The Best Weapon Skins – CSGO

Toby Marshall
23 March 2022
The Best Weapon Skins - CS:GO

A lot of emphasis in CSGO is placed on the maps and gameplay etc. However – one area of CSGO that is popular, that doesn’t require hours of practice and honing skills – are CSGO skins, so what are the best weapon skins in CSGO? Skins can add a real sense of style to your gameplay and while you don’t necessarily want to be an ‘all gear no idea’ kind of player, you want to look good. Going into the game with top CSGO skins can even help to intimidate players – and start with the mind games. So, let’s see exactly what the best CSGO skins are if you are looking to start your CSGO skins buying, selling and trading journey. 

If you’re ready to show off your skills, impress your friends and terrify your enemies on Dust 2 and Mirage. Then check out our list of the best CSGO weapon skins.

The Importance of the Best Weapon Skins in CSGO

Although your aim and skill is most important when it comes to competitive first-person shooter games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, having the most stylish skin on your weapon is also an important factor that you shouldn’t overlook.

The game has now been around for almost ten years – and there are now hundreds of skins for more than 60 weapons available in the game. There are numerous ways to get skins – organically, randomly, as mission rewards and from weapon cases. Cases can only be opened with keys that cost around $2.50 (or £1.79).

A popular way to get some of the better skins is via the Steam Marketplace. Any player that receives skins from crates can use the Steam Marketplace to sell them. Users can then purchase them outright – knowing exactly what they are getting without having to worry about the randomness of drop probabilities. 

Because skins are popular – and there is a wide availability of different skins with different values, they are now considered an actual form of currency in the game’s ecosystem.

For example, at this moment in time, one of the most expensive CSGO skins is the Souvenir Dragon Lore AWP in Factory New condition. This can cost upwards of $26,000 (£18,280).

This is probably out of most players’ price range, but here are some of the very best CSGO skins available at the Steam Market right now.

  1. Water Elemental: Glock
  2. Neo Noir: AWP
  3. Mecha Industries: M4A1-S
  4. Neon Rider: AK-47
  5. Disco Tech: MAC-10

The Water Elemental – Glock

The Water Elemental Skin is for the Glock and comes from the Breakout Collection. There are various different price ranges for the skin. Should you buy the standard skin then it costs around $11 (£7.75). However, a StatTrak version can set you back in the region of $38 (£26.79).

The skin was originally launched as a part of the Breakout Collection back in 2014. It covers the whole of the Glock in red and blue colours, plus the image of the water elemental. The only part of the gun not covered by the skin is the trigger and handle. There are a  few subtle black accents, but they add something a little extra to the overall design.

This is one of the more affordable skins but because it looks so artistic, is still very much in demand.

Neo Noir – AWP

Neo Noir was launched as part of the Danger Zone Collection and can be purchased for slightly more than the Water Elemental skin – starting at $57 (£40.17) for a standard Factory New skin and $137 (£96.57) for a StatTrak skin.

This is definitely one of the higher-end price range skins, but it is surely worth it as one of the best weapon skins in CSGO. It was originally a part of the 2018 Danger Zone Collection and is considered a real piece of art – to cover one of the deadliest guns in the game. This is more than just a simple splash of colour – this skin is an illustrious noir-style image of a couple of women on the rear and the body of the weapon. It has a vivid pink, purple and blue colour scheme – making it look so good – just like that new pair of trainers you don’t want to wear but can’t resist.

Mecha Industries – M4A1-S

The Mechanic Industries for the M4A1-S was originally launched as part of the Gamma Collection and is one of the easier top skins on the wallet, coming in at around $29 (£20.44) for a Factory New skin, or $102 (£71.89) for a StatTrak skin.

Initially, it may simply just look like a simple change of colour – but there are lots of smaller details you can see on closer inspection. The skin was originally from the 2016 Gamma Collection. It has a white and grey base colour scheme – but some eye-catching red highlights. It makes it somehow look and feel rustic but futuristic – different by not flashy. Even when it has been well-used and battle-scarred – it simply looks even better!

Neon Rider – AK-47

The Neon Rider for the AK47 comes from the Horizon Collection and is one of the more expensive skins, coming in at around $137 (£96,56) for Factory New and a hefty $450 (£317) for a StatTrak skin.

This skin was originally a part of the 2018 Horizon Collection – and looks very Cyberpunk 2077. It is all about the neon pinks, blues and purples, making it one of the flashiest you can get at this moment in time. It may not be the most expensive skin ever, but it certainly costs a pretty penny. If you use it in the game, you’ll certainly get attention from both your teammates and your enemies.

Disco Tech – Mac 10

The Disco Tech for the Mac 10 was launched as part of the Prisma 2 Collection and is quite the bargain at $23 (£16.21) for a Factory New Skin and $73 (51.45) for a StatTrak skin. If  Neon Rider is a little bit out of your price range then this skin might be the second-best option for you. This is one of the newer releases, originally a part of the 2020 Prisma 2 Collection.

It has a beautiful and mesmerising pattern, combining bright colours and geometric shapes. However, that’s not just it. The colour combination actually changes as it moves – as it’s a holographic skin… and a bargain one at that! 

Best CSGO Weapon Skins Conclusion

So, there are the best CSGO weapon skins available right now. Some cost a bit of loose change, whilst others cost a wee bit more. But if you are looking for some bright, flashy skins that will catch the eye of the others, then these are the ones to watch.

Author Toby Marshall