Unforgettable CS:GO Matches That Shaped Esports History

Toby Marshall
29 August 2023
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Over the course of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s (CS:GO) eleven-year existence, esports enthusiasts have been treated to an array of historic matches that have etched themselves into the annals of gaming lore. From the rise of dominant teams to underdogs claiming pivotal trophies, and the awe-inspiring prowess of standout players like s1mple, dev1ce, and ZywOo, the journey through CS:GO’s evolution has been nothing short of exhilarating.

When reminiscing about the most legendary matches in CS:GO history, five encounters stand out as unforgettable spectacles. These matches, each marked by its unique drama and intensity, continue to captivate fans and maintain their status as pivotal moments in the esports world.

Revisiting the Top 5 Legendary CS:GO Matches of All Time

5) Clash of Titans: Natus Vincere vs. G2 – PGL Stockholm Major 2021

In November 2021, the grand finals of the PGL Stockholm Major marked a monumental occasion – the first CS:GO Major post the COVID-19 pandemic. The world watched with bated breath as Natus Vincere (NAVI) and G2 squared off, vying for their inaugural Major victory. Unlike in previous occasions where NAVI faltered in similar situations, they prevailed with a resounding 2-0 win (16-11 on Ancient, 22-19 on Nuke). This clash held historic significance, not only as NAVI’s first Major win, but also as the most-watched CS:GO match ever. The pivotal moments, including NiKo’s missed shots and NAVI’s triumph, remain etched in the minds of fans.

4) Astralis Overcomes: Astralis vs. Virtus Pro – ELEAGUE Atlanta Major 2017

The ELEAGUE Atlanta Major in January 2017 witnessed a defining showdown between Astralis and Virtus Pro (VP). VP’s storied lineup of TaZ, NEO, pashaBiceps, Snax, and byali was synonymous with Polish CS:GO excellence, while Astralis carried the burden of past disappointments. The grand finals became an epic saga as VP clinched Nuke 16-12 and seemed poised to capture their second Major title. Yet, Astralis mounted an astounding comeback, winning Overpass 16-14 and Train through Kjaerbye’s mastery, silencing doubters and solidifying their prowess. This match was so memorable that it led to a rematch later that year.

3) Flusha’s Heroics: Fnatic vs. FaZe Clan – IEM Katowice 2018

The IEM Katowice 2018 grand finals remain etched as a true masterpiece of CS:GO competition. A pivotal figure in this clash was flusha, who demonstrated his genius on Train, the fifth map of the series. Fnatic’s survival seemed bleak, but flusha’s dual aces propelled them to overtime and eventually a 19-17 victory over FaZe Clan. His monumental 127 frags throughout the series, with 38 on Train alone, led to Fnatic’s triumph. This match stands as a testament to flusha’s brilliance and the enduring impact of best-of-five grand finals.

2) Coldzera’s Iconic Play: Luminosity Gaming vs. Team Liquid – MLG Columbus 2016

In the semifinal of MLG Columbus 2016, Luminosity Gaming and Team Liquid engaged in a fierce battle that defined Brazilian CS:GO history. The indelible highlight of this clash was coldzera’s astonishing jumping no-scope collateral, igniting a momentum shift that propelled Luminosity to a 19-15 victory on Mirage and a 19-16 win on Cache. This iconic play solidified Luminosity’s legacy and marked the beginning of their journey to their first Major triumph.

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1) Cinderella Story: Cloud9 vs. FaZe Clan – ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018

The pinnacle of CS:GO’s legacy is embodied in the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018’s grand final. Cloud9’s astonishing run from a 0-2 record to a championship win against FaZe Clan was a Cinderella story of unprecedented proportions. The gripping clash saw C9 lose their initial map pick, only to rally back and secure victory with sheer determination and unforgettable moments. Stewie2K’s critical plays pushed the match into overtime, where C9 triumphed, marking the first Major trophy for North America. The ELEAGUE Boston Major’s grand finals remains a defining moment that echoes across the realm of CS:GO esports.

In the tapestry of CS:GO’s evolution, these matches stand as monuments to skill, strategy, and the indomitable spirit of competition. As fans and players alike continue to forge the future of esports, these unforgettable moments remain a source of inspiration and awe.

Author Toby Marshall