The Cache Map CSGO – What You Need to Know

Toby Marshall
23 February 2022
The Cache Map CSGO

If you’re an avid CSGO player and bettor, you will no doubt be familiar with the Cache map – but let’s look at it in a bit more depth:

The map was created by Salvatore Garozzo, Lenz Monath and Shawn Snelling in a bomb defusal scenario… for those looking to enjoy success on the map, then surgical precision and tactical prowess are vital to securing a hidden weapon cache beneath Chernobyl.

Cache is a customised bomb defusal map that features in Operation Phoenix and Operation Bravo. When Operation Breakout was first introduced, this was when Cache first became an official map, having been introduced to the Active Duty map pool – and becoming the one and only community map to achieve this. However, it wasn’t a completely happy ending, having been replaced in March 2019 by Vertigo. Despite this, it is still playable in competitive matchmaking.

The Cache Map Overview

The Cache map was originally made as a custom map for Counter-Strike: Source and was then remade for CS:GO after having been rebalanced and improved the Terrorist-sided issues. The map is set in Pripyat, Ukraine  – with the infamous Chernobyl Power Plant visible from the Terrorist spawn.

The CT Spawn

The Cache CT spawn can be found in a garage to the side of the map. As you exit the CT Spawn, the Counter-Terrorists can then defend Bombsite A by turning to the left and passing a truck. They can defend Middle by moving forward and travelling through the CT Connector pathway. They can also defend Bombsite B by turning right, gaining access to Heaven (which is a platform that overlooks Bombsite B) or via the main doors into Bombsite B.

T Spawn

The T Spawn can be found in an open field opposite the CTs. Terrorists can attack Bombsite A by moving right into A Main or Long A. They can attack Middle by moving forwards through the garage or else by boosting their teammates up into the Boost, which is near Main A. They can also attack Bombsite B from B Halls by turning left.

Bombsite A

Bombsite A is located in a parking area. The area is connected to Middle by a long slope (Highway) and terrorists can enter the bombsite via A Main or Long A.

At the centre of the bombsite is a large freight container, with a small stack of crates beside it, which are the main elements of this area. There is an elevated platform – the Balcony, which you can reach via the ladder near the highway. Beneath the Balcony is the Forklift and some boxes, which can be used as cover by Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists defending or attacking from A Main.

A large stack of boxes are located opposite the Balcony – Boost Boxes, which you can only be accessed by boosting your teammate. However, it offers a very useful hiding spot!

Finally, there is a truck parked near the corner from the path from CT Spawn. This gives great cover for CT snipers looking into Main A.

Bombsite B

Bombsite B is located indoors and contains numerous stacked crates, perfect for defending. This area is connected to B Hall by an open gate, but there are vents from mid that connect to a pathway on the side of the area (checkers).

On the CT side of the map, there is an elevated platform – Heaven, which gives CTs a great defensive position for overlooking the area.

Long A

Long A is a hallway that connects the T Spawn area with Bombsite A. It is a long 90-degree turn – which is pretty empty with little places for cover. The door at the end of the hallway connects Bombsite A to the path, which makes it tricky to attack into and out of Long A.

If you open the door, there is a perfect view of defenders near the Balcony area and the top part of the slope. However, a defender who is defending from within the freight container can easily pick you and pick off players as they come through the door.

A Main

The A Main is an alternative path to Bombsite A. This path has one single box to use for cover and an open gate that leads into the Bombsite A area. It is a little more exposed than Long A, but conversely, it offers a better view of the defenders’ positions – especially those defending from behind the freight container and crates.

The Middle

One of the most fiercely contended areas on the whole Cache map is Middle. As the name implies, it is right in the middle of the map. Middle is a large, wide-open area that has a small building to one side (Mid Roofs). Other than that, it is completely empty. Middle connects to CT Spawn via CT Connector T Spawn via Garage Bombsite B via an air vent passageway and Bombsite A via Highway.

Terrorists can access the area via T Mid, which is an open gate that has little cover but is a quick route into the vents. Alternatively, they can enter the area by boosting teammates up to the platform near A Main – overlooking the middle but is totally exposed.

Counter-Terrorists can retreat into the CT Connector or hide behind the small building to get cover ( Sand Bags) from attacking Terrorists. The Counter-Terrorist side also has a window available in the CT connector that is generally used by snipers. A Counter-Terrorist coming down from the slope can then take cover behind the white box next to the slope (White).

B Halls

This is the Terrorists’ primary access route to Bombsite B. B Halls is a C-Shaped hallway that is connected to the Garage via Dumpster – a small pathway. It also connects to Bombsite B and Checkers via two open gates.

The courtyard at the side of the Halls overlooks a window right above Bombsite B. It is mainly used by attacking Terrorists throwing grenades into Bombsite B.

The Development History of the Cache Map

It was in August 2018 that FMPONE tweeted a picture of the new Cache Radar Map overview with a green tick on the CT Spawn. However, in March 2019, the mao was again removed from the Active Duty map pool.

After completing the reworked map, it was re-released to the public again in September 2019 during the ESL One New York 2019 CSGO tournament. The following month, in October 2019, it was released into the Steam workshop and was officially added to the CSGO game in that month’s update.

Cache Map Trivia

Here are some fun facts and trivia to know about the Cache Map…

  • The Cache map was originally introduced before the 2014 ESL One Tournament – only available in a souvenir package.
  • The map has numerous signs written in Ukrainian which translate to ‘Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant’.
  • Although the map is set in Chernobyl, the truck by the T Spawn has an American (Californian) license plate.
  • Although it is set in Ukraine, the CTs are GIGN – French!
  • There is a stack of boxes ripped open on Heaven B, which contains a rack of AK-47s that you cannot pick up. There is also an unusable weapon rack on Bombsite B – containing an SSG 08 and AWP amongst others.
  • The graffiti on B site shows a winged man with an AWP. This was added after 2016’s ESL One in Cologne, where a pro player dropped from B Heaven with an AWP killing two enemy players without using scopes. That graffiti shows the scope dropping off the AWP  – in reference to the kills being noscopes.
  • Near the B Halls, there is a portrait of Soviet Navy officer Vasily Arkhipov, who had been credited with preventing a Soviet nuclear strike during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • The Cache map has one reference to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant as it has reactor 4 built-in.
Author Toby Marshall