The PGL Major: Antwerp 2022

Toby Marshall
10 February 2022
The PGL Major: Antwerp 2022

The most exciting time of the year for any Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan – and anyone that likes betting on CSGO – is tournament time, and we can now look towards the next CSGO Major in May 2022 with the PGL.

The 2022 CSGO PGL Major Takes Place in Antwerp

The time is coming, and details are just emerging about 2022’s first CS:GO major of the year. Now, for those who like putting times and dates in their diary, we know that the PGL CSGO Major 2022 will be happening in Antwerp in May 2022.

Anyone who is familiar with previous tournaments will notice that this one will feature a slightly tweaked format. However, you can rest assured that all the favourite teams will be taking part. The even better news is that, for the playoffs, the tournament will actually be opening up its doors to spectators.

This is exciting news for all – as the fact that the huge crowds it attracts will finally be able to return to the action will be a massive boost to the tournament and its fans.

The First Tournament of the Year

Now we have all the details in full, it’s time to start getting excited about the PGL CSGO Major Antwerp 2022. As the name suggests, the tournament is scheduled to be held in Belgium and this will be the opening CS GO tournament that is actually available to live audiences for the first time in what seems to be forever.

Any fan of CSGO and CSGO betting will know what atmosphere a live crowd can bring to any event – and this really has been lacking from practically all esports in recent years. Although we have been able to rely on online streams to keep things going, this will certainly liven it all up. So, all CSGOers, free your diary between May 19-22 and get ready, finally, for some real CSGO action.

A Big Prize To Play For

There are plenty of things to get excited about – especially given the fact that this huge PGL Major tournament in Antwerp will have a $1 million prize pool available to the successful players. Big money wins are certainly the best way to attract those live crowds for the games. This is vital, given the size of the stadium they need to fill – taking place in a very impressive 18,000 seater venue.

As well as boasting a very decent prize pool, they also have a live offline competition with a crowd and the excitement of the build-up as everyone awaits the start of the major. As such, this certainly looks as though it will be a very exciting tournament.

In total, there will be 24 teams competing for the win and these will be divided up based on their rankings. There will be 8 teams in the Legend tier, another 8 teams in the ‘Challengers’ and the final 8 teams will be in the ‘Contenders’ tier. Each of the three tiers will pull their teams from the region’s major rankings.

The Tournament Format

So, this is exactly how the tournament will be laid out. Well, it will kick off with the ‘New Challengers stage. These are elimination and advancement matches that are played as the best of three. The seeds from round three to five will be decided by the Buholz system. Then the teams at the bottom will be eliminated, whilst the top teams will advance to the next stage.

The New Legends stage will take the same format – and the top eight teams will move to the next round.

However, the Swiss system they use in the event will be slightly different from what is considered as standard. Basically, there will be five rounds of teams facing off in a variety of combinations.

The final part of the tournament is the New Champions Stage. This stage is a single-elimination bracket, and matches will be played as the best of three. For those that are looking for CSGO gambling, then this is generally the biggest and best part of the tournament!

2022 PGL Major From the Comfort of Home

Understandably, it might not be practical to make a jaunt over to another country to watch the action in person, no matter how much you might want to. However, if you can’t make it, then you will be able to watch plenty of live streams that are available. In fact, this is going to be only the second-ever CSGO major that can be live-streamed in 4K.

This means that fans sitting at home can enjoy the event almost as if they were there, in some of the best quality ever.

In recent times, given the pandemic, there has been more interest in playing eSports, but not as much excitement around the tournament – but finally, it’s back. Now, fans of CSGO, old and new, can enjoy the action.

Author Toby Marshall