice if you want one map that does it all. All of the drills included should last until you reach the Global Elite ranks – with the aim of the gods.

5. ULLeticaL’s Recoil Master

The best way to out-aim any other player in your lobby is knowing your weapon inside out. You may feel confident with an AK-47, but this could be a nonfactor against a user of the UMP45 if you aren’t confident of properly controlling the gun.

This raining map focuses on helping players to work various CSGO recoil patterns. Each and every weapon has a different recoil – and you need to properly understand them before you start reaching higher rankings.

If you complete a few drills with each gun, then you can see how they act if you start spraying. Although spraying isn’t ideal in terms of accuracy, sometimes you won’t have any choice but to spray. If you can follow the perfect CSGO spray patterns, then you will have a much better chance of defeating your opponent.

6. ULLeticaL’s Aim Botz

Although it may get boring shooting regular targets for an extended period of time – as it doesn’t really reflect the real game, this offers some respite. This aim training map offers players more variety when it comes to target models.

It has a huge aim stage that features numerous different bots and has a decent variety of options. Although this may not be the best map to begin aim training, it works wonders if you want to warm up a bit before going to play a ranked match. You can even make the bots face you all the time, which adds even more drama to your aim training session.

Downloading and Playing CSGO Custom Training Maps

The good news is that downloading these CSGO training maps – and any other custom map is pretty easy. You will need to head over to the Workshop page for custom CSGO maps and then search for your required map. Then, click on the map you choose and press the green ‘subscribe’ button.

Subscribing to a map in the workshop, automatically makes it available for you to play. So, just launch the CSGO game as soon as you have finished subscribing and then find the workshop tab in the game mode menu. Your chosen map should then be available on the list – you then just need to click on it and press play!

In addition, you are also allowed to invite any friend that also has that same map to have competitions or join different communities in the search for other aspiring players who you want to practise with… although one vs one maps are generally better for training in pairs as there is no routine that can really replicate the intense in-game situations that you would come across with another player. 

Author Toby Marshall