The Nuke Map: A Guide

Toby Marshall
12 November 2021
The Nuke Map

One of the most popular maps in CS:GO is the Nuke map – and it has been on the scene since the Counter-Strike 1.6 days. The map was originally designed by Jo Bieg, however, it has had a number of changes throughout the years. The map is based on an abandoned area that holds a nuclear weapon.

At the beginning, the map was dominated by desert textures, but it has since been modernised. However, the layout of the map remains pretty true to its origins – and it still offers players one of the most exciting gaming experiences  – but with an improved design, better textures and lots more features.

Its last revamp incorporated various upgrades and changes. These included removing one of the vents between the two bomb sites, giving easier access to the Silo, making a few changes to the CT Catwalk, blocking up access points to a few areas, moving Toxic to the Ramp side and a few other amendments.

CSGO Nuke Map: Callouts

Learning all of the main CSGO callouts for the Nuke map is pretty easy because this is one of the smallest maps in CSGO.  It also includes a large building that takes up a lot of the space on the map. As well as this, close-range weapons work well on this type of map, which is something you should consider if you are new to the game. If you are more of a skilled long-distance sniper player then this is probably not the best map of voice for you.

Neither of the bomb sites on the map is in a wide-open area. Both of the sites are located in a closed room. However, there are a handful of vantage points that allow you to overlook and see what is happening from afar. The vents make travelling between the bomb sites easier, as the bomb sites have been placed directly on top of each other, which may prove confusing if you are seeing the map for the first time and can only see one bomb site.

It’s also important to remember that the Nuke map doesn’t have a Mid location. This is because the map has a rather cramped layout and there isn’t enough space. This makes playing on the Nuke map different from playing on most other CSGO maps. To start, you just need to know that you can divide the map into different areas. There’s the outside, which is where most of the fighting happens, with the rest being inside a big building.

If you want to be successful in outdoor fights then you need to know where you can hide, flank and take cover. That’s what we are here to help with.

You can find the T Spawn and the CT Spawn on the opposite sides of the map. Both feature a path that is a similar distance from the building – however, the entries and paths inside are different towards the two bomb sites. So, let’s take a look at all the main callouts on the Nuke map.

Bombsite A

Bombsite A is the wide-area that can be found towards the centre of the map. It is located within a large building and includes numerous cover spots, hiding places and vantage points, which makes it difficult to attack and defend the site. There are also lots of ways you can get in and out of Bombsite A.

The defending team are able to see nearly all of Bombsite A by looking through a spot on Heaven. Defenders can also see part of the outside area that leads to Bombsite A from the Locker Room which can be found at the right of Bombsite B – the side of the CT Spawn. From this place, the defending team can also see what is happening at the Garage and the CT Red container, which are both very important areas if you’re looking to gain more control of the map.

The defending team can also get to Bombsite A through the ladder that is near to the CT Spawn. From this point, they can head over to the T Roof. This offers a clear overview of the whole of Bombsite A area. This same path also leads to the Radio Room, Silo and Control Room. From this point, you can access both the Ramp and Bombsite B. 

Defence of Bombsite A on Nuke Map

The Squeaky room is long, narrow and can be found beside the T Spawn. It is here that you can usually find the attackers entering Bombsite A – as this area leads them directly inside the site. However, there’s nothing that the Counter-Terrorists can do about this because there is no time to stop them from entering. This gives defenders two options. They can either defend Bombsite A inside or else take the battle outside, trying to kill as many enemies as possible.

If you opt to defend from inside, then as a CT, you can rush towards Bombsite A through the entrance at Mini. You should hopefully be able to spot the attackers as they enter through Squeaky. However, you need to remember to switch your viewpoint towards the Hut as the attackers will often try and get in through there as well. Both the Squeaky and Huut entrances are very close to each other, but they can still catch you off guard if you aren’t prepared.

As you stand guard behind the box at Mini, another defender could then position themselves on the Rafters above. This will allow them to watch out for movement coming from inside the Hut. This will then secure both of the entrances. However, there are simply no strategies for Outside fights  – you just need to be a good shot, don’t rush and get killed straight away.

Attacking Bombsite A

If the defenders have done a good enough job in securing the Squeaky and Hut entrances, then trying to get inside Bombsite A room can be tricky. However, you could use flashbangs and smokes in order to limit the vision of the defender on the Rafters, then slip through the Hut.

You could also enter through the Main. This is a location that is found in front of the Hut and beside the Roof. However, if you enter through here then it suggests that you have a teammate on the Silo backing you up and informing you of your enemy’s whereabouts.

As soon as you have broken through and have made it inside to plant the bomb, you need to bear in mind that you need to have players secure positions such as Vents and the Heaven access point – as you don’t want to encounter any nasty surprises.

Bombsite B

The Bombsite B on the Nuke map can be found on the lower level and you can get to it through the Vents at Bombsite A. Here, a defender can make use of the hiding spots found around the Ramp in order to ambush attackers to stop them from taking Bombsite B. There are several objects and places – such as the Big Box, Boost Box and Headshot spot found behind the Ramp that you could use to catch your enemy off-guard and get rid of them.

Another entrance available for Site B is found down the path, through Secret and all the way down to the bottom of the Nuke map. Here, you can find a staircase that leads to the Tunnels close to Site B

The bomb planting spot on Site B can be found in the middle of a wide room that offers very little cover or protection. So, if you get caught either planting or defusing the bob then you could be very vulnerable.

Defending Site B on Nuke Map

The biggest piece of advice when defending Site B is by using your headphones carefully and listening out for the noises that will be easily detectable if attackers are entering through the double doors. These doors will only open if someone is next to them, which means you can get an insight as to where your enemy is. If you are hiding in the Back Vents or on the hole behind the doors then you can easily pick an enemy off

This is definitely worth remembering, but you will find that most of the defending or attacking for SIte B on the map will take place near the Ramp on the outside. When you are there, you can make good use of the Boost Point to spot where the enemy comes from. You can then throw Molotovs and Flashbangs if you see them coming, then get into better positions to prepare for battle

If the attacker gets inside, then it’s important to remember that there aren’t many places to find cover. Although there aren’t many, the ones that there are, are perfect. One area is called Dark, a small hole close to the window. This needs closer inspection if you are to be seen inside, which then gives you the chance to blow away your enemy. However, be sure to either shoot first or throw a Molotov at the entrance of Site B if you can see enemies coming. Attacks will possibly be too cautious and throw a Molotov even if they don’t see you there.

Finally, if the attackers manage to beat you to Site B and are waiting for you, then remember to have handy a Molotov or grenade handy so that you can make a quick sweep inside Bombsite B area. If any are left alive then they will show their positions, making them easier to kill.

Attacking Bombsite B

Before you make a plan of action for attacking Site B, you need to send out a teammate who is good with their Nuke Callouts to the top of the Silo. Thi teammate can then tell you where the defenders are going  and warn you if you are in danger. This player can then provide you with cover if you choose to rush Secret.

Attacking Bombsite B on the map means that you have to be very careful as you proceed. As soon as you get inside it shouldn’t be too scary, but the journey there is tricky and it’s easy to get shot and killed. As such, move carefully and make sure you check the Boost point and Big Box near the Ramp. Also, don’t go alone. Have a player as a backup, especially if you are close to the Headshot areas, where it’s easy to be killed but not easy to kill defenders.

You could also prepare for potential flanks while playing on the Nuke map. This map allows players to rotate many times which makes it easy to get flanked. This is why the player on the Silo should inform you of an enemy’s location. However, if you do feel suspicious about an enemy waiting for you, you could use Molotovs and flashbangs.

CT Spawn

The CT Spawn and T Spawn can be found at opposite sides of the Nuke map. The CT Spawn is all the way at the right of the map. It features a very wide-open area. From here, players have easy access to Site A and Heaven by going through the Rafters. It is also easy to access the Hell side from the CT Spawn

Both Spawn and CT Spawn are about the same distance away from the open area outside. The CT Spawn can lead quickly to the Garage area. Here, players can take cover and get prepared for an Outside shootout. From this point, a player can rush to protect Secret or get involved in the fight and attempt to take out the enemy on the Silo. The more enemies you keep busy in the Outside fight, the fewer available to attack bomb sites.

T Spawn

The T Spawn area is located on the left-hand side of the map. The Spawn runs down a long, narrow pathway – which at the end, splits into two. If a player goes right they will reach the Silo and Outside area where the fighting happens. If they turn left then they will head towards the entrance to the Main, where you can either enter Bombsite A or head over to Control and the Ramp that takes you to Site B.


The Outside is a wide-open area on the map that can be found at the bottom part of the Nuke map. This is one of the most exciting places as this is where plenty of the action happens – especially near the start of every round. The Outside features some major callouts such as the T Red, Silo, CT Red, Garage and Secret.

The CT Red and T Red callouts are just large containers that players can use for cover when moving around the area. The Silo is a big and tall structure that offers players lots of vision and can be found near the Terrorists side of the map. The Garage can be found close to the CT Spawn and has a great hiding spot perfect for taking cover when fights are going on outside.


This is a small area on the map that gives players excellent vision if they happen to control it. From Heaven, a player can have the perfect line of sight towards the Secret and Garage, which will help them to spot rotation and coordinate their team’s movements. This can be found on top of Hell and it has a ladder directly going up to it – the stairway to Heaven!


The vents are the quickest and easiest way to get between Site A and Site B on the Nuke map. They can be found beside the Mini entrance in Bombsite A. However, players can only travel through the one on the left-hand side. As you may know, the Vents are an excellent way to mount an ambush on enemies or to quickly go to the assistance of a teammate that is battling between Site A and Site B.

CSGO Nuke Map Conclusion

Having read this Nuke guide, you should now know the most important places on the map. Having this knowledge will help you to have better control of the map and be much more effective when fighting enemies.

Author Toby Marshall