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Players from United States are accepted!


CSGO cases, skins, and in-game items are emerging as a parallel universe for CSGO gaming enthusiasts willing to explore new online gaming arenas. Apart from entertainment and loads of thrilling action, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is becoming a reputable source of generating income from your gaming ecstasies. When you are plunging on special case opening sites to check out the latest skin items, the CSGOLive is a popular name in the category. This website is dedicated to cases and skins where you can invest in your favorite products or those in your inventory. Players can also lure themselves with catchy promotions, bonuses, and a host of other ongoing giveaways listed on the site.

CSGOLive is a perfect platform to open cases as they have a wide variety to explore. CSGO fans can also pick their preferred cases when the range beings from $0.02. This platform has been active since 2016, and the massive user base makes it a hit amongst users. Let’s have a glance over it in detail.

About CSGOLive

Are you looking for the perfect CSGO case-opening platform for trading and making real money? CSGOLive is certainly a great choice in terms of customer support, promotions, features, payments, and other aspects. We have covered various aspects of this platform to familiarize you with its intricacies and whether you can count on it for selling and buying CSGO and DOTA 2 skins. There is also a case creature feature on the platform that leverages you to create cases according to your preferences.

CSGOLive is a relatively decent and reputed case-opening platform that is fetching attention for its legitimacy and fairness of deals. Players and skin enthusiasts can also get the liberty of customizing their cases with their preferred skins.

This website notches in terms of pricing, skin options, and security features available here. All the user data is completely safe on this legitimate platform. Giving it a try can never be a bad choice for sure. We have evaluated each of the below sections and stated information that’s true to our knowledge. Anyone scouting for the best case opening platform can visit the link and explore the website in detail.

Top Features of CSGOLive Website

Below listed are a few important features of this CSGO skin platform. Check them out:

  • This platform is a perfect and reliable case-opening site for users.
  • The website has over 800 reviews listed at the Trustpilot and an overall rating of 4.7 for its features.
  • Multiple options for making deposits such as Mastercard, Visa, G2A Pay, Visa, Paypal, PayOp, Kinguin, and GameMoney.
  • The platform also facilitates Crypto payment options
  • Several in-game deposit options include Dota 2 or CSGO skins and TF2 Keys.
  • The platform has a responsive user interface and secured payment connection.
  • Great customer support and quick response make it a suitable case opening site.
  • Withdrawal options include the CSGO P2P, Dota 2, and CSGO Skin items.

The CSGOLive is a reputed and moderately good platform to purchase or sell CSGO products and other types of in-game accessories. Keep reading to learn about its functionality in detail.

Is CSGOLive Legit and Trustworthy?

CSGOLive is a completely reliable, legitimate, and trustworthy case-opening platform many fans and gaming enthusiasts prefer. The platform has been operational since 2016 and has an incredible market reputation. The website boasts a regularly active user base with a tentative monthly visitor count of 500,000. This website is functional by another CSGO Gaming platform known as WTF skins.

The website has received a tentative star rating of 4.5 on most platforms and has a relatively fair design and system. Other impressive features of CSGOLive are an SSL-Encrypted connection and a provably fair system making it a suitable case-opening site for everyone. This is a legitimate website, and CSGO players who are enthralled about unlocking their favorite skins might plan a visit here.

Players who sign up here with their Steam accounts are also entitled to lucrative bonuses and giveaways. If you are eager to explore one of the best case-opening sites, this one deserves a try!

CSGOLive Reputation

CSGOLive brags about its decent market reputation, and the platform barely has any negative reviews to degrade its credibility. The fans and CSGO players prefer this platform to engage in exciting skin deals. Even on the fairness scale, the site gets a clear 4.4 out of 5, making it a viable option for trading.

This platform certainly stands atop in terms of credibility and market reputation. If you are scouting for a trustworthy case opening site, this is a pick for the moment!

CSGOLive Promotions and Bonuses

CSGOLive skin site also lures its users with many exciting promotions and bonuses. It is easily possible to collect them by making the site visit. There are multiple options to redeem these bonuses, some of which are detailed below.

Use the Bonus Codes

The users signing up on this case opening site for the first time can utilize the bonus code by opening a free box that pops up. Users can generally receive up to $50 by opening this box on the CSGOLive platform.

Daily Free Case

One can claim a free reward on making a minimum deposit of $5 at this website. Once you are a member here, it is possible to redeem this reward, and you might also win a free case here. For your information, to date, the skin website that almost opened 7 million free cases. Many lucky users can also get the Glock-18 Fade worth $850 and other expensive skins out here. Getting anything for free sounds like a lucrative deal, whether cheap skin or pricey ones.

Create a Customized Case

Every CSGO User can also develop a tailored case for themselves, allowing a decent commission to unlock each case. While doing this customization, it is also highly possible that users can unlock a special commission for opening every case here. The maximum value for opening any case here is 3%. The crate’s author directly receives this.

Social Media Giveaways

CSGOLive has an incredible social media fan following and specifically on Twitter. The platform lures user attention with attractive giveaways and an amazing range of CSGO skins and in-game items. Users can have their grab by doing some simple actions on this platform, such as creating a profile, making posts, or simply retweeting. Numerous contests are held here daily each month, participating in which you can get exciting freebies.

CSGOLive Bonus Codes

The popular bonus code listed on this platform, preferred by most users, is GLOBALCSGO. When CSGO players unlock this code, they prevail over the direct option of drawing products equivalent to the $50 value. Many users can also get free bonuses for each account, which offers exactly the same thing. The site developers have mindfully assigned the bonus rules considering various aspects. CSGO players must play for around 50 hours in all the existing games to get these bonuses.

CSGOLive is a case-opening wagering site that lures its users with loads of promotions and bonuses. A unique leveling system is also incorporated here, where players can earn daily coins on the number of hours they play on this platform. Depending on the number of hours you play, it is possible to win maximum points here.

CSGOLive Pricing and Fees

The CSGOLive case opening platform can be operated using real money. Multiple deposit options are listed on this website to carry out skin transactions. US dollars are the primary exchange currency used here to process deposits. This platform uses a ‘gem’ system where 1 gem equals $1. However, we are unsure if this system is still prevalent or not.

CSGO players can complete withdrawals through products such as Dota 2 or CSGO skins on this platform. The only issue prevalent here is that the website charges some extra fees on the skin value, making its price higher than other products. It is the best case opening website for a number of options for skins and cases, but it needs to improvise on the final amount charged for various products.

Website Interface and User Experience

CSGOLive has a responsive interface, and the overall site design also seems impressive and satisfactory. This skin platform has a pleasant appeal that grabs user attention at a glance. A phenomenal contrast of dark background with vibrant pastel hues enhances the website’s overall appearance. You can also observe various elements on the page that attract users to browse through.

We experienced hassle-free navigation across its various features, and logos are also clearly visible. CSGO enthusiasts and gamers can experience an immersive gaming experience by visiting this platform. The platform also has a convincing UI making it easily accessible from anywhere.

The website has multiple language options and alternatives to browse over social media platforms. This is certainly a good website for a premium CSGO skin case buying experience.

Customer Service

Upon visiting the CSGOLive websites, users can also spot a dedicated customer service section that helps get a relevant response to customer queries. The website also has a FAQ section with ample frequently asked questions for users to solve their common queries. 

CSGO players can also avail a support ticket here that helps them directly get in touch with the website’s customer support team. Usually, this section is responsive to queries, but you might experience delays in a few cases.

The customer support review of the CSGOLive was fair but not very exemplary due to some prevalent loopholes. We tested the support ticket option, which helped us to get a response within 24 hours of raising the query. 

Using its FAQ part is also a great idea as you can get maximum queries answered over there. Overall, this case opening skin site is competitive, and some improvisation in terms of adding Live chat support would make it even better.

Banking Options

CSGOLive website offers a host of deposit and withdrawal options for its CSGO players and gaming enthusiasts. Check them below.

Deposit options

The platform supports numerous deposit methods like the CSGO skin deposits in P2P and G2A Pay options through Bitcoin, Skrill, Mastercard, or Visa. VGO/ WAX deposits are other proactive payment options listed here. Many users deposit through H1Z1 or Dota 2 skin deposit, gift codes, and Skrill Sofort online banking. Other options are Giropay, Alipay, Poli, and Boleto.

Withdrawal Options

CSGO players can also withdraw over here but only through the digital items. Several pricey CSGO skins are listed here, and their withdrawals might take some extra items. We also recommend the site introduce withdrawals through real money payment options. Players might sometimes have to wait for days until they receive the rarer items in their steam accounts.

How to Trade CSGO Skins on CSGOLive?

CSGOLive offers some really good buying and selling options on its platform. CSGO players and fans can make purchases by making payments through their Dota 2 or CSGO P2P skin as well as through the TF2 Keys. Other payment alternatives here are PayPal, Visa, and several others.

Buyers must visit the platform to locate their preferred skin or curate tailored cases. Then, they can proceed to make payments through deposits added to the wallet and await the transfer of digital skins into your inventories.

Selling CSGO skins on this website is also quite easier. Players can upload their CSGO skins for sale and await the response from the other end. When any user makes a buying request, you can allow and complete the transaction by receiving funds in the form of skins, as that’s the only withdrawal option on this case opening site.

Pros and Cons


  • Highly active user base
  • Supports registration from multiple countries
  • Registration allowed for new users
  • Daily bonuses available for getting free cases


  • Fewer updates
  • Single game listed on the platform
  • Few community cases apply fees on it

Final Thoughts

CSGOLive is a leading case-opening website that features many distinct cases and skins, leveraging players to make purchases as per their choices. This platform has an overall great reputation and credibility regarding appearance, accessibility, promotions, and offers. Customer support is the only loophole which, if fixed, can result in it into a leading skin trading platform on the digital medium.

We referred to numerous trusted sources and even experienced the CSGOLive website by ourselves. The platform is quite interactive and offers various players huge bonuses, making it a preferred platform to buy and sell skins. An active community of millions of users and a custom case feature further make it a platform worth signing up for.


  • Do CSGOLive has any restricted regions?

    CSGOLive is a fully licensed and regulated wagering platform registered under a legit gambling authority. Thus, it has no specific restrictions, and players can easily access the platform anywhere and anytime.

  • Which are the languages supported at the CSGOLive platform?

    Common languages supported at the CSGOLive skin website are Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese. You can explore the platform for other available choices.

  • Is CSGOLive Legit?

    CSGOLive is a completely legitimate platform that is popularly known for its amazing reputation and a large number of positive user reviews. We can mark it as a legitimate and trustworthy platform to trade in skins.

Players from United States are accepted!
Players from United States are accepted!
Daily Free Case
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Players from United States are accepted!
Players from United States are accepted!


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Pros & Cons

  • Highly active user base
  • Supports registration from multiple countries
  • Registration allowed for new users
  • Registration allowed for new users
  • Fewer updates
  • Single game listed on the platform
  • Few community cases apply fees on it